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Visual Effects Oscar Semi-Finals 

"All I know is that if I had worked on A Monster Calls, I'd be pretty pissed that I didn't get in but Sully did." -The Jack


Maria Schrader (Stefan Zweig...)
Boo Junfeng (The Apprentice
Gianfranco Rosi (Fire At Sea)
Chris Kelly (Other People)
NWR (Neon Demon)

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Costumes, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Makeup, Cinematography and Editing for the 85th Oscars and the films of 2012. Which talented artists will fight for the gold man this year? The race may have already begun in the technical categories since those categories have longer memories and more tolerance for genre fare.

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Anna Karenina
Jacqueline Durran
3 noms | 1 win
Joanna Johnston
1st nomination!


Mirror Mirror

Eiko Ishioka
2 noms | 1 win

Les Misérables

Paco Delgado
1st nomination!

Snow White and the Huntsman

Colleen Atwood
10 noms | 3 wins

Not Nominated: Julie Weiss (interview) for Hitchcock, Sharen Davis for Django Unchained, Mark Bridges (last year's winner) for The Master, and more...



Anna Karenina

Seamus McGarvey
2 nominations

Django Unchained

 Robert Richardson
8 noms | 3 wins


Janusz Kaminski
6 noms | 2 wins

Life of Pi

Claudio Miranda
2 noms | 1 win


Roger Deakins
10 nominations

Not Nominated: Greig Frasier Zero Dark Thirty, Mihai Malamaire for The Master, Darius Wolski for Prometheus and more...




Anna Karenina

Sarah Greenwood
The Hobbit

Dan Hennah

Life of Pi

David Gropman
1st nom!


Rick Carter

Les Misérables

Eve Stewart

Not Nominated: J Michael Riva (Django Unchained was his last film), Sharon Seymour for Argo, Rick Heinrichs for Dark Shadows, Arthur Max for Prometheus, Jack Fisk and David Crank for The Master and Adam Stockhausen for Moonrise Kingdom





William Goldenberg
4 nominations | 1 win

Life of Pi

Tim Squyres
2 noms


Michael Kahn
8 noms | 3 wins

Silver Linings Playbook

Jay Cassidy
2 noms &
Crispin Struthers
1st nomination!

Zero Dark Thirty

Dylan Tichenor
2 noms
& William Goldenberg
4 noms / 1 win


Not Nominated: Chris Dickens for Les Miz, Stuart Baird for Skyfall, Lee Smith for The Dark Knight Rises, Fred Raskin for Django Unchained, etcetera...




The Avengers

Janek Sirrs (3/1), Jeff White (1st!), Guy Williams (1st!), Daniel Sudick (5/0)

The Hobbit

Joe Letteri (8/5), Eric Saindon (1st!), David Clayton (1st!), R Christopher White (3/0)

Life of Pi

Bill Westernhofer (3/2), Guillaume Rocheron (1st!), Erik DeBoer (1st!), Donald Elliott (1st!)


Richard Stammers (1st!), Trevor Wood (2/1), CharleyHenley (1st!), Martin Hill (1st!)

Snow White and the Huntsman

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (1st!), Phil Brennan (1st!), Neil Corbould (3/1), Michael Dawson (1st!)


Finalists That Were Not Nominated: Cloud Atlas, The Dark Knight Rises, John Carter, Amazing Spider-Man and Skyfall

Did Not Make the Finals: Looper, Men in Black III, Battleship, Total Recall, The Hunger Games, Dark Shadows





Howard Berger (2/1), Peter Montagna (1st!), Martin Samuel (3/0)

The Hobbit

Peter King (2/1), Rick Findlater (1st!), Tami Lane (2/1)

Les Misérables

Lisa Westcott (3/1), Julie Dartnell (1st!)


Finalists that were not nominated: Lincoln, Looper, Men in Black III, Snow White and the Huntsman

Did not make the finals: Holy Motors, The Dark Knight Rises, Dark Shadows, Prometheus, Anna Karenina,