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Jessica Lange's Triple Crown 

"This article sums up why Jessica Lange is one of the best actresses ever to grace the screen. " - heikoS

 "Still think her two best performances are Men Don't Leave and Music Box. So disappointed in her Ryan Murphy collaborations." -Charlie G

 "Lange and Streep were born in the same year, won Oscars in the same year, and their immense talent has carried them through" -Jono




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89th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2016 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Animated Feature Predictions
Last year 16 films were eligible, just barely triggering a 5 wide nominee field. Things won't be so tight this year with nearly that many US films already scheduled. You can generally assume a few foreign entries will be eligible as well (and 1 or 2 nominated) though it's difficult to know which a year ahead of time

March 4th


Kubo and the Two Strings
Aug 19th
Stop Motion
Nov 23rd
The Little Prince
The Red Turtle 
(Wild Bunch / Studio Ghibli)

Already the frontrunner for the Oscar having debuted to massive box office, audience love, and critical hosannas (the magic trifecta).

more on Zootopia

One of these years the US's most unique animation studio is going to win the top prize right? Could Kubo be the one? We'll see this summer.

more on Kubo

As Disney's first musical since their gargantuan Frozen hit and their big release post the already beloved Zootopia, the stakes are high.

more on Moana

Though Paramount suddenly dropped it before its US release, it was a global hit. Netflix picked it up. Will they give it a qualifying run before its streaming debut?

more on The Little Prince

Studio Ghibli, still in flux post-Miyazaki, is stepping in to help finish this French production - it's a dialogue free film about a man stranded on an island.
Could Also Be Contenders...
Finding Dory
June 17th
April & the Extraordinary World
April 8th
Loving Vincent 

Phantom Boy


The Secret Life of Pets
July 8th

It might seem crazy to not predict this one but Pixar's new sequel craze has been disheartening (at least to critics) and this looks like a simple retread of the original

more on Dory

GKids has proven formidable at snagging nominations but it's not entirely easy to suss out which foreign entries they'll champion I'm doubtful this unusual biopic will be ready but if it is, watch out! An entirely oil painted film about Van Gogh! GKids picked up the distribution rights from the fall festivals in 2015 -- it's a French delight -- but there's been no news of a release date If it's the massive hit many expect, perhaps Illumination will get their second Oscar nod? On the other hand it looks to borrow heavily from Toy Story which might trouble the critics.
Other Possibilities (Should They Qualify / Get US Release)

Currently Scheduled

  • Kung Fu Panda 3 (Dreamworks) Jan 29
  • Ratchet and Clank (Rainmaker/Sony) April 16
  • Angry Birds (Sony Imageworks) May 20
  • Sausage Party (Sony) June 3
  • Ice Age: Collison Course (Blue Sky) Jul 22
  • Storks (Sony Imageworks) Sept 23
  • Trolls (Dreamworks) Nov 4
  • Sing (Illumination/Universal) Dec 21

No US Release Date Yet

  • Adama (France César Nominee) tbd
  • Animal Crackers (Blue Dream Studios) tbd
  • Henchmen (Bron Studios) tbd
  • The Last Prince of Atlantis (Russia) tbd
  • Little Door Gods (China) tbd
  • Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms (China) tbd
  • Mune: Guardian of the Moon (France) tbd
  • Sly Cooper (Rainmaker) tbd


Probably or Definitely Next Year (2017)

Monster Trucks, The Lego Batman Movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Coco, The Croods 2, Astrid Silverlock, and The Wild Bunch.

And beyond? More sequels from Pixar in 2018 and 2019. Meanwhile the 3D Popeye looks like it's delayed substantially if not cancelled altogether in the wake of Genndy Tartakovsky's departure.