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Yes No Maybe So - Big Eyes

"The trailer won me over with two phrases:
1) "Lady art doesn't sell".
2) "I've been lying to my daughter".
- Adri

"A Tim Burton movie with the title Big Eyes that features neither Ricci, Ryder, Keaton nor Bonham Carter just doesn't seem right..." -Paul



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The Film Experience has been a popular web destination for Oscar obsessives and cinephiles for a decade. After a few evolutionary swims it grew legs and walked ashore in 2001 when Nathaniel began obsessing over Moulin Rouge! and letting his off-cinema life die of consumption malnourishment. International recognition grew over the years and exploded with the addition of a daily blog in 2005. He found a whole legion of readers who also deeply loved AMPAS (the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences) and its movie-making members even while passionately debating their collective sanity; A Beautiful Mind over... this? Come again?

In the past few years, The Film Experience has been recognized as "a pretty hip blog" (The New York Times), profiled in "Meet the Bloggers" (The Advocate Magazine) and Nathaniel has been named "Inarguably the most exuberant, optimistic and quick-witted Oscar blogger on the Web" (Vanity Fair).

The Film Experience has finally fused its many parts in this redesign to bring readers the passionate daily cinematic observations they've come to expect as well as the detailed Oscar punditry that first led them here. "Awards, Actresses, Cinematic Musings..." that's what we serve up and what you return for.



Nathaniel Rogers, the creator and chief contributor to The Film Experience is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. He is the film columnist and Oscar pundit for Towleroad and his writing has appeared in both online publications (Awards Daily, Pajiba, Zoom-In, Tribeca Film) and print magazines (Esquire and Winq). Nathaniel has served on four international film festival juries and appeared as an on-air Oscar pundit for Sky News London. He first fell in love with the cinema in the 1980s. Three things happened after which he was never the same: Watching his first Oscar ceremony on TV (March 1983), realizing how deeply he felt a movie his family didn't "get" (The Purple Rose of Cairo, 1985), and seeing Michelle Pfeiffer on the piano top (The Fabulous Baker Boys, 1989). Nathaniel lives and works as a writer in New York City.
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Alexa Frangos is a photographer and recovering lawyer with a cinematic bent.  She completed her M.F.A. thesis at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus on images of women in film, and when she subsequently became a lawyer she would sneak into the movies between depositions.  Now a stay-at-home mom, she writes the weekly arts and crafts column "Curio" for TFE. She is obsessed with Cindy Sherman, Carole Lombard, Pauline Kael and cherry pie.


Jason Adams is half man, half plant. When he dreams of his childhood, Rosemary Woodhouse and Kermit the Frog play his parents. Movies about cannibals always make him hungry. He wishes his parents had named him after the killer in the Friday the 13th movies but takes comfort in the fact that on their first date they went to see The Exorcist. He writes lots more junk like this every day at his blog My New Plaid Pants, at least when he isn't hunting giant alligators in the sewers. There's no service down there. [Follow Jason on Twitter]

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The Film Experience is always looking for sharp, funny, obsessive voices. Ideal future team members must have strong writing skills, unique takes on movies past and present, and a passion for the cinema that bleeds into their every day life in some demonstrable or engaging way.  Interested parties should contact Nathaniel