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"He's a favourite of mine, ever since Speed. He might not have the widest range as an actor but when he fits the part he can be perfect in a laid back zen kind of way." - LadyEdith

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Box Office: Alita opens and Cold War is still strong.

What did you see this weekend? Here are the charts...

Weekend Box Office (Esimates)
(February 15th-17th )

1 πŸ”Ί Alita: Battle Angel $27.8 on 3790 screens *NEW*  
1 They Shall Not Grow Old $985k on 626 screens (cum. $15.2) Review β˜…
2 The LEGO Movie Part 2   $21.2 on 4303 screens (cum. $62.6) 
2  Cold War $404k on 247 screens (cum. $3.5) ReviewPod5th Biggest Foreign Hit β˜…

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Film Bitch Awards: Best Kiss, Sex Scene, and Sexpot of the Year 

by Nathaniel R

This past week we asked the team to pick some favourite screen kisses for Valentine's and we must thank them for reminding us of the sexy canoodling in Notorious, Last of the Mohicans, Love Simon, Spider-Man, and The Notebook. This weekend we're bringing it back to the now or at least the very recent with the 2018 Film Bitch Nominations for our three lustiest categories: Best Kiss, Best Love/Sex Scene and Sexpot of the Year. 

"Esti, do you think I should go back early?"
"No... No... No, I don't you should leave at all."

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Soundtracking: Cold War

by Chris Feil

Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War serves us romance as allegory, a love story that represents a falling out with and tidal pull towards national identity. The film’s lovers, Zuzanna and Wiktor, meet in rural post-war Poland, beginning an affair that spans years and countries, their inevitable frustrated split and reuniting not unlike a national identity continually struggling to redefine itself. But crucially, Pawlikowski positions them in a musical world, one where genres and tastes charge forward like the evolving, indifferent world around his torn protagonists.

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All 95 Foreign Film Nominees This Century. Oscar & Box Office Trivia!

by Nathaniel R

Roma's great competition: Shoplifters, Never Look Away, Cold War, and Capernaum

Dear readers, I've been filled with existential despair this week. I'm not sure how to continue covering the Oscars next year if the Oscars are going to drain all the art out of it by denying all the categories that make cinema, cinema, and announcing them off air. I haven't quite formed my thoughts on this (I expect this upcoming Oscar night to be disastrous) for a complete post but while we still have the more movie-fan friendly categories to look forward to let's continue to talk about them!  We've done some research on how the foreign film category tends to fare in the US marketplace that we wanted to share. In addition to being a super high quality roster, this year's Foreign Film list has done well with audiences, too. 

Both Poland's Cold War  and Japan's Shoplifters have become genuine hits and will certainly outgross the long runs of the last few years worth of most talked about foreign flicks whether or not they were Oscar nominated like The Square, A Fantastic Woman , Elle, The Salesman, and The Handmaiden. In fact, in any year without Roma or each other in it, wouldn't Cold War or Shoplifters be winning this category with ease ?!? 

After the jump, let's take a look back at all 95 nominees this century and how well they fared at the box office. Plus lots of trivia just because trivia is fun and will ward off the despair...

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Box Office Gold Rush - The Post Nomination Boosts

Okay, ready. This is a big post today. We're looking at everything in wide release (all 21 films) and their counterparts at the arthouse to see how the Oscar nominations affected the box office. 

Weekend Box Office (Actual)
(January 25th-27th)

1 Glass $18.8 on 3844 screens (cum. $73.4)  Review
1 Uri: Surgical Street $630k on 132 screens (cum. $2.7) 
2 The Upside   $11.9 on 3377 screens (cum. $62.8) 
2 πŸ”Ί Cold War $571k on 111 screens (cum. $1.4) ReviewPodcast13th Biggest Foreign Hit Foreign Nominee β˜…
3 Aquaman $7.2 on 3134 screens (cum. $316.4) ReviewPodcast, 6th Biggest Box Office Hit of 2018
3 πŸ”Ί  Can You Ever Forgive Me? $246k on 235 screens (cum. $8.0) ReviewPodcast, Best Actress, Supporting Actor β˜…

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What did you see this weekend?

Weekend Box Office Estimates
January 18th-20th (ESTIMATES)
πŸ”Ί = New or Expanded Theater Count /  β˜…= Recommended
800+ screens
excluding prev. wide
1. πŸ”Ί Glass $40.5 on 3841 screens *NEW* Review
1.πŸ”Ί Stan & Ollie $391k on 84 screens
(cum. $789k) Review β˜… 
2. The Upside  $15.6 on 3320 screens  (cum. $43.9)
2. πŸ”Ί Cold War $355k on 39 screens (cum. $748k)  ReviewPodcastOscar FINALIST β˜… 
3. πŸ”Ί Dragon Ball Super: Broly  $10.6 on 1233 screens (cum. $21) *NEW* 
3. Free Solo  $264k on 98 screens (cum. $13.1) Review  β˜…
4. Aquaman  $10.3 on 3475 screens (cum. $304.3)  ReviewPodcast
4. Perfect Strangers  $185k on 132 screens (cum. $737k)
3. Into the Spider-Verse  $7.2 on 2712 screens (cum. $158.2)  Review β˜…
5.πŸ”Ί Destroyer $150k on 50 screens (cum. $636k)  ReviewFYC Best Actress β˜…


Other than the big openings for M Night Shyamalan's Glass and the anime film Dragon Ball Super: Broly the story of the weekend was surely Cold War jumping up 264% percent. If it gets an Oscar nomination (or two? three?) on Tuesday its timing for a significant expansion (provided that that's next weekend) will be perfect.  

What did you see this weekend?  I spent the weekend announcing Film Bitch Awards so that was movie-madness enough for me. Instead I hit Broadway to see Choir Boy from Moonlight writer Tarrel Alvin McCraney. Recommended.