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88th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2015 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Best Original Score Predictions
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
John Williams
(∞ noms | 5 wins)
Hateful Eight
Ennio Morricone
(5 noms | 1 honorary Oscar)
The Danish Girl
Alexandre Desplat
(8 noms | 1 win)
Jóhann Jóhannson
(1 nomination)
Bridge of Spies
Thomas Newman
(12 nominations)
 Williams success rate of winning nominations per film efforts puts even Meryl Streep to shame! Tarantino, who doesn't usually use original scores, convinced the legendary Morricone to compose one (Morricone's first western in 40 years) Because he composes so very many scores, it's just a question of which they take a shine to. This one is too much for the movie but that has rarely stopped them!   He was just welcomed into their club and this score is winning fine notices.   Ever a bridesmaids... but when will he win one?
Other Major Possibilities
Inside Out
Michael Giacchino
(2 noms | 1 win)
David Lang
(never nominated)
Alexandre Desplat
(8 noms | 1 win)
Carter Burwell
(never nominated)
Patrick Doyle
(2 nominations)
 Giacchino's audience friendly compositions haven't won a lot of Oscar attention. But they do like him with Pixar!  This 58 year old Pulitzer Prize winning composer is relatively new to movies but since this movie is about a composer and the music is important...
 The new John Williams and he gets all the prestige films to score
 The rapture of this movie. Swoon! Can you believe Carter Burwell has never been nominated?
 The score is lovely but the real question is if Disney will push their brand new tradition of March live action fairy tales for Oscars nearly a year later
Anything Could Happen

Previous Nominees
Spotlight - Howard Shore (4 noms | 3 wins) it's a non intrusive minimal score but it's perfect for the movie. Will they like the movie enough to nominate it even here?, Pan - John Powell (1 nomination), Brooklyn - Michael Brook (never nominated), The Walk Alan Silverstri (2 noms), Freeheld - Hans Zimmer (10 noms | 1 win) Tulip Fever - Danny Elfman (noms), Everest - Dario Marianelli (3 noms | 1 win), Spectre - Thomas Newman (12 nominations), Concussion - James Newton Howard (8 nominations) ,Southpaw - James Horner ( 2 nominations), Jurassic World - Michael Giacchino (2 noms | 1 win), Miles Ahead - Herbie Hancock (1 nom | 1 win),

Never Nominated
Mr Holmes - Carter Burwell (never nominated sounds so wrong, eh?) The Martian -Harry Gregson-Williams (but this movie relies heavily on its greatest hits song score), A Little Chaos - Peter Gregson, Crimson Peak - Fernandro Velasquez, In the Heart of the Sea - Roque Baños, Far From the Madding Crowd - Craig Armstrong, Secret in Their Eyes - Emilio Kauderer

New / Young Composers -Will Any of Them Get Noticed?
Beasts of No Nation - Dan Romer, MacBeth - Jed Kurzel,Mad Max: Fury Road / Black Mass - Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), Creed - Ludwig Göransson


Best Original Song Predictions
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"Simple Song #3"

I'll See You In My Dreams

"I'll See You In My Dreams"
Pitch Perfect 2


Love & Mercy

"One Kind of Love"

Ricki & The Flash

"Cold One"



 David Lang is already a Pulitzer Prize winning composer and this movie builds to this song, an overwhelming / beautiful vocal composition



 A touching moment in the narrative and performed as a song in progress


Jessie J's big pop song gets quite major play and it's "written" within the movie by the Hailee Steinfeld character.


If they want to honor the movie somehow and they deem it eligible


Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice's is a good one and Streep sings it wistfully, with an entire scene devoted to it

Other Major Possibilities

The Hunting Ground

"Until It Happens To You"


"Writing's on the Wall"



"Kings Never Die"



Furious 7

"See You Again"

 If Lady Gaga's potential big year reignites her little monster fanbase of all ages
James Bond songs aren't normally nominated but Sam Smith could continue the Oscar fervor from Skyfall
Eminem is an Oscar winner. Gwen Stefani is an added bonus
 Eminem again. But will they remember this movie existed?
Wiz Khalifa if they want to honor a global smash movie

Other Possibilities - Any Suggestions?
50 Shades of Grey
"Earned It" or "Love Like You Do"
Cinderella "Strong" 
Home  something by Rihanna?

Best Sound Mixing Predictions
The Martian
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Mad Max Fury Road The Revenant Sicario
 Big hit respected sci-fi films do well in craft categories
 Of the six Star Wars pictures to date, four were nominated here 
 Will the critical raves make them sit up and listen? 
Can Inaritu have another Oscar hit immediately after Birdman? We shall see.
 The sound is one of the key craft elements energizing the film
Other Major Possibilities
Youth The Hateful Eight Black Mass Straight Outta Compton Ex Machina
The sound is a key elements given the music themes  They like the sound of Tarantino  gun play  If they want to honor its success. They do like music pictures in this category We can use wishful thinking this early that they'll notice how strong it is with sound
Anything Could Happen - It's Very Early

They've got Oscar nominees on their sound teams: Crimson Peak, Southpaw, Steve Jobs, Beasts of No Nation, MacBeth, Cinderella, Spectre, The Walk

Other Possibilities: Son of Saul, Victoria, Everest, The Danish Girl, Ricki and the Flash, Joy, Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, Age of Ultron, Brooklyn, Spotlight, In the Heart of the Sea 


Best Sound Editing Predictions
The Martian
Star Wars The Force Awakens Mad Max: Fury Road Sicario The Hateful Eight
  Sci fi and a big hit
 Oscar likes the sound of 'dem galaxies far far away
 Because it would be a real shame if it doesn't score somewhere!
 If it can maintain some of its Best Picture heat  Oscar likes the sound of Tarantino
Other Major Possibilities
The Revenant In the Heart of the Sea Spectre Jurassic World Straight Outta Compton
Will it be a big player everywhere?
sometimes they like watery pics in sound. it's a technical challenge! Will AMPAS go back to ignoring Bond? 
 If they love those dino effects
it's high profile
Anything Could Happen - It's Very Early

They've got Oscar nominees on their sound teams: Black Mass, Crimson Peak, Southpaw, Steve Jobs, Mr Holmes, Beasts of No Nation, MacBeth, Cinderella, Ex Machina, The Walk

Other Possibilities: Room, Spotlight, Everest, Love & Mercy, Joy, Tomorrowland, and Age of Ultron