Interesting Stats About The 87th Oscars
Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 7:12PM
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DuPont has something in common with those other sociopaths Lisbeth Salander and James BondDid you know...

• The tiny grossing Foxcatcher is now tied with two blockbusters Skyfall and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for "most nominations without a Best Picture nomination" in the modern Best Picture expanded era. The all time record holder if you include years with only 5 Best Picture nominees is They Shoot Horses Don't They from 1969 which received 9 nominations but not Best Picture. And that one is better than all of the actual Best Picture nominees from its year.

• Grand Budapest Hotel, a very atypical nominee in so many ways (comic, uber-stylized, filled with slapstick) is also the highest grosser currently. The Oscars went very small this year after a few years of big hits peppering their Best Picture lineup

• That there are 42 years between Robert Duvall's first nomination (The Godfather) and his new one in the same category (The Judge). That's not a record (Katharine Hepburn holds that one) but this one is: he's also now the oldest male acting nominee of all time at 84 years of age.

• Alejandro Inarittu is the first Mexican director to have received two Oscar nominations for directing. The all time most honored person of color in this very white category is not Inarittu but Ang Lee who has 3 nominations and 2 wins for directing. Both men have also been nominated (if not officially since the country is listed as the nominee) in the foreign film category.

Selma's Best Picture nomination makes Ava DuVernay the 8th woman to direct a Picture that she wasn't nominated in Director for. Naturally that list has been growing rapidly with the Best Picture expansion. I think it's a good sign that change is coming though. The more women that are invited into the director's branch the more likely we are to eventually see balance. 

If you fancy yourself an Oscar expert, add more details in the comments and we'll add the best ones to this list later tonight...

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