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Carey Mulligan in Wildlife FYC

"She can be rather bland (see Drive for one blatant example) BUT when she is on, she is on fire. Phenomonal in Shame and Never Let Me Go." - Huh

"She will have a long and fruitful career. I see her like the next Charlotte Rampling. Aging gracefully carrying complicated roles in complicated movies." - Peggy Sue


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90th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2017 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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This is the first time since Bugsy in 1991 that two men have been nominated from the same film in this category. And surely this is the fastest from "signing on to the job" to "getting the Oscar nomination" EVER with Christopher Plummer who was only hired for All the Money in the World three months ago.

Here's another fun piece of trivia. 60% of these men are on their 3rd nomination this time. But three might not be a lucky number.

Willem Dafoe
62 yrs old | 95 films | 3rd nomination

Oct 6th

Role: The manager of a motel one step up from homeliness tries to watch over his tenants while also not being pushed over by them

Previous wins: NBR, NY. LA

Woody Harrelson
56 yr old | 3rd nomination
Nov 10th

Role: A sick police chief comes under intense scrutiny for an unsolved rape/murder case

Previous wins: --


Richard Jenkins
70 yrs old | 77 films | 2nd nomination
Dec 8th

Role: A gay illustrator struggles to understand his mute best friend's new romance with... a fish man?

Previous wins: --

 Sam Rockwell
48 yrs old | 62 films | 1st nomination!
Nov 10th

Role: A dense racist cop struggles with learning to be less hateful as a forceful woman becomes the focus of his wrath

Previous wins: Critics ChoiceSAGGlobe


Christopher Plummer

yrs old | films | 3rd nomination | 1 win
Dec 25th

Role: Getty the richest man in the world learns that his grandson has been kidnapped

Previous wins: --

Who was left out: We're particular sad to see Michael Stuhlbarg (Call Me By Your Name) shut out of the running but at least he's everywhere co-starring in 3 of the 9 Best Picture nominees this year. But strangely almost no one gained any traction this year other than these five guys above. That's particularly strange since they weren't head and shoulders above the work done by other supporting men this year in all sorts of films including in other Best Picture contenders.
Will Win / Should Win: Sam Rockwell has been steamrolling the awards shows which is a bit confusing since Willem Dafoe absolutely slayed his against-type performance in The Florida Project, providing it with a crucial empathetic aduilt anchor in its running wild chaos. Perhaps it looked too easy given the kindly nature of the character?