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9 Foreign Film Finalists

"Cheering for BODY AND SOUL or LOVELESS for the win. - Travis

"My two favorites, BPM and Summer '93, were left out so now I'm rooting for Chile's A FANTASTIC WOMAN all the way." - Peggy Sue

"THE WOULD... I'm ecstatic its profile has been given this boost." -Goran

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new Claes Bang Actor
(Sweden's Oscar Submission)
Nikolaj Lie Kaas Actor
(Denmark's Oscar Submission)
Hana Jusic Director
(Croatia's Oscar Submission)

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Ask Nathaniel

Gloria Grahame. MeowYour host has been, you may have noticed, otherwise engaged. So let's consider Monday the kick-off for TFE's official Fall Season. A bit late but you still love us, right? Let's do a Q & A!

No theme this time -- though questions about current movies are most welcome since we haven't gone in depth on so many of them -- so ask away. Whatever you want.

Hint: Remember top ten lists requests and questions that would require full essays are not the way to go in this particular back and forth.


Ask Nathaniel

I recently hosted a gay book club where we talked "Call Me By Your Name" (click for the cute pic) and the one guy who'd seen the movie refused to say anything about it. Argh. So that forthcoming adaptation is foremost on my mind. What's on yours? Give me some questions to answer, won'cha? Bonus points if the topics are romantic films and/or book adaptations. I'll select two handfuls to answer in forthcoming posts.

[Convalescence update: as some of you have heard I somehow threw my back out which accounts for the spare posting of late. It's hard to sit and type when you're in pain but I think I'm coming out of it now and dying to get back to movies. You can only watch so much This is Us and Younger and Defend--nah, that's too boring -- and eat so much ice cream and alternate so many heat pads and ice packs before you start to lose your GD mind.]


Ask Nathaniel

A word from your host: Hi y'all. I know this summer has been a bit light on my contributions to The Film Experience (thanks to the team for picking up some of my slack) but a bright shiny future hopefully awaits.

I have exciting news! I have been accepted into the annual Eugene O'Neill National Critics Institute. The fellowship is a two week gig starting in July. I'm not sure what to expect but I'm honored. My plan is to emerge from it like a beautiful butterfly artistically rejuvenated and ready for a bit more summer silliness before diving headfirst into fall film & awards season.

We recently did a three part Q&A (bam-bam-bam) but give me more Qs and I'll throw up at least one batch of As before my trip next week.

xo, Nathaniel


Ask Nathaniel

Happy summertime, y'all!Time for another Q&A round. You know what to do in the comments, but remember that questions that don't require complete essays or gigantic lists to answer are more likely to be answered! Some subjects (non-mandatory) to consider this week include Cannes or Twin Peaks or Summer or Gemini anything. (Oh and happy birth-month to all my fellow Geminis!)

Unrelated reminder: Tuesday marks the return of Hit Me With Your Best Shot so get to watching and choosing!


Ask Nathaniel

The Q&A was good last week, wasn't it? So lets do another one. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. Your theme, which you don't have to adhere to, is "May". May has Emerald as its birthstone, Taurus and Gemini as its the signs, The Virgin Mary as one of its prime devotions, and its also Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month.

Ask some Star Wars questions for "Star Wars Day," too, while you're at it! Ready and go... 


Q&A: JLaw at the Top, Chris Pine's Future, Trans Characters in Cinema

Bob Fosse on the set of LennyApologies dearest readers about the slow rollout of various columns this month. April is such a weird month, isn't it? What can you do. So you recently asked a bunch of questions and here's 11 answers!  I hope you'll speak out on these same topics in the comments to make this more conversational. I do actually love to hear your opinions, too! xoxo

EDWARD: Have you ever wanted to make a movie?

NATHANIEL: The short answer is "no". The medium answer is I think it might be fun to work on one once, to have the experience (the areas that most interest me in terms of my own potential skills are casting and editing). But my basic feeling is that I love movies too much to commit to one only for years on end as so many filmmakers seem to have to do. The long answer is that I have fantasized about it but usually only in the context of becoming a great director of modern movie musicals since Hollywood so desperately needs someone who is inspired by / committed to that genre specifically. We need a new Fosse/Minnelli/Berkeley/Donen  roughly a billion times more than we need a new Scorsese/Spielberg/Tarantino/Malick/Kubrick/Whomever. There are always people trying to be that latter group of guys!

MARK: If you could bring back any movie star deceased back in a Peter Cushing Rogue One style cameo who would you choose.

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