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Supporting Actress Smackdown of 1960
Shirley x 2, Janet, Mary, and Glynis. Who gets your vote?

"Janet Leigh should've won, but I feel like the fact that she was even nominated for that movie might've been a victory in itself." - Philip H.

"How great is it considering this was 59 years ago that three of these ladies are still with us and the two Shirleys are working on a semi regular basis." - Joel6 

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92nd Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2019 (for the 2020 Ceremony) - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Tier 1 - Prediction

The supporting field is unusually difficult to suss out this year, even for roles which might prove Oscariffic. So the following chart is brought to you by a few hunches, blind swings, presumed Best Picture heat, and desperate "umm... maybes?"

Annette Bening
60 yrs old | 4 nominations
Release TBA

PRO: Real life role (Dianne Feinstein here) and that's essentially required to win an Oscar buzz these days. (sigh). Strong initial reviews.

CON: The movie might be a bit dry for some tastes. They've passed her by for brilliant work before.

Kristen Stewart
29 yrs old | never nominated
Release TBA

PRO: Oscar loves actors playing other icons (Jean Seberg here).

CON: Top billed but... (sigh) She's at least the subject if not the protagonist. Might go lead

Thomasin McKenzie
18 yrs old | never nominated
(Fox Searchlight)
Nov 27th

PRO: Playing a Jewish girl in hiding in this WW II era dramedy. Lots of leftover goodwill from Leave No Trace

CON: How much screen time or do the mother and son own the film?

Scarlett Johansson
34 yrs old | never nominated
(Fox Searchlight)
Nov 27th

PRO: Sure to be a sympathetic role as a mother hiding a Jewish girl from Nazis.

CON: All those years in franchise land may have dulled people to the fact that she's long overdue for recognition.

Margot Robbie
28 yrs old | 1 nomination
July 26th

PRO: Oscar loves actors playing other icons (Sharon Tate here).

CON: The cast is huge so we don't really know who will get ample screen time. Possibilities of this going wrong and feeling disrespectful are high.

Tier 2 - Or Maybe It'll Be These Five

Laura Dern
52 yrs old | 2 noms
Dec 25th

PRO: Marmee is a wonderful matriarch role in most adaptations and we know they'll nominate Dern for motherly warmth even with less screen time (Wild)

CON: Internal competition + its a remake.

Maggie Smith
84 yrs old | 6 noms | 2 wins
Sept 20th

PRO: After the past decade in this role its rivalling Miss Jean Brodie as her signature part. Everyone loves her but she hasn't been nominated in 18 years now.

CON: The Oscars aren't the Emmys so they might balk at falling for this.

Eliza Scanlan
20 yrs old | never nominated
Dec 25th

PRO: Beth March is the secret tear-jerking weapon of LW. If she mesmerizes like she did in Sharp Objects... watch out.

CON: Internal competition + its a remake. She's also the least well known member of the cast.

Penélope Cruz
44 yrs old | 3 noms | 1 win
Release TBA

PRO: Oscar was once infatuated with her and whenever she works with Almodóvar it's just a gift to audiences.

CON: In the end it's still a foreign language film so and rave reviews to break into the big categories.

Jennifer Hudson
37 yrs old | 1 nom | 1 win
Dec 20th

PRO: Grizabella has always been the marquee awards-magnet role from this furry ensemble.

CON: But they're putting CGI fur on the actors. Could be a disaster of a spectacle. And other Oscar run just for singing beautifully?

Tier 3 - We might be underestimating...

Nicole Kidman
51 years old | 4 noms | 1 win
Dec 20th

PRO: Oscar loves actors playing other famous types (Gretchen Carlson here).

CON: A big cast of stars so whoever pops most ... and Naomi Watts is playing the role before her in a miniseries. Been there / done that by Xmas?

Nicole Kidman
51 yrs old | 4 noms | 1 win
(Warner Bros)
Sept 13th

PRO: People love the book and Kidman has been on a roll. Great actors director for her this time, too.

CON: Lots of good roles in this. Internal competition to pop is mighty. How much screen time will she get?

Anne Hathaway
36 yrs old | 2 noms | 1 win
Release TBA

PRO: People miss her (well, we do!) and she's a great talent. Haynes films generally have strong roles for women.

CON: We don't know what her role is like yet.

Jannelle Monáe
33 yrs old | never nominated
Release TBA

PRO: She proved in her debut movie year that she definitely had the goods and screen presence for a big movie career, should she want it. This film looks like it has big Oscar potential.

CON: We know nothing about her role. Could be glorified cameo?

Zhao Shuzhen
??? yrs old | never nominated
July 12th

PRO: Winning great reviews as the grandmother, whose end of life medical diagnosis is central to the plot.

CON: Oscar has almost never recognized Asian actors (sigh).

Tier 4- Too early to rule anyone out!

Octavia Spencer
46 yrs old | 3 noms | 1 win
Aug 2nd

PRO: Sure to be a discussion point film and a more challenging role than she usually gets as a concerned suspicious teacher.

CON: Not everyone will love this movie.

Anna Paquin
36 yrs old | 1 nom | 1 win
Release TBA

PRO: Being the most famous woman in a big cast of men has paid off many times in awards season.

CON: We don't yet know much about her role (other than she's playing De Niro's daughter)

Vanessa Bell Calloway
62 years old | never nominated
Release TBA

PRO: She's playing Harriet Tubman's mother and Oscar loves a fierce mama role.

CON: Not likely to have a lot of screen time.

Mindy Kaling
39 yrs old | never nominated
June 7th

PRO: A co-lead role and they love those in supporting.

CON: But they could just nominate her for writing instead if the movie is a big hit.

Catherine Deneuve
75 yrs old | 1 nomination
Release TBA

PRO: She's playing a fictional actress called Catherine (hmmm) and she's one of the greatest movie stars of all time, so...

CON: IFC is not known for Oscar campaigning. But if the movie is great...

Other films with supporting actress(es) of note
  • Ad Astra - Ruth Negga, Kimberly Elise, LisaGay Hamilton
  • Against All Enemies - Margaret Qualley, Zazie Beetz
  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Maryann Plunkett, Susan Kelechi Watson (will they get enough screen time as the wives of the leads?)
  • Cats - Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson
  • Downton Abbey - half of the cast
  • Ford v Ferrari - Caitronia Balfe
  • The Goldfinch - Sarah Paulson, Ashleigh Cummings
  • Harriet -Jennifer Nettles, Deborah Ayorinde (but we don't know what kind of roles they have)
  • The King - Lily Rose-Depp
  • The Last Thing He Wanted - Rosie Perez
  • Little Women - Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep
  • Luce - Naomi Watts
  • Lucy in the Sky - Ellen Burstyn, Tig Notaro
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Dakota Fanning, Margaret Qualley, Lena Dunham
  • Personal History of David Copperfield - Tilda Swinton, Gwendolyn Christie, Sophie McShera
  • The Souvenir -Tilda Swinton
  • The Truth -Ludivine Sagnier
  • Untitled Roger Ailes Project - Margot Robbie, Alice Eve, Allison Janney, Connie Britton, Alanna Ubach
  • Untitled Todd Haynes Project - Mare Winningham
  • Woman in the Window - Julianne Moore


  • Ammonite 
  • Bergman Island
  • Blackbird 
  • West Side Story