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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) B+/A-
Nymphomaniac (2014) B-
Divergent (2014) C
Enemy (2014) B/B+

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Hunter is so expressive, like a firework (intended) exploding again and again.
❞ - Henry

I took a "fluff" class senior year of high school called Mass Media, and we were allowed to do a project on anything we wanted. My friend Meaghan and I decided to do our project on Brad Pitt,..I had never seen "Thelma & Louise" and found myself obsessed with it. I think I watched it five times by the time my senior year was over. ❞ -Jakey


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Channing "Gambit" Tatum and Your Favorite Superheroes

I've been quite blocked today (apologies) so I'd like to turn the time over to you for an open discussion. With news coming that Channing Tatum would love to play Gambit in a movie (poor Taylor Kitsch. It's not his fault everyone has tried to scrub X-Men Origins: Wolverine from their memory) Fox will surely be jumping all over that to make it happen.

Though the superhero movie boom will surely die out as all movie trends do eventually, we have no idea how long it will last so we'll just try to enjoy it while it does rather than bristle against it.

The other day on Facebook Stan Lee posted a 'name your five favorite superheroes' thread and I answered more quickly than I knew I could. Without thinking about it five names popped right into mind: Nightcrawler, The Human Torch, Storm, Spider-Man, and The Scarlet Witch. Other than Sam Raimi's perfect Spider-Man 2 I haven't had much luck getting my favorite characters translated to my taste on the screen though, so I've tended to enjoy characters I didn't much at all care for in the comics the most onscreen. Like Captain America. Speaking of... my eyes bugged out seeing a brief glimpse of The Scarlet Witch in that film and I'll be curious to see how Joss Whedon and Elizabeth Olsen dramatize her in The Avengers: Age of Ulton. But still, I hate those post-movie tags which are the heighth of pandering narrative inelegance. They're very much like "next week on..." TV tags

But I'm curious. Name your five favorite superheroes in the comments.  I perused through some answers on Facebook and was surprised to see that very few people chose heroes beyond the truly iconic household name ones - batman, superman, spider-man, and wolverine were constantly name-checked.


ICYMI, Which *I* Did

Hello my beautiful cinephiles. Nathaniel, back from my rejuvenating weekend. It's possible that you haven't missed me since the team has been doing a great job but I missed you

For my annual post-Oscar getaway I took my first cruise. On the left you'll see me finishing up some cherry & umbrella accented cocktail. That said I wasn't very boozy at all because cruises are cheap but they find other ways to charge you (aka alcohol). I brought no internet screens because cruises are cheap but they  find other ways to charge you (aka wi-fi at 75¢ a minute!). The break was good for my eyes and soul so I'm excited to talk movies again (where do we even start?). The break was not, however, good for my skin; I am an unholy mess of three colors (blinding white, near-bronze, and cherry red) because I am not accustomed to sunlight. Sunscreen is, as ever, an imperfect science when applied by human hands. Right before I left Florida I caught a brief bit of news that they were expanding their insane "stand your ground" law rather than repealing it as they should so it's a good thing I made it out alive. (Florida's politicians and electorate seem determined to remake Florida in the image of a lawless saloon in a Western with gunfights at every plot point. Shameful.)

If you've been elsewhere like me, catch up as I just did on the week's offerings...

The Great Beauty an Oscar-winning sensory experience from the Criterion Collection
One From the Heart and Dracula - Celebrate Francis Ford Coppola's 75th
Heath Ledger would have been 35 this year. What might have been?
Michelle Williams on Broadway in the Sally Bowles role in the revival of Cabaret
Jezebel and Bringing Up Baby - revisiting two Old Hollywood classics 

Divisive Listings
10 Greatest Working Cinematographers - our opinionated team chose two consensus giants (Lubezki & Deakins) up top, but the other eight are more surprising. It's interesting how few of them have won an Oscar, right?
Many Faces of Jude Law - more a chameleon than he's given credit for but people never seem to agree about him... 

And finally...
Things were super. Marvel's patriotic hero Captain America was a consistent talking point in review, the greater context of the Marvel Universe (how many have you seen?), and the box office where he unsurprisingly reigned. Scarlett Johansson is bereft of actual superpowers as The Black Widow but she makes up for that in the Lucy trailer


Open Thread & Vacation Time

What's on your cinematic mind? I was worried you were all thinking about the exact same thing that we had neglected to write on until I realized the comments were malfunctioning. FIXED. So now that you can comment again, please fill it up the blog with your movie-addled thoughts. I'll be reading them and letting them marinate for inspiration as I soak up the sun... 

I'm always totally burnt out post-Oscar, so it's time for my annual off the grid rejuvenation. Only a long weekend but it'll help. I plan to be in the water as much as possible and when I come back I'll hit the ground running, tie up all loose ends (the smackdown I know I know) and get to those April Foolish Oscar Predictions so we can start all over again. In the meantime I know the team has some goodies planned for you.

xoxo - Nathaniel 


Spring is Here!

Who else feels like dancing ecstatically?

What's on your cinematic mind? Consider this an open thread as we frolic about...


Open Thread - Three Questions

I'm a smidge under the weather tonight. So it's your turn to talk. Answer me these questions three: 

  1. What movie is constantly on your mind lately?
  2. What kind of top ten list do you wish your were reading here right now since it is Tuesday and we really should be topten-ing?
  3. March 12th, which starts in 3...2...1..., is Liza Minnelli's birthday. She'll be 68. How do you plan on celebrating? Post Oscar we should all be celebrating since she deserved better