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Amy Adams for Janis Joplin

"It's baffling to me that Amy Adams will potentially have as many nominations as Blanchett, Winslet, Maggie Smith, Vanessa Redgrave, Thelma Ritter, Deborah Kerr, Sissy Spacek, and Glenn Close. This is weird, right?" -Aaron

"What is happening with Nina Arianda's Janis film with Sean Durkin? It's still listed as "announced" on her IMDB. Are we to assumed that it is a lost cause?" -Ryan


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87th Oscars. The Oscar Contenders of 2014 - For prediction, discussion and entertainment purposes only. This is not a endorsement of quality work, especially since no one has seen the pictures yet!

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Predictions as of Nov 14th

Patricia Arquette
never nominated
July 11th

Gotham nod

Jessica Chastain
2 nominations
A Most Violent Year
Dec 31st

Emma Stone
never nominated
(Fox Searchlight)
Oct 17th
Meryl Streep
18 noms | 3 wins
Into the Woods
Dec 25th
 Keira Knightley
1 nomination
"Joan Clark"
The Imitation Game
(Weinstein Co)
Nov 21st

She's the MVP of the arguable frontrunner and brave enough to let herself age in one movie without any makeup but merely with time.

It's been another big year for her and she's very entertaining in the film. Interstellar & Eleanor Rigby passions get funnelled here

Oscar loves their young starlets and this feels like the right time to make a play for a first nod. Doesn't hurt that it's a showy role in a Best Picture threat.

The Witch is the marquee role even if it's not a true lead. They'll nominate Meryl for virtually anything... and this is a very cool role. Unless they just don't like the movie?

She's great as the fiancee and friend to the gay lead but is the enthusiasm there for multiple acting nods for the movie? The campaign needs to rev up, don't you think?

Tier 2 - Viable Threats. Can Their Campaigns Catch Fire?
Laura Dern
1 nomination
(Fox Searchlight)
Dec 5th
Anna Kendrick
1 nomination
Into the Woods
Dec 25th

Carmen Ejogo
never nominated
"Coretta Scott King"

Rene Russo
never nominated
(Open Road)
Oct 31st

Naomi Watts
2 nominations
(Fox Searchlight)
October 17th


She's playing a woman dying of cancer so that's baity enough. AMPAS might be happy to have her back, especially since she was all over the place last year fighting for her Dad's nomination.

Kendricks will nail the singing and humor of Cinderella. She's in demand which should help that "it's her time" feeling. On the other hand she's only a truly huge star when it comes to young audiences and the internet... maybe not to AMPAS quite yet.

She was terrific in the little seen Sparkle so she's a breakout waiting to happen. She nails her big scene but the nature of the narrative requires her to have very little screen time. She'll beed the film's heat to pull her in.

This fiery performance will make you furious that Hollywood has given her nothing to do for years. But will the Academy watch this weird dark indie even with the significant buzz around Jake Gyllenhaal's performance?


Actresses playing actresses is a trick that usually goes over pretty well for critics and Oscar voters. But will they be able to see past Emma to fall for Naomi's exasperated insecure thespian?

Tier 3 - Long Shot Dazzlers?
Carrie Coon
never nominated
Gone Girl
Kim Dickens
never nominated
Gone Girl
Marion Bailey
never nominated
"Sophia Booth"
Mr Turner
Dec 19th
Kristen Stewart
never nominated
Still Alice
Imelda Staunton
1 nomination
(CBS Films)

If AMPAS members love Gone Girl - or even if they're lukewarm but can't stop thinking about it -- they could do a lot worse than coronating Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) as the next big thing or recognizing how perfectly Dickens elevates what might have been a stock detective role.


Mike Leigh movies generally have amazing casts and she's the warmest character and most delightful in the movie. And yet, late December... it didn't work for Another Year

I'm more surprised than anyone that she keeps making interesting movies with great actors who are upping her game. She's converting previous non-fans. Can she grab on to Julianne's coattails?

She's delightful in this adorable movie but will they even see it? It's quite the longshot since it's more of an ensemble win than for any individual performer.

...Vote Siphoning?

Katharine Waterston  - Inherent Vice
Jessica Chastain - Interstellar
Viola Davis - Get On Up / Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
Naomi Watts - St. Vincent
Andrea Riseborough, Amy Ryan - Birdman
Marisa Tomei - Love is Strange
Kristin Scott Thomas - My Old Lady
Uma Thurman - Nymphomaniac
Tilda Swinton - Snowpiercer 
Dorothy Atkinson - Mr Turner (BIFA Nod
Maggie Gyllenhaal - Frank  (BIFA Nod