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Entries in Ask Nathaniel (20)


Ask Nathaniel

Happy summertime, y'all!Time for another Q&A round. You know what to do in the comments, but remember that questions that don't require complete essays or gigantic lists to answer are more likely to be answered! Some subjects (non-mandatory) to consider this week include Cannes or Twin Peaks or Summer or Gemini anything. (Oh and happy birth-month to all my fellow Geminis!)

Unrelated reminder: Tuesday marks the return of Hit Me With Your Best Shot so get to watching and choosing!


Ask Nathaniel

The Q&A was good last week, wasn't it? So lets do another one. Got a question? Ask it in the comments. Your theme, which you don't have to adhere to, is "May". May has Emerald as its birthstone, Taurus and Gemini as its the signs, The Virgin Mary as one of its prime devotions, and its also Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month.

Ask some Star Wars questions for "Star Wars Day," too, while you're at it! Ready and go... 


Q&A: JLaw at the Top, Chris Pine's Future, Trans Characters in Cinema

Bob Fosse on the set of LennyApologies dearest readers about the slow rollout of various columns this month. April is such a weird month, isn't it? What can you do. So you recently asked a bunch of questions and here's 11 answers!  I hope you'll speak out on these same topics in the comments to make this more conversational. I do actually love to hear your opinions, too! xoxo

EDWARD: Have you ever wanted to make a movie?

NATHANIEL: The short answer is "no". The medium answer is I think it might be fun to work on one once, to have the experience (the areas that most interest me in terms of my own potential skills are casting and editing). But my basic feeling is that I love movies too much to commit to one only for years on end as so many filmmakers seem to have to do. The long answer is that I have fantasized about it but usually only in the context of becoming a great director of modern movie musicals since Hollywood so desperately needs someone who is inspired by / committed to that genre specifically. We need a new Fosse/Minnelli/Berkeley/Donen  roughly a billion times more than we need a new Scorsese/Spielberg/Tarantino/Malick/Kubrick/Whomever. There are always people trying to be that latter group of guys!

MARK: If you could bring back any movie star deceased back in a Peter Cushing Rogue One style cameo who would you choose.

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Ask Nathaniel

Give me questions for this week's Q&A. Gimme!


Ask Nathaniel

Okay, It's past time to bring back the Q&A column. Now might be a good time. You know what to do in the comments and I'll choose a handful or two to answer on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Ask Nathaniel 

Good afternoon, lovelies. (I'm missing Canada, hence the coffee cup.) 

Let's have a Q&A. You know what to do in the comments. Please nothing that would require a whole book or top ten list to answer. I'll answer selected questions Sunday/Monday. Suggested themesCaptain America Civil War, A Bigger Splash (fresh on DVD), Zootopia, The Witch (new to streaming) or whatever else floats your curious boat.


Ask Nathaniel 

Time for another Q&A. Ask away in the comments and I'll choose 10 to answer tomorrow evening. Let's have a loose animal theme this week. Between my ongoing sick cat drama at home and the movies (jungle book coming soon) we're feeling zoological.

Programming note: Requested Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) revisit will happen April 20th. Sorry for delay.

Previously on: If you're like "what's this Q&A business?" catch up on recent Q&As 


Ask Nathaniel 

Every other week you get a Q&A column. It's now that "other" week so ask away in the comments and I'll choose a handful or two to answer on Wednesday night (3/30) and bank the rest for possible random inspirations for this daily site. Wednesday is the joint birthday of Goya and Van Gogh* so let's get some art inspired questions this round (though other topics are fine, too.)

* Yes we will be celebrating Kirk Douglas's Centennial in 2016 but that's not until December.