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"Love the premise of Feud, but the execution of it? Oof. Molina, Davis and a smattering of technical nods (ex. those opening credits!) would be more than generous, IMO." - Mareko

"Not enough Orange is the New Black mentioned." - Brad


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90th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2017 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only



It takes 16 releases in a given year to trigger a 5 nominee wide shortlist. We've been seeing the numbers creep up each and every year so there's little doubt that we'll continue to have 5 wide nominee lists. The last year with only three nominees was 2010.

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Tier 1 - Predicted 5

Official Site
(Disney/Pixar, November 22nd)

Pixar has won 50% of the animated Oscars given to date. This does look like the most promising of 2017's toons on paper

The Breadwinner
Official Site
(Cartoon Saloon/GKids, TBA)

Can this film about a young Afghan girl disguising herself as a boy to find work, live up to their very high standards?

Despicable Me 3
Official Site
(Universal, June 30th)

This is an insanely popular franchise and popularity will probably go an even longer way with the new voting rules. But will we have diminishing creative returns?

Official Site
(Fox/Blue Sky, Dec 15th)

The source material already made for a perfect Oscar winning 1930s short. Will it work similar endearing magic as a feature?

Cars 3
Official Site
(Disney/Pixar, June 16th)

Oscar wisely steered clear of Cars 2. But will the new rules help Pixar win automatic nominations? Especially if this film improves on #2 (which won't be hard)

Tier 2 - Also Could Be Strong

The Lego Batman Movie
Official Site
(WB, Feb 10th)

Will they make it up to The Lego Movie (a surprise snub) or will this movie feel like old news at this point next year?

The Boss Baby
Official Site
(Dreamworks, March 31st)

The reviews are weirdly harsh for this clever comedy. But reviews aren't everything for animated features. It's hit status could help.

Captain Underpants
Official Site
(Dreamworks, June 2nd)

Can this movie please fans of the book series and also please critics and general audiences? Will Oscar be feeling super silly this year?

The Star
Official Site
(Sony, November 14th)

Faith-based films are popular at the moment and this Nativity story using a donkey as the main character could surprise if it's any good.

Loving Vincent
Official Site

Will they embrace it's "first painted film " selling point or will the rotoscope feel turn them off? Will the new rule make it harder for less traditional films to win nods?

Tier 3 - Or Maybe...

US / Canada / UK Productions. Will they all open?

Probably 2018

  • Blazing Samurai (US)
  • Early Man (UK)
  • Isle of Dogs (US)

Foreign Animation - Will they seek eligibility?

Intriguing but probably 2018