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88th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2015 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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November Third  - Predicted Five
While a couple of the big contenders have decided to pretend to be supporting it's still highly competitive up in here.

Brie Larson
never nominated
Oct 15th

Saoirse Ronan
1 nomination
(Fox Searchlight)
Nov 6th

Jennifer Lawrence
3 noms | 1 win

Carey Mulligan
1 nomination
Oct 23rd
Lily Tomlin
1 nomination
Aug 21st

Gotham Nominee

Reviews are strong. She's perfection in this difficult role of a mother who has raised her child in captivity. Godspeed, Brie Larson! If the film is a sleeper hit (a big "if") she could become a threat to win.

BIFA Nominee

She's just lovely in this Sundance hit, charting a young Irish immigrant's unsteady assimilation into American culture . Will Oscar be in the mood for an old fashioned melodrama

   Oscar loves her with David O. Russell so they're pairing again, this time with a period drama about the inventor of the Miracle Mop. But can lightning strike thrice?

BIFA Nominee

It's the right time in her career for her to ascend to Oscar regular leading lady status and it seems like the right time to tell this story. Or past time to tell it. But buzz has been collapsing.

Gotham Nominee

She's superb and hilarious in a true showcase part in this darkly comic indie from the writer/director of About a Boy. "career tribute" vibes could happen if the campaign is strong. 

Tier 2 - Also Strong Contenders
Cate Blanchett
6 noms | 2 wins 
(Weinstein Co)
Nov 20th
Charlotte Rampling
never nominated
45 Years
(Sundance Selects)
Dec 23rd
Blythe Danner
never nominated
I'll See You In My Dreams
(Bleecker Street)
May 15th
Cate Blanchett
6 noms | 2 wins 
Oct 16th
Maggie Smith
6 noms | 2 wins
The Lady in the Van
Dec 11th

Gotham Nominee

Blanchett is the sexiest she's ever been in this romantic drama and has a few scenes that rival anything she's ever done. Her hot streak since Blue Jasmine has been something else to behold. 

BIFA Nominee

 This film legend has never been nominated (for shame!) and this marital drama is winning big raves. Sundance Selects managed a nomination for Cotillard last year. Can they pull off a second miracle?

Gotham Nominee

 Blythe's senior-in- crisis drama quietly amassed an admirable box office sum. It resonated with moviegoers, Danner is an enduring showbiz fixture. Will they push hard enough and enlists her friends/family for campaigning?

 This performance is a big movie star wow, if far less subtle than Carol. But Carol is the film that's far more likely to be embraced so let's give that performance the edge. For now.

A different Maggie than we've come to expect in this serio comic tale of a homeless deluded woman living in a van. She's always been an awards magnet so who knows. Globe nomination seems likely

Tier 3 - Previous Winners Who Could Still Rally Their Fans...
Bel Powley
never nominated
Diary of a Teenage Girl
Aug 7th
Emily Blunt
never nominated
Sept 18th
Sandra Bullock
2 noms | 1 win
Our Brand is Crisis
(Warner Bros)
Oct 30th


Tier 4 - Other Leads

Angelina Jolie -By The Sea; Charlize Theron - Mad Max AACTA Nominee, Mia Wasikowska - Crimson Peak, Julia Roberts - Secret in Their Eyes, Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina; Melissa McCarthy - Spy; Marion Cotillard - MacBeth BIFA Nominee; Julianne Moore - Freeheld; Meryl Streep - Ricki & The Flash; Juliette Binoche - Clouds of Sils Maria;  Kristen Wiig - Welcome to Me Gotham Nominee; Kitana Kiki Rodriguez - Tangerine Gotham Breakthrough Nominee

Gotham Nominee


Critics wins or a strong Spirit Awards showing could raise her profile. The performance is memorable.


  Both of these actresses are well liked and both are playing roles originally intended for men. That part's a win. But Blunt's role in Sicario is cypher like (which is hard to get nominated for) and Bullock had a rare flop.