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88th Oscars. Oscar Contenders for 2015 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Early November ~ Predicted 5

Mark Rylance
never nominated
Bridge of Spies
Oct 16th

Michael Keaton
1 nomination
(Open Road)
Nov 5th

Mark Ruffalo
2 nominations
(Open Road)
Nov 5th

Benicio Del Toro
2 noms | 1 win
Sept 18th
Jacob Tremblay
never nominated
Rylance is brilliant but doesn't make many movies - Oscar's theater-savvy members are likely to rally around him. Plus, people like the film.

Gotham Ensemble Award

They're arguably leads but then it is a true ensemble movie so we'll accept the categorization. The whole cast is going supporting and though double nods are rare in the male half of the Supporting categories (last time: Bugsy, 1991) it will likely happen here for these very opposite mood roles by two well loved actors (both of whom Oscar arguably owes)

He lets his huge screen presence do a lot of the work in this menacing ever present but backgrounded role... until he takes over the narrative. Memorable and a likely nominee. Little boys are rare with acting honors but since he's perfection in a demanding lead role it could happen. Especially since Brie Larson (Actress) and Best Picture are within reach for nods
Tier 2 - Also Formidable?

Tom Hardy
never nominated
The Revenant

Harvey Keitel
1 nomination
(Fox Searchlight)
Dec 4th
Samuel L Jackson 
1 nomination
The Hateful Eight 
(Weinstein Co) 
Kurt Russell 
never nominated
The Hateful Eight 
(Weinstein Co)

Idris Elba
never nominated
Beasts of No Nation

 He's a hot commodity right now, and despite rumors of tussles with Inarritu, he's a fine actor and he's also winning raves for Legend upping the ante on "what an actor! / it's his time" feelings

Oscar loves a co-lead role in this category and can you believe that Harvey Keitel has just one nomination to his name? Plus he's playing a movie director!

While early buzz has mostly revolved around Samuel L Jackson (Tarantino's most frequent actor) and Kurt Russell (said to be John-Wayne like and a career tribute nomination seems likely if he's great) you never know until you're watching a Tarantino picture who is going to emerge as its MVP. We shall see.

While it's too early to suss out whether Oscar will be willing to embrace a film that's part of the model to end 88 years of Oscar history (i.e. who cares about theatrical distribution) people love Elba
Tier 3 - or maybe ?
Sylvester Stallone
1 nom
Nov 25th

Robert De Niro
7 noms | 2 wins

Edgar Ramirez
never nominated
Brendan Gleeson
never nominated
Seth Rogen
never nominated
Steve Jobs
Oct 9th
Oscar loves boxing movies. Sly Stallone -- trivia alert -- is exactly the same age now (69) that his mentor Burgess Meredith was when he was nominated for supporting actor for Rocky (1976) 


Legendary Robert De Niro is the father and rising leading man Edgar Ramires the husband to Jennifer Lawrence's entrepeneural single mom. Can magic strike twice or thrice for David O. Russell and multiple acting nominations from one movie?

BIFA Nominee

It's the biggest male role and if Oscar's acting branch is intrigued enough with Carey she could have coattails. He's definitely got the filmography to back up a first nod.

 I accidentally captioned this photo "jonah hill" at first. Ooops but same principle. Oscar loves a comic actor who gets serious in prestige films. Playing real people always helps, too.
Tier 4 - Stand Alone Candidates & Manly Ensembles

(in presumed order of longshot possibility)
The Martian - Ejiofor, Daniels; Spotlight - Tucci, Schreiber; Hateful 8 - Dern, Tatum, Bichir, Roth, Goggins, Madsen; In the Heart of the Sea - Holland, Gleeson, Murphy; Trumbo - Goodman, Stuhlbarg, Tudyk; Brooklyn - Gleeson, Cohen, Concussion- Morse, Baldwin, Marsan ; The Big Short - anyone; Joy - Bradley Cooper

Robert Redford - Truth, Forrest Whitaker - Southpaw; Josh Brolin - Sicario; Domnhall Gleeson - The Revenant; Jason Segel - End of the Tour; Joel Edgerton - Black Mass; Sam Elliott - Grandma; Sean Harris - Macbeth BIFA NomineeTom Courtenay - 45 Years BIFA Nominee (Lead)