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"Colossal - has a great hook but doesn't live up to that promise. Kind of likable, but no part of it really excels" - Dave

"A Quiet Passion! I did not expect such piercing wit and laugh-out-loud humor from Terence Davies. "- Jonathan

"The Zookeeper's Wife, Jessica Chastain looking glamorous while resisting the nazis, not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon" -Choog


Betty Buckley (Split)
Michael O'Shea (The Transfiguration)
Filmmakers (Cézanne and I)
Melissa Leo (Most Hated Woman in America)
Ritesh Batra (Sense of an Ending)

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Ask Nathaniel

Give me questions for this week's Q&A. Gimme!


Ask Nathaniel

Okay, It's past time to bring back the Q&A column. Now might be a good time. You know what to do in the comments and I'll choose a handful or two to answer on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Ask Nathaniel 

Good afternoon, lovelies. (I'm missing Canada, hence the coffee cup.) 

Let's have a Q&A. You know what to do in the comments. Please nothing that would require a whole book or top ten list to answer. I'll answer selected questions Sunday/Monday. Suggested themesCaptain America Civil War, A Bigger Splash (fresh on DVD), Zootopia, The Witch (new to streaming) or whatever else floats your curious boat.


Ask Nathaniel 

Time for another Q&A. Ask away in the comments and I'll choose 10 to answer tomorrow evening. Let's have a loose animal theme this week. Between my ongoing sick cat drama at home and the movies (jungle book coming soon) we're feeling zoological.

Programming note: Requested Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) revisit will happen April 20th. Sorry for delay.

Previously on: If you're like "what's this Q&A business?" catch up on recent Q&As 


Ask Nathaniel 

Every other week you get a Q&A column. It's now that "other" week so ask away in the comments and I'll choose a handful or two to answer on Wednesday night (3/30) and bank the rest for possible random inspirations for this daily site. Wednesday is the joint birthday of Goya and Van Gogh* so let's get some art inspired questions this round (though other topics are fine, too.)

* Yes we will be celebrating Kirk Douglas's Centennial in 2016 but that's not until December.


Ask Nathaniel 

It's that time again. I'll select 8-10 questions to answer in this Wednesday night's Q&A series. So ask away!


Q&A: Brie & Saoirse, Superhero & Oscar, Actors & Politics

As promised it's time to answer ten reader questions, pulled from your comments. We'll try to do this weekly for awhile because I don't want you to abandon us in the offseason. "DON'T LEAVE US," he cried out, voice trembling, mascara running. 

Pedro: Who are your top ten actors/actresses that also participated in politics (were appointed/elected to office or just participated in an election but were not elected, for example)?

You guys aren't supposed to ask top ten questions! I have not paid close enough attention to this weird occurrence, so I dont even know who has done this really. The most famous examples are surely Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger with Glenda Jackson a distant fourth. But I have no personal favorites since basically I don't like it when actors shift careers. My 11th commandment proposal: Acting is a rare gift - thou shalt not waste it!

Of course Nancy Davis and Ronald Reagan were no great shakes in the acting department before they became POTUS & FLOTUS so the loss wasn't extreme. We're supposed to be saying nice things about them this week since Nancy just died (RIP) so I'd better just move on before I get myself into trouble since our national fantasy about how great the Reagans were is all kinds of f***ed up and problematic...

But, P.S., I did find it momentarily fascinating when there were rumors that Ashley Judd was going to do it.

DJDeeJay: what's your favorite example of male objectification in a movie?
[The answer and 8 more questions after the jump...

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