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RIP Gene Wilder

"He was everything and his Wonka is such a formative performance for me. RIP." -Ryan T

"Young Frankenstein has got to be one of the best comedy classics of all time. RIP." - Brandz

"A gifted but never overly-showy comedian. I love that he knew just when to exit before he was compartmentalized by Hollywood into a specific type of role. " - Sawyer



1970 M*A*S*H* (Robert Altman) 
runner up: Women in Love (Ken Russell) 

1971 Klute (Alan Pakula)
runner up: McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Robert Altman)

1972 Cabaret (Bob Fosse) 
runner up: The Godfather (Francis Coppola)

1973 Cries and Whispers (Ingmar Bergman) 
runner up: The Way We Were (Sydney Pollack)

1974 Chinatown (Roman Polanski) 
give or take: The Conversation (Francis Coppola)

1975 Nashville (Robert Altman) 
runner up: Shampoo ()

1976 Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese)
give or take: Network (Sidney Lumet) 

1977 Annie Hall (Woody Allen) 
runner up: Three Women (Robert Altman)

1978 Grease (Randall Kleiser)  
runner up: Girlfriends (Claudia Weill)

1979 Manhattan (Woody Allen) 
give or take: Apocalypse Now (Francis Coppola) or All That Jazz (Bob Fosse). Those three combined make 1979 one of the most spectacular of all cinematic calendar years. It's always hard to choose. All three make my all time list.