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The Film Experience™ was created by Nathaniel R. Gemini, Cinephile, Actressexual. Also loves cats. All material herein is written and copyrighted by him, or by a member of our amazing team as noted.

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Yes No Maybe So - Beauty & The Beast

"Nice teaser but it going to be hard for Disney to top one of their true masterpieces of animation" - Jaragon

 "I don't have high hopes for the principals either, but the real draw is the supporting cast. I'm a NO on McGregor's accent and a YES on McKellen, so put me down as a MAYBE SO." -BD

 "CGI chandeliers? Damn, DIsney, let them build a set." -Jacob

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The Film Experience has been recognized as "a pretty hip blog" (The New York Times), "always worthwhile" (In Contention), and Nathaniel has been profiled in "Meet the Bloggers" (The Advocate Magazine) and been named and "exuberant, optimistic and quick-witted Oscar blogger" (Vanity Fair).  Come visit for the passionate daily cinematic observations. "Awards, Actresses, Cinematic Musings..." that's what we serve up with a little something from all cinematic eras / genres and occasional forays theater and television.


Nathaniel Rogers, the creator and owner of The Film Experience, is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. He is the film columnist for Towleroad, a longtime Oscar pundit (Gurus of Gold), and his writing has appeared in both online publications (Vanity Fair, Slate, Tribeca Film) and print magazines (Esquire and Winq). Nathaniel has served on international festival juries and appeared as an on-air Oscar pundit for CNNi.  [ twitter | contact | pinterest | tumblr | instagram | letterboxd | deviantart ]

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Jason Adams 
(Beauty vs. Beast / Festivals) 
While he wishes his parents had named him after the killer in the Friday the 13th movies, he takes comfort in the fact that on their first date they went to see The Exorcist. He writes lots of daily nonsense at My New Plaid Pants, mostly about movies and dudes in movies, not necessarily in that order. 
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Manuel Betancourt (News / Festivals / HBO LGBT
An avid moviegoer, this academically minded Colombian found himself writing an entire doctoral dissertation on queer film fandom as, perhaps, a way of reconciling his inner critic and his inner fan. Both thankfully, are given plenty of room to play together here at TFE as well as at Manuel's own blog where he tends to put his queer theory training to work. Manuel's favorite film genre is "soul-crushingly depressing if beautifully lensed relationship dramas with juicy parts for actresses."
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Tim Brayton (Tim’s Toons
Tim discovered he was a cinephile after accidentally watching all three and a half hours of Seven Samurai in one sitting a the delicate age of 14. Many years later, he spends all his time devouring everything from trashy horror to glossy Hollywood classics to, of course, animation past and present, which he writes about for the Film Experience. He also reviews films most days at his inexplicably-named blog, Antagony & Ecstasy.

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Glenn Dunks (Doc Corner / Festivals / News)
Glenn is an Australia-based film, music and lifestyle writer. When not seeking out obscure Australian cinema, queer art films and documentaries, he can usually be found enthusing about camp trash and horror flicks. His writings and film criticism have appeared online at JunkeeVanity FairWeekly GravyOverland JournalConcrete PlaygroundQuickflix and his own website as well as in print in The Big Issue and Metro Magazine. In 2014 he won the Australian Film Critics’ Association’s prize for writing on Australian cinema and has served on FIPRESCI juries at Stockholm and San Francisco film festivals. [Follow Glenn on Twitter

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Anne Marie Kelly (A Year With Kate / Judy by the Numbers)
Anne Marie's love of film began as childhood adulation of Katherine Hepburn & the Marx Brothers, and grew into a passion for Technicolor, Hays Code movies, and B-picture scifi. This led to a career in film preservation, and a current run at a cinema studies masters at USC. When not writing about movies, Anne Marie can be found working on movies, talking about movies, or watching movies. She also has several other hobbies and occasionally goes outside.
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Jose Solís (Fashion / Interviews)
Jose Solís wanted to write about film since he was a child which is why he followed the yellow brick road and moved to Oz (ahem NYC) to make his dream come true. He has been writing about film since 2003 and regularly contributes to The Film Experience and PopMatters. He is also having a torrid affair with Broadway and theatAH and writes about those at He is a member of the Online Film Critics Society.  [Follow Jose on Twitter

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Daniel Crooke (News)
Daniel digs a deep dive into the movies even when they're shallow but especially if there’s crosstalk between emotionally underwater caterwaulers. If he could invite four people over for dinner, living or dead, they would be Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sandy Dennis, and George Segal in character – with The B-52’s as house band. The only thing better than seeing an invigorating surprise on the big screen is coming home afterwards to his stalwart tabby, Mom. Just follow him on Twitter @dangercrooke and get a Coke, if you’re thirsty.

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Murtada Elfadl (News)
Murtada finally understood what magic was when he saw Debra Winger in An Officer and a Gentleman. He’s been mesmerized by movies ever since. From Khartoum, Sudan he decided to move to New York City when he got a New Yorker subscription at the age of 15. Many years later, the city remains his favorite place, he just wishes more movies in Arabic played here. He tweets and blogs as ME_Says

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Chris Feil (News)
Chris Feil comes to you live from sunny, glamourous Columbus, Ohio! His "Recommended For You" and "Movies from the 90s with a Strong Female Lead" Netflix categories are not-so-shockingly similar. With a B.A. in Theatre, Chris adores actors and their process. He has endless enthusiasm for board games, donuts, and WALL•E. You can read more of his other writing at filmmixtape [Follow Chris on Twitter]

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Kieran Scarlett (News)
Kieran is a Canadian expat whose love affair with movies began with Judy Garland and Julie Andrews.  He thanks his older brother for his film fanaticism and apologizes profusely for dragging him to see "Cold Mountain" on opening weekend because 'people in it might get nominated for stuff.'  He received his MFA in writing from the American Film institute. He spends a lot of time thinking about the 1974 Best Actress race, admiring Dorothy Malone's mambo skills and longing for the return of Holly Hunter.  Kieran can be found in Los Angeles, writing, working on movies and searching for the perfect arthouse theater with good parking. [Follow him on Twitter.] 

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Daniel Walber (The Furniture)
Daniel Walber is a freelance writer and critic based in Brooklyn. He has written for Nonfics, Film School Rejects, The Film Stage, Dok.revue, and The Brooklyn Rail. Never one to turn down a list, he’s on an endless quest to see every Oscar nominee for Best Animated Short and Best Production Design. He’s also healthily obsessed with opera, documentaries, and the films of Derek Jarman. [Follow Daniel on Twitter]

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Nick Davis (Nick's Flick Picks)
Nick Davis writes the reviews and features at the website Nick's Flick Picks.  The site's unpredictable cycles of frenzied activity and long dormancy have to do with his also being an Associate Professor of English and Gender & Sexuality Studies at Northwestern, where his research and teaching mostly concern narrative film in different eras, genres, and countries.  Back in 2002, he made a joke about a detail in a costume designed by Jenny Beavan and Nathaniel, whom he had just met, got it completely.  Their mouths both hung agape, and they have been loyal to each other ever since. [Follow Nick on Twitter]


Joe Reid (Decider)
Joe Reid never went to film school, unless you count the film school of hard knocks, which he also didn't go to. That hasn't stopped him from writing about movies (and TV, but don't think less of him) for places like The AtlanticGrantlandSlate, and more. One day, he'll have written about his love for The HoursGo, and Mermaids enough that he can finally close his laptop, satisfied that his work is done. You can experience the best (and worst) of him via his Twitter


Photograph by Justin BishopKatey Rich (Vanity Fair)
Katey Rich is the editor of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood. She previously spent five years as an editor at Cinema Blend, and she has also contributed to The Guardian and Film Journal International. She liked Channing Tatum before you did.
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The Film Experience is always looking for sharp, funny, obsessive voices. Future team members must have the following five:

  1. Strong accessible writing skills
  2. Unique takes on current cinema and the arts in general
  3. Interest in showbiz awards, Oscars in particular
  4. Passion for movies that bleeds into their every day life in some demonstrable or engaging way.
  5. Commitment to contribute once weekly

 Interested parties should contact Nathaniel 



Laurence Barber 
A film and television critic who strives for reasoned unpredictability, Laurence has a love of queer cinema, an obsession with actresses and a folder on his computer overflowing with Laura Dern GIFs. Based in Australia, he is a columnist at SBS Sexuality, contributor to film journal Metro Magazine, and has written for The Guardian, The Age, Crikey, Senses of Cinema and Archer Magazine. Laurence holds a B.A. in Film & Television Studies and Julianne Moore once retweeted a photo of him wearing a t-shirt with her face on it
[Follow Laurence on Twitter]

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Angelica Jade Bastién
Angelica Jade Bastién is a Southern born essayist and screenwriter. She's written for Bustle and Bright Wall/Dark Room. She primarily writes about noir, Old Hollywood, and female madness. 'The Feminine Grotesque' is the best way to describe her aesthetic.  She is currently obsessed with the beauty of Cary Fukunaga, baking the perfect pie, and Bette Davis. You can find her musings and other writerly experiments on her site, Madwomen & Muses.
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Daniel Bayer
A performer since birth, Daniel Bayer ("Dancin' Dan" or "Denny" to the web) started taking tap dance lessons at ten years old after seeing Singin' In The Rain. A nationally-ranked dancer in his youth, he has done everything there is to do in a theater: performed, directed, choreographed, dramaturged, designed lights and sound, ran spotlights, built sets, stage managed, and even served on the board. He now teaches tap dance and writes on his blog when he isn't making money for non-profit organizations for a living.

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Margaret de Larios
Margaret is a movie enthusiast raised on the offerings of her local PBS affiliate and the public library's VHS section. She has been perfecting a Lina Lamont impression since the age of six. At her day job she tries to save the world with spreadsheets or something, but as a pop culture obsessive and an incorrigible maker of lists she finds a creative outlet at The Film Experience. She is already planning her next Oscar party. 
[Follow Margaret on Twitter

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Andrew Kendall
Andrew's daily struggle is to balance his loyalties between Katharine Hepburn, Bernadette Peters, Martin Scorsese, Tennessee Williams​, Martin Carter​ and Carrie Mathison, while living in Guyana, where he was born and raised. When not indulging in the Arts you can find him working as an assistant editor to a local magazine, writing here and StageBuddy or teaching Literature and Drama to surly teenagers. In the sliver of time left over from all that, Andrew tries to convince those who know him that The Big Chill speaks to him on an emotional level, despite being neither Caucasian nor a babyboomer.) [Follow Andrew on Twitter]  

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Lynn Lee
Lynn is a government lawyer who spends most of her time outside work obsessing over arts and pop culture.  Her current fascination is with "The Americans" on FX. Her first love, though, will always be movies, thanks to parents who raised her on an eclectic diet of Ingmar Bergman, talky French films, 1960s musicals, Star Wars, and Spielberg blockbusters.  You can find her occasional musings on movies and TV on her blog

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Deborah Lipp
Deborah divides her time between writing about pop culture and holding a day job. She is co-owner and chief writer at Basket of Kisses, “Smart Discussion About Smart Television”. She is also the author of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book. In her other persona, Deborah is the author of six occult books, most recently Tarot Interactions and Merry Meet Again. Deborah lives in Jersey City, NJ with Professor Spouse and an assortment of cats. 

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Sebastian Nebel
Living all of his life in Germany, Sebastian began to revolt against his Teutonic surroundings at an early age by building and nurturing unhealthy obsessions with the English language and American pop culture. He loves The Simpsons but will give you a blank stare if you quote a line from season 10 or beyond. One time he took a photo of a cat that got published in the New York Times. His current life goal is to watch ALL the movies. He's about halfway done with that. [Follow Sebastian on Twitter]

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Amir Soltani (Festivals / Reviews)
Amir is a conformist to The Man by day, an infrequent writer by night and an Iranian cinema connoisseur at all times. He co-hosts a podcast at Hello Cinema, writes film reviews at Movie Mezzanine and pretends his personal blog still has readers. If you have ideas for team posts (top 10 lists, themed series, etc.) he will welcome you with open arms. [Follow Amir on Twitter | Contact Amir]

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Kyle Stevens
At 8, providence guided Kyle to Bringing Up, Baby. Soon after, he picked up a biography of Vivien Leigh (followed quickly by Lauren Bacall’s By Myself and Now). You can guess how the rest of the story goes. His love of performers and their characters led him to think about how we attribute minds to characters in different ways at different times, which eventually became his first book: Mike Nichols: Sex, Language, and the Reinvention of Psychological Realism [Follow Kyle on Twitter

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Andrew Boyd Stewart 
Andrew's first cinematic obsessions were Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Bette Midler, and Shelley Long in Troop Beverly Hills. He clearly has a thing for redheads. After studying acting in NYC and London (and working with the likes of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Marcia Gay an extra), this recovering actor discovered that writing about film was the creative outlet he needed. His personal blog is The Film's the Thing. Over the past few years, he has had his picture taken while holding an Oscar and a Tony and is now halfway through completing his version of the EGOT. [Follow "Abstew" on Twitter

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David Upton
Born and still unfortunately living in merry ol’ England, David took a love of cinema through two degrees, capping them off with a dissertation on Julianne Moore. (He likes to think he helped her win the Oscar.) He currently works on the social media team for UK entertainment site Digital Spy and in his downtime writes for TFE, Front Row Reviews and very rarely on his own website. You can regularly find him beholden to the visage of Emma Stone. [Follow David on Twitter]

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And a final thank you to previous contributors who have moved on to other pastures, greener or otherwise: Michael Cusumano, Matthew Eng, Alexa Frangos, and R Kurt Osenlund