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RIP Gene Wilder

"He was everything and his Wonka is such a formative performance for me. RIP." -Ryan T

"Young Frankenstein has got to be one of the best comedy classics of all time. RIP." - Brandz

"A gifted but never overly-showy comedian. I love that he knew just when to exit before he was compartmentalized by Hollywood into a specific type of role. " - Sawyer


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84th Oscars. Oscar Race for the Films of 2011

Will Win: Octavia Spencer
Should Win: I'm torn between McCarthy (such an original) and Chastain (such a year) and McTeer (who almost saved Albert Nobbs) who are all but tied in my mind if i were to rank the field. But really, it's quite a good field even if none of my three favorites got nominated.

Reader Ranking (Polling Closed):  1. CHASTAIN (35%) 2. SPENCER (29%) 3. MCCARTHY (18%) 4. BEJO (10%) and MCTEER (5%)


Fun Oscar Factoid: The Help makes this the fourth consecutive year that two nominees have come from the same film following Doubt, Up in the Air, and The Fighter. The takeaway: Team up ladies! There's strength in numbers

Bérénice Bejo
35 yrs old | 18 films
1st nomination!

wins: St Louis

Jessica Chastain
30 yrs old | 9 films
1st nomination!


wins: the critical trifecta LA & NYFCC & NYFCC plus several other critics prizes 

Melissa McCarthy
41 yrs old | 16 films
lots of TV
1st nomination!

 prizes: various critics prizes 

Janet McTeer
50 yrs old | 15ish films
2 nominations

 wins: --

Octavia Spencer
39 yrs old | 40ish films
1st nomination!

wins: Globes, BFCA, and critics prizes

How'd she get nominated?
Who got snubbed?
According to most of the precursors and several regional critics organizations who went abso-bonkers for The Descendants, Shailene Woodley is the one that's missing from that list above for playing George Clooney's sorta rebellions sorta not daughter. Earlier in the year it looked like electrifying work by Vanessa Redgrave in Coriolanus and Carey Mulligan in Shame might win traction but that didn't come to pass.
Who will win?
You can take Octavia Spencer to the bank barring a really really strange flood of anomalous support for her friend Melissa McCarthy (the nomination is usually the reward for comedy) or The Artist's tux having hugely sweeping coattails for Bejo.


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