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Thelma & Louise - A Tag Team Revisit

"I love how Thelma slips into a swimsuit in the middle of all this -- I imagine most criminals are this bad at being criminals, and it makes complete sense to me she still hasn't quite processed how screwed she and Louise are." -Marsha

 "This was a great read. I really liked your take on how Ridley Scott frames the actresses throughout this portion of the film." -Suzanne


8.2 Revisiting Madonna's "Truth or Dare" Documentary 

For the 25th anniversary of the seminal rock documentary "Truth or Dare" Joe, Nathaniel, and Nick revisit and discuss the film

Truth or Dare


8.1 Everybody Wants Some (!!) Midnight Special 

The boys are back for what we have deduced is season 8 of the podcast (wow) with discussions of Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some!!, Midnight Special and a few other movie goodies. 

Everybody Wants Podcasting !!


Oscar Wrap Up

Season Finale! We look back on Oscar night for overall takeaways, which wins will age well, and choosing our favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

Oscar Wrap Season Finale


Favorite Work From the Best Actress & Director Nominees

Nick and Nathaniel name favorites from the filmographies of the Best Actress and Best Director nominees and agonize over Oscar predictions in unusually tough categories

Favorite Work by Nominees


Top Tens from Nathaniel, Nick, Joe and Katey

We speed through four top ten lists including discussions on Son of Saul, Mistress America, Mad Max Fury Road, Room and more. No single film makes every list! 

Four Top Ten Lists