March. It's a Wrap
Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 9:30PM
NATHANIEL R in Year in Review

Thank God March is over! It's basically Sad Bridge Month between Oscar Insanity and "okay so what's this year going to be like?" Then our Beloved Dame Elizabeth Taylor died and so the month was a bit of a bummer. But, I must add, for our time spent getting to know you with Reader o' the Day! In case you've been a fair weather reader -- it's a pleasant 78° in here year round. There's no need to migrate -- here's what'cha missed on TFE.

It was unusually animated. Pun intended.

A History of Women in Film -From "American's Sweetheart" Mary Pickford to Best Director winner Kathryn Bigelow.
101 Dalmatians
50½ thoughs on its 50th anniversary. Woof woof.
and Dogtooth
Robert bridged the distance between two shock classics.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
We all shouted "STELLLLLAAAA" with Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. (As part of a weeklong Tennessee Williams Retrospective)
On the impending whitewashing of this classic Japanese movie.

Toy Story
Nathaniel's fav moments from Pixar's promising debut. They lived up to the promise, huh?
Princess Anne an overheard conversation about Anne Hathaway
Manuel Muñoz an interview with a great new novelist on Hitchcock's Psycho
Crimes of the Heart Kurtis looked at "the other Steel Magnolias"
Aronofsky Breaks Up With Wolverine an exposé of the real reasons he split.

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Coming in April: We're getting really wet and sudsy for the return of "April Showers" since we kept hearing from readers about it (honestly didn't realize it was that popular). We're going a little mad with Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures (1994). And the guesswork for next year's Oscars begins. Plus we're going to both Nashville (the Film Festival) and the circus -- or to circus movies that is with Water for Elephants on the way.




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