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88th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2015 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Tier 1 - Nov 1st Predictions
Ridley Scott
77 yrs old | 23 films (3 noms in this category)
Thomas McCarthy
39 yrs old | 5 films
(never nominated... in this category)

Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu
51 yrs old | 6 films
(2 noms | 1 win ...in this category)

Danny Boyle
58 yrs old | films
(1 nom | 1 win ...in this category)
Steven Spielberg
68 yrs old | 28 films
(7 noms | 2 wins... in this category)

From the sounds of the early word he'll have his freshest unqualified critical AND commercial success in years- maybe even since Gladiator. Will Oscar be interested in congratulating him?

Winning his best reviews ever after rebounding from his only disaster, this well-liked writer/director could get their stamp of approval


Two consecutive statues? If they're impressed enough. Every single one of his films have won Oscar love of some kind. If it's great all the "troubled" reports won't matter at all and may help its narrative

Oscar loves artistic portraits of Great Men With Demons. They practically live for them and this one is boldly crafted. Will they mind the underperformance at the box office?

Household name directors are always threats for nominations when their films go over well. It win the classicist votes


Tier 2 - Formidable Contenders?

George Miller
70 yrs old | 9 films
(never nominated... in this category)

Lenny Abrahamson
48 yrs old | 5 films
(never nominated)
Denis Villeneuve
47 yrs old | 7 films
(never nominated)

Todd Haynes
54 yrs old | 6 films
(never nominated... in this category)

Paolo Sorrentino
45 yrs old | 7 films
(never nominated in this category)
WILD CARD? Though the film is far too wild and genre for a Best Pic run, the directors branch could make this happen. And should. (We're just trying this out as a shock nominee to see how it feels) Actor-focused and female-driven projects have a tougher time in this category. Which is a pity since the director still has to do the same work! But if it's popular enough... His reputation has been building for a long time in Canada and a short time in the US. This bold effort could well finally put him over This genius hasn't made a feature in 8 years. Oscar has always kept him at a slight distance but this film is so great. It's long past time for the full embrace!!!

They loved his work on The Great Beauty and people loved Youth at Cannes and its storyline about aging filmmakers could well appeal to the Academy

Tier 3- But Watch Out For...

David O Russell
56 yrs old | 9 films
(3 noms ...in this category)
John Crowley
46 yrs old | 5 films
(never nominated)
Cary Fukunaga
38 yrs old | 3 films
(never nominated)
Quentin Tarantino
52 yrs old | 9 films
(2 noms... in this category)
László Nemes
38 yrs old | 1st film
never nominated
Always a threat. We'll know very soon if it's in the running.He's built considerable momentum towards a Best Director win. But does his latest film deliver? These films are lovely but directors of "softer" pictures, actors focused and female-driven in particular, are rarely nominated even if their picture is. It's an unconscious bias that we wish Oscar could shake! A true critical darling with a superb eye. Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre and True Detective S1 already? Will they get behind him even with the Netflix label? This household name directors is always a threat for a nomination. If the film is a commercial and critical hit, watch out. His film won the Grand Prix at Cannes - not too bad for a debut. 
Tier 4 - Longer Shots

Other Directors This Year / Vote Siphoners:
Scott Cooper - Black Mass; Tom Hooper - The Danish Girl; Ron Howard - In the Heart of the Sea; Billy Ray - Secret in Their Eyes; Ryan Coogler - Creed; JJ Abrams - Star War: Force Awakens; Adam McKay - The Big Short; F Gary Gary - Straight Outta Compton; Angelina Jolie - By the Sea