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RIP Gene Wilder

"He was everything and his Wonka is such a formative performance for me. RIP." -Ryan T

"Young Frankenstein has got to be one of the best comedy classics of all time. RIP." - Brandz

"A gifted but never overly-showy comedian. I love that he knew just when to exit before he was compartmentalized by Hollywood into a specific type of role. " - Sawyer


8.7 "Smackdown '77" Close Encounters with Mr Goodbar

Part Two. Our Smackdown 1977 panel talks Oscar favorites Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Looking for Mr Goodbar, and The Turning Point and makes a few Off-Oscar recommendations 

Smackdown 1977. Part Two


8.6 "Smackdown '77" Julia and The Goodbye Girl

Part One. Our panel talks 1977 memories, Oscar movies and supporting actresses with a focus on our impressions of Fred Zinneman's Julia and Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl. 

Smackdown 1977. Part One.


8.5 Love & Friendship, X-Men Apocalypse, Neighbors 2

Katey returns to discuss four new movies: Money Monster, X-Men Apocalypse, Love & Friendship, and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. 

X-Men: Sorority Rising


8.4 The Lobster, Sing Street, A Bigger Splash, High-Rise

Four new releases discussed in the latest podcast. Avoid the lame blockbusters and see good movies! 

Sing Street & The Lobster


8.3 Retro Cannes Special. The Films of 1996

We look back at the films in Cannes competition that year as well as recommending favorites that you might not have seen from an interesting film year

Cannes 96 Rewatch