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Open Thread. Best Amy Adams Performances?

by Nathaniel R

With Sharp Objects debuting tonight on HBO (Yes, we'll cover it here), let's talk Amy Adams. Why should film twitter have all the listing fun? Talk Film Society asked people to list their 3 favorite performances were and I was stunned how quickly I came to my definitive answer

  • Junebug (2005)
  • The Fighter (2010)
  • Enchanted (2007)

You've got her full range displayed; endearing dramedic instincts, stealth pathos with deep soul beneath the exteriors of women who seem ordinary at first glance, her star charisma and comic invention are all over her best work.

And to make the question a bit more interesting. Is there a performance of hers other people love that you just don't? My vote there is for The Master (). I think she's terribly miscast and I couldn't ever figure out the draw of what she was doing or how people figured it was earned within the film -- especially for an actual Oscar nomination. Those are hard to come by ["for other people" - self-editing note]  But to each their own in opinion-land, right?


Three Questions for Nicole Kidman's Birthday

We went all out for Nicole Kidman's 50th birthday last year with 50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate so this year on her 51st (happy birthday diva!) we'll keep it simpler.

Answer me these questions three in the comments:


  1. What's your favorite performance of hers that isn't from her legend-making 2001-2004 run (i.e. The Others-Moulin Rouge!-The Hours-Cold Mountain-Dogville-Birth what a genius run that was!) 
  2. What single scene -- minus the opera seen in Birth --pops into your head the most when her name is invoked?
  3. What's a performance of hers that you haven't seen (she works so much you're surely missing something!) that you're most curious about?

and if you're on twitter go really crazy and do the 10 question meme



what's on your cinematic mind?

Do tell in the comments. We're needy and anxious to hear from you today. 


Smackdown Tease - Reader Votes!

by Nathaniel R

UPDATED POST: To correct for a second batch of ballots as I received both comment ballots and mail ballots.

Since the annual Supporting Actress Smackdown arrives tomorrow I thought I'd share a few notes from your ballots. Thanks for getting them in so quick. The most divisive performance with everything from 1 heart to 5 hearts on reader ballots was the Oscar frontrunner, I Tonya's Allison Janney. But it was Phantom Thread's Lesley Manville and Lady Bird's Laurie Metcalf who were neck and neck all through the counting of reader ballots. I'm on pins and needles -- looks like it might be close tomorrow! 

After the jump your favorite contenders who missed the Oscar nomination...

Click to read more ...


Open Thread

What's on your cinematic mind? Do tell in the comments on this (potentially lazy) Saturday. 


Hooray! May the Comment Party Begin Again...

And there was much rejoicing. I can "hear" you all again. You can hear each other. We didn't expect to take a vow of collective silence but I had just watched Novitiate, that movie about the nuns, in which The LEOgend is very very upset when people talk during conversation blackout periods so perhaps I spiritually triggered it? Anyway... PLEASE SAY SOMETHING TO END THE SILENCE.

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