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88th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2015 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Given what's happened in the past dozen years with films like Gangs of New York, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Whiplash... we never take categorization for granted. Anomalisa, for example, is based on a play by the same writer but so what MBFGW which went original. Whiplash, campaigned original but the Academy decided adapted. Thus we have Anomalisa (campaigning as Adapted) on both charts here.

Best Original Screenplay
Spotlight Inside Out Bridge of Spies Youth Hateful Eight
It's based on a Boston Globe series of articles but given that it's about the creation of that series rather than adapted they're going with original.
 Pixar has been in the writing categories multiple times in the past and with the reception of Inside Out it seems very likely again Though it bears the same title as a book on the same exact subject, they're considering it an 'original'. Who knew?! Popular at Cannes and if Oscar likes it as much as they liked Sorrentino's last picture (The Great Beauty) watch out because this one is in English
Quentin Tarantino, who has won two Oscars for this category, could well be back with another shoot em up Western 


Other Contenders


I'll See You In My Dreams

The Actor Taylor Sheridan, from Veronica Mars and Sons of Anarchy, has become a screenwriter. This FBI cartel drama is his first produced screenplay Being Charlie Kaufman. This was actually based on a play by Kaufman from 2005 but since AMPAS has made all sorts of bizarre rulings of late in original/adapted who knows.

Annie Mumulo, an Oscar nominee for Bridesmaids is collaborating with the director David O. Russell who has been twice-nominated for writing

The screeners wisely went out early and the movie has been very warmly received by those who've given it a try Will critics give the film the end of year top ten treatment it deserves to return to the conversations?
Long Shots ?
Straight Outta Compton, Son of Saul, Suffragette, Grandma, Spy, Irrational Man 


Best Adapted Screenplay Predictions
Steve Jobs
The Revenant
The Martian
 Aaron Sorkin, who won the Oscar in this category for The Social Network, is adapting the biography by Walter Isaacson
Iñárritu (who won for co-writing Birdman) and Mark L Smith who has mostly worked in low budget thrillers adapted this novel by Michael Punke

If the writer's branch wants to honor an adaptation that doesn't feel weighed down with gravitas ("since when?" you cry), they mighty go for this film's joyful dialogue and strong pacing. Drew Goddard adapts the Andy Weir novel

This adaption of Emma Donoghe's best seller (by Emma Donoghue herself) was the surprise champ of TIFF. But the last author who adapted her own book to great success they ignored (Gone Girl)

Novelist Nick Hornby, previously nominated in this category for An Education, adapts the novel by Colm Tóibín

Other Major Possibilities

Carol Anomalisa The Danish Girl

The Big Short

45 Years
Phyllis Nagy, a previous Emmy nominee (Mrs Harris) adapted Patricia Highsmith's novel (also known as "The Price of Salt") Being Charlie Kaufman. This was actually based on a play by Kaufman from 2005 but since AMPAS has made all sorts of bizarre rulings of late in original/adapted who knows. After years in development hell Lucinda Coxon's adaptation of David Ebershoff's novel about Einer Wagoner who transitioned to life as Lili Elbe, was finally made  Charles Randolph and the Director Adam McKay adapted the book of the same name by Michael Lewis into this new all-star dark comedy about big banks and investing Andrew Haigh (Weekend, Looking) adapted the short story by David Constantine about a blast from the past driving a wedge between a couple nearing their 45th anniversary 
Long Shots?
Truth, Far From Madding Crowd, The Walk, In the Heart of the Sea, MacBeth, Concussion, Mad Max Fury Road, Lady in the Van, Beasts of No Nation, Black Mass, Creed, Our Brand is Crisis, Ant-Man