"Little" is a hit but "Shazam!" stays on top
Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 1:08AM
NATHANIEL R in Her Smell, Little, MIssing Link, Mary Magdalene, Shazam!, box office

What did you see over the weekend? We waited until Monday night to get the full receipts on the arthouse releases (which often report late). Both Shazam! and The Mustang (still expanding) stayed on top in their second and fifth weekend respectively. It was a crowded weekend... well, overcrowded actually, since only the new comedy Little managed to make much of a box office impression of the 17 (gulp) new releases. Sadly Laika, our current favourite animation studio, had trouble. Missing Link proved their weakest opening by far with only $5.8 million (they generally manage about $14 million on opening weekends).

Here's the top ten in both wide and platform titles...

Weekend Box Office (Actuals)
April 12th-14th 
🔺 = new or expanded theater counts
1 Shazam!  $24.4 on 4306 screens (cum. $94.2)
1 🔺 The Mustang $773k on 527 screens (cum. $3.1)
2 🔺 Little  $15.4 on 2667 screens *NEW* 
2 🔺  Amazing Grace $349k on 58 screens (cum. $589k)
3 🔺 Hellboy  $12 on 3303 screens *NEW* 
3 🔺 Mia and the White Lion $192k on 312 screens *NEW*
4 Pet Sematary  $9.7 on 3585 screens (cum. $40.8) 
4  🔺  High Life $179k on 32 screens (cum. $316k) REVIEW, PODCAST
5 Dumbo  $9.4 on 3706 screens (cum. $90.1) BEST OF TIM BURTON, PODCAST
5  No Manches Frida 2 $177k on 135 screens (cum. $9)
6 Captain Marvel  $8.6 on 2975 screens (cum. $386.5) REVIEW, BIGGEST HITS 1ST QTR
6 The Aftermath $163k (cum. $1.4) on 234 screens  REVIEW 
7 Us  $6.8 on 2768 screens (cum. $163.3) REVIEW, PODCASTBEST SHOT
7 Apollo 11 $125k on 126 screens (cum. $8.3)
8 🔺 After $6 on 2138 screens *NEW* 
8 🔺   Master Z: Ip Man Legacy  $92k on 61 screens *NEW*
9 🔺 Missing Link $5.9 on 3413 screens *NEW*  REVIEW
9 🔺  Diane  $83k (cum. $201k) on 64 screens REVIEW, PODCAST
10 The Best of Enemies $2 on 1705 screens (cum. $8.1) 
10 The Public $62k on 97 screens (cum. $428k) 


Most of the new releases failed to make much of an impression. The long delayed Mary Magdalene starring Rooney Mara finally appeared, for example, but earned just $62k from 61 screens. Of the week's specialty offerings Her Smell starring Elisabeth Moss had the weekend's highest per screen average with just over $12,000 from each of its three screens. Sauvage/Wild, which we just talked about on the podcast, took in $7,000 but it's only playing at 1 theater in NYC.

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