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"I think my five-year old was scarred for life after watching Finding Nemo. But, for me, yeah, Dumbo all the way." -Christine

"Graveyard of the Fireflies - we studied this in highschool - a room full of 16 year olds all bawling their eyes out, that shit is traumatic and has had a profound effect on my ability to watch anything from Studio Ghibli since." - Morgan


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85th Oscars. Oscar Race for the Films of 2012
For discussion / entertainment purposes only. The supporting categories are notoriously hard to predict early on because so much rides on Best Picture coattails in these two categories.

WHO WON: Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables
NATHANIEL'S VOTE: Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables
READER'S CHOICE:  Anne Hathaway's season-long Les Miz domination continued here with over half of the ballots. She won 55% of The Film Experience reader votes; Amy Adams and Sally Field tied for second place with 15% of the ballots each; which left very few votes free for Helen Hunt and Jacki Weaver who won 8% and 4% of your votes. 

statistics cited involve acting & feature films only

Amy Adams
38 years old | 26 films
4 noms
The Master

Sally Field

66 years old | 28 films
3 noms | 2 wins

Anne Hathaway
30 years old | 18 films
2 noms
Les Misérables

Helen Hunt
49 years old | 31 films
2 noms | 1 win
The Sessions
Jacki Weaver
65 years old | 17 films | 2 noms
Silver Linings Playbook
P.T. Anderson's opaque examination of impulse, belief and self control centers on two men. But is Adams actually the title character?

Field has a complicated history with Oscar having won easily with both of her nominations but denied ever since even in baity roles. This first lady changed all that

A dream role can take you far in the Oscar race. Digging deeper than you even needed to and delivering spectacularly can win you gold. The As Good As It Gets star earns that title here in a smart riveting performance as a sex surrogate who coaches a disabled man to accept and enjoy his body. The most surprising Oscar nominee this year was the most welcome nominee just a couple of years ago with her evil matriarch turn in Animal Kingdom. Maybe we shouldn't have been surprised. Oscar does love protective kindly mothers as well as evil ones.


Snubbed? In terms of precursors (and my own heart) weep for Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, one of the few truly genius performances of the year. Precursors also suggested that Maggie Smith (Marigold Hotel) and Ann Dowd (Compliance) had their devout fanbases.