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BAFTA Winners


"Big performances and big personalities tend to have the edge. It so happens that all the acting categories this year have one or both of them. In supporting actress specifically, Janney has a bigger performance and a bigger real life personality." - Joseph

"Are you all OK with the Del Toro sweep? He would be my 4th choice." - Peggy Sue

"Poor Timothée!😔 Al least he has a chance to win the Spirit Award 🙏🏻 Or is Kaluuya going to upset?!" -Amirfarhang


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90th Oscars. Oscar Nominees of 2017 - For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only discuss on the blog


and the 9 nominees are...
(Alphabetical Order)

Call Me By Your Name
Luca Guadagnino
Nov 24th
Box Office $13+

A young man falls for his dad's research assistant one summer in Italy.

4 nominations
previous wins: LAFCA, GALECA

Key Articles:
Soundtracking | BlueprintsBeach Rats Inverse | On the Sex Scenes

Darkest Hour
Joe Wright
Nov 22nd
Box Office $52+

Winston Churchill rises to the Prime Minister position as WW II reaches a boiling point at Dunkirk

6 nominations
previous wins: --

Key Articles:
First ImpressionMiddleburg Festival | Best Wigs of 2017

(Warner Bros)
Chris Nolan
July 21st
Box Office $188

The trifurcated story of the evacuation of British soldiers in Dunkirk told by land, air, and sea.

8 nominations
previous wins: --

Key Articles:
Tom Hardy's Furrowed Brow | Podcast

Get Out
Jordan Peele
Feb 24th
Box Office $176

A young black man meets his white girlfriend's parents. But something strange and sinister is happening in their town.

4 nominations
previous wins: --

Key Articles:
House of Colonial HorrorsSAG | Blueprints | Jordan and Daniel's Moviegoing

Lady Bird 
Greta Gerwig
Nov 10th
Box Office $45+

A rebellious senior, at odds with her mother, dreams of leaving Sacramento.

5 nominations
previous wins: NY, NSFC Globe

Key Articles:
"Roots and Wings" | SoundtrackingMothers & Daughters | Podcast | Sing for Me Lady Bird


What just missed?

I Tonya, Florida Project, Mudbound, or Big Sick?

Release Month 

Feb - 1
July - 1
Oct - 1
Nov -3
Dec - 3

Average Gross at Time of Noms


Phantom Thread
PT Anderson 
Dec 25th
Box Office $16+

A control freak fashion designer struggles for control with his strong-minded muse

6 nominations
previous wins: --

Key articles:
Reynolds vs Alma | Harriet Samson Harris | DDL Retirement

The Post
Steven Spielberg)
Dec 22nd
Box Office $74+

The true story of how The Washington Post became a major paper by exposing the Pentagon Papers

2 nominations
previous wins: NBR

Key articles: Women of The Post | Review 

Shape of Water 
(Fox Searchlight)
Guillermo del Toro
Dec 1st
Box Office $51+

A cleaning woman falls for a humanoid sea creature in a government facility.

13 nominations
previous wins: Critics Choice, PGA Venice

Key Articles: 
Blueprints | Neon Green Future | Podcast | Oscar's Fav Sea-Creature Movies | Brief Take

Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri 
(Fox Searchlight) 
Martin McDonagh
Oct 13th
Box Office $46

A bitter grieving mother, who lost her daughter in a violent crime, goes to war with the local police dept.

7 nominations
previous wins: Globe SAG

Key Articles:
Willoughby vs Dixon | TIFF Review | Blueprints 





The Shape of Water (based on nomination count and likeability) and Three Billboards (based on precursor success and plentiful nods) seem in the best position to win unless Dunkirk unexpectedly rallies because no one really dislikes it. But shouldn't the "Best" race be between Get Out and Lady Bird?

Because we can't stop listing...

Ranked by Domestic Gross

Ranked by Global Gross

Ranked by RT/MetaCritic Scores

MPAA Ratings Ranked by Running Time

1 Dunkirk $188
2 Get Out $176
3 The Post $74
4 Darkest $52
5 Shape of Water $51
6 Three Billboards $46 
Lady Bird $45
8 Phantom Thread $16
Call Me By Your Name $13 

1 Dunkirk $525
2 Get Out $ 254
3 Darkest Hour $124
4 The Post $124
5 Three Billboards $103
6 Shape of Water $76
7 Lady Bird $39
8 Call Me By Your Name $24
9 Phantom Thread $23
1. Lady Bird 99/94
2. Call Me By Your name 96/93
3. Get Out 99/84
4. Dunkirk 92/94
Three Billboards 93/88
6. Shape of Water 92 / 86
7. Phantom Thread 91/ 90
8. The Post 88 / 83
9. Darkest Hour 86 / 75

Call Me By Your Name
Get Out
Lady Bird
Phantom Thread
Shape of Water
Three Billboards

Darkest Hour
The Post



1. Call Me By Your Name 2 hrs, 12 min
2. Phantom Thread 2 hrs, 10 min
3. Darkest Hour 2 hrs, 5 min.
4. Shape of Water 1 hr, 59 min.
5. The Post 1 hr, 55 min.
6. Three Billboards 1 hr, 55 min.
7. Dunkirk 1 hr, 46 min.
8. Get Out 1 hr, 43 min
9. Lady Bird 1 hr, 33 min.
Ranked by Nathaniel's Preference Ranked by Horniness Ranked by Violence (most to least) How well they pass the Bechdel Test Female Percentage of Cast (using SAG's ensemble rule)

Totally Love
Lady Bird
Get Out
Call Me By Your Name

Liked / Interested In
Phantom Thread
Three Billboards
Darkest Hour

Shape of Water
The Post

Shape of Water
Call Me By Your Name

Lady Bird
Get Out

domestic canoodling
Phantom Thread
Three Billboards
Darkest Hour

The Post

1. Dunkirk (beach massacre)
2. Get Out (violent deaths)
3. Three Billboards (firebombing, brutality, offscreen rape/torture)
4. The Shape of Water (mutilation, deaths)
5. Darkest Hour (bombing but mostly offscreen)
6. The Post (Vietnam prologue)
7. Lady Bird (self injuries)
8. Phantom Thread (minor poisoning)
9. Call Me By Your Name (nosebleed)

Lady Bird

Get Out
Phantom Thread
The Post
Shape of Water
Three Billboards

Call Me By Your Name

Darkest Hour


Lady Bird 50%
Get Out 28%
Three Billboards 27%
The Post 25%
Dunkirk 0%

not yet determined
Darkest Hour
Call Me By Your Name
Phantom Thread
Shape of Water