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 "...and will these three great artists appear on the actual Oscars show?" - Rick G.

"To dig up some tabloid history (not that it was buried deep) for a footnote, Reynolds' "love rival" Elizabeth Taylor won the same humanitarian award in 1993. It sort of goes to show that everybody got theirs in that situation, except for Eddie Fisher." - Hayden W.

"Congrats to these three! They are all deserving of this honor but I STILL can't believe the Academy has pass up Doris Day AGAIN!" - Anthony


What'cha Looking For?

Pt 2 Smackdown '54: Broken Lances on Waterfronts

The panel assembled for 1954's Smackdown continues their conversation this time discussing the western Broken Lance and the Best Picture winner On The Waterfront.

1954 part 2: Broken Waterfronts


Pt 1 Smackdown '54: The High and Mighty Executive Suite

Nathaniel welcomes a special panel of authors and critics to look at the films nominated for Best Supporting Actress in 1954. We begin with airline disaster movie The High and the Mighty and corporate machinations drama Executive Suite with a little "mumble and scratch" acting from Brando along the way in On the Waterfront

1954 part 1: The High and The Mighty


Grandma, Straight Outta Compton, Ricki & The Flash

Nick and Nathaniel discuss several movies: I'll See You In My Dreams, Straight Outta Compton, Ricki & The Flash, Grandma, with asides to The Man From UNCLE, Grey Gardens and more... 

Nick and Nathaniel and Old Lady Movies


Smackdown 1995 (Pt 2) Georgia & Nixon & Pocahontas?

The Supporting Actress Smackdown 1995 Edition is here. In Part 2 we talk Oliver Stone's excessive divisive Nixon, Mare Winningham & Jennifer Jason Leigh in Georgia and other Oscar and Off-Oscar '95 topics. With: Nathaniel R, Nick Davis, Guy Lodge, Kevin O'Keeffe, Conrado Falco, and Lynn Lee

Smackdown 95. Part 2


Smackdown 1995 (Pt 1) Sense & Sensibility, Mighty Aphrodite

The Supporting Actress Smackdown 1995 Edition is here. We're talking Mira Sorvina, Joan Allen, Kate Winslet, Mare Winningham and Kathleen Quinlan. In part 1, Mighty Aphrodite, Sense & Sensibility, and Apollo 13 are discussed. 

Smackdown '95. Part 1