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Personal Ballot: Best Supporting Actress

"Must admit to not having seen "20th Century Women" yet. I'm already an Elle Fanning admirer. So I'm looking forward to seeing whether she or Greta Gerwig can shake up my list." - Ken


Pablo Larraín (Jackie)
Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane)
Gael García Bernal (Neruda)
Billy Crudup (20th Century Women)
Nicole Kidman (Lion)
Denis Villeneuve (Arrival




The Films of 2016. The 17th annual FiLM BiTCH Awards



Best Costume Design
Courtney Hoffman
Marion Boyce & Margot Wilson
Mary Zophres
Madeline Fontaine
Mary Zophres
Practical wear, color shamelessness, and magpie like accessories and handmade details -- so ultra specific and perfect The costumes are the story and Wilson (Kate) and Boyce (everyone else) are both having a ball with the extravagant comedy and glamour Old Hollywood fun, flash, and glamour with twisty verve for the Coen brothers intelligent comedy. Bonus point: Tilda's hats Recreation of classic iconic looks, 60s politicos, and gilded cage glamour. Sets off the all black funereal parade so beautifully. 

Sure to be iconic in its jewel tone rainbow simplicity. That yellow dress! Bonus points: Sebastian's perfect retro spats. 


Finalists: Jo Sang-gyeong so many gorgeous gowns in The Handmaiden, Consolata Boyle for the padded too-much fussiness of Florence Foster Jenkins showpieces and 40s style, Dante Ferretti slim black priest looks, poor villagers, and those grass camouflage details in Silence. Plus all the decay of pieces that have been worn and unlaundered for months

Semi-Finalists: Joanna Johnston for Allied, Guilia Persanti for A Bigger SplashErin Benach The Light Between Oceans, Renee Ehrlick Kalfus for Hidden Figures


Best Production Design
Patrice Vermette
Alan MacDonald
Ryu Seong-hie
Mark Tildesley
Jean Rabasse

Inspired by the artist Turrell, the bold minimalism of circles and white lights is both intimidating and serene, a hypnotic combination

Overdecorated walls are just as "much" as flouncy Florence. But each apartment we see reflects its owner. Bonus points: bathtub full of potato salad

Those vast but private grounds, the perfect dungeon/library, and the sensual luxurious of the mansion and bedrooms

"Brutal Architecturalism"... all those heavy angles, triangles, sterile colors, and socieconomic markers. Later, chaos reigns but it was never inviting to begin with

The vast sterile spaces of the White House magically feel as claustrophic as the cramped interiors of Air Force One. Perfect color choices throughout


Finalists: Dante Ferretti for Silence, Craig Lathrop for The Witch, and David Wasco for La La Land

Semi-Finalists: Michael Corenblith for The Founder, Chris Jones for 20th Century Women, Guy Hendrix Dyas for Passengers and Jess Gonchor for Live By Night