Beauty Break: Vintage 1977 - Magazine Covers
Friday, July 15, 2016 at 4:30PM
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Liz, and Liza and Halston, Oh my!

Reminder. At the end of the month the Smackdown returns with a look at the Supporting Actress Race of 1977 (The Turning Point, Julia, Close Encounters, The Goodbye Girl , and Looking for Mr Goodbar so get to watching so you can vote!).

To get you in the mid to late 1970s mood, if you lived through them, or just to engage your curiousity if you didn't, a collection of magazine covers from the year in question. Naturally we'll start with two Best Actress winners and then hit the general collections of showbiz covers...

"America loves her again..." Jane Fonda sure has had an on again off again relationship with the public. So glad she's on again via Grace & Frankie.

I totally didn't know Faye was married to Peter Wolf (of "J Geils Band" fame). They divorced two years later.

Okay, lots more. Gawk away.

Jeff Bridges, Lily Tomlin, Robert DeNiro, Star Wars, Diane Keaton, Steve Martin were the non-music or sports or politics covers of the famed music magazine that year. Isn't it crazy that ALL of them are still very much working in showbiz 39 years later ?!? Talk about durable phenomena


I loved this American Film magazine when I was a kid. It is gone now of course.

Film Comment is still with us but this is the only cover I could find from 1977, and it's still talking up 1976 films. But it's Carrie so we shan't complain.

I had no idea that Rene Russo existed before Get Shorty (1995) and was on magazine covers no less but of course she did and was. That was silly of me. It does not get more 70s than Charlie's Angels, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, does it?

And James Caan was quite a solid leading man back then. I'm so glad I finally watched Cinderella Liberty (1973) also due to the Smackdown vintage flavor demands. This series blesses us if we really dive in.

Funny that People's art director got so horny in the fall and suddenly had three weeks in a row of naked head & shoulder shots. 

If you were alive in the 70s did you watch any of those things?


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