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We're Thankful For... !


"Thank you to all the contributors & commentors for teaching me about movies!" - Andrew

"This is such a wonderful list for how full it is of cinematic joy, not just the everything of Carol..." - Ben1283

"Yes to all of this!! :)!" -Squasher88


What'cha Looking For?

Room, Brooklyn, Spotlight

Nathaniel and Nick talk about three bonafide Oscar contenders Room, Brooklyn, and Spotlight and a few random bits & bobs on the side margins about Carol, Black Mass, Truth and the strange bewildering release patterns of movies meant for adults and awards.

Brooklyn, Room, Spotlight


Carol and The Martian

Katey hosts this one as the team looks at Matt Damon's jovial desperation on Mars in Ridley Scott's The Martian and Cate Blanchett's romance with Rooney Mara in Todd Haynes' long-awaited Patricia Highsmith adaptation Carol. 

Carol on Mars


Sicario & Stonewall

the gang discuss two new dramas, one is excellent, one a disaster

Sicario & Stonewall


Off To Toronto - What We're Excited About

Nathaniel, Nick, Joe and Katey are packing and heading North for TIFF. They each name five movies they are excited to see - it's free-flowing film festival fever

Off to TIFF


Best of the Summer 2015

Nick, Nathaniel, Katey and Joe reunite to share their 10 favorite things about this summer movie season. 

Summer Top Tens 2015