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Marriage Story Review

"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman. More about him than about her.  Scarlett, to me, is the open question. By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor." - Melchiades - Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda, whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what, 3 or 4 scenes. Great review!" -Alex

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2010 Films, Graded

130 Films. (Last updated 03/20/2011)
Ordered Alphabetically by Grade. (# Multiple Viewings)
Links go to related writings when applicable.
Top Ten List coming this week.


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I Am Love d. Luca Guadagnino [articles] 2
The Kids Are All Right d. Lisa Cholodenko [review, "best in show", interview, articles] 3
Last Train Home d. Lixin Fan [review]
Prodigal Sons d. Kimberly Reid [reviews]
The Social Network d. David Fincher [review, "best in show", articles] 4


Animal Kingdom d. David Michôd ["best in show", interview, articles] 2
Another Year d. Mike Leigh [articles, honorable mention] 2
Applause d. Martin Zandvliet [review, honorable mention] 2
Black Swan d. Darren Aronofsky [7 word review, articles] 2
Blue Valentine d. Derek Cianfrance [capsule review, articles]
The Fighter d. David O. Russell [articles] 2
Fish Tank d. Andrea Arnold [top ten]
The Ghost Writer
d. Roman Polanski ["best in show", articles, top ten]
How To Train Your Dragon d. [personal anecdote, top ten list] 2
The Illusionist d. Sylvain Chomet [honorable mention]
Kawasaki's Rose
d. Jan Hrebek [honorable mention]
Mother d. Bong Joon-ho [honorable mention]
A Prophet
d. Jacques Audiard [runner up]
Rabbit Hole
d. John Cameron Mitchell [7 word review, articles, runner up] 2
Toy Story 3 d. Lee Unkrich [review, articles, runner up] 2
Winter's Bone d. Debra Granik [articles, honorable mention]2

Recommended with varying degrees of enthusiasm.


127 Hours d. Danny Boyle [articles]
Boy d. Taiki Cohen [capsule]
Cairo Time d. Ruba Nadda [7 word review, interview]
Catfish d. Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman [capsule]
Cleanflix d. Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi [capsule]
Cyrus d. Duplass Bros [capsule] 2
Exit Through the Gift Shop d. Banksy [best of year honorable mention]
d. Noah Baumbach [articles]
Hipsters d. Valeriy Todorovskiy [capsule]
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work d. [7 word review, honorable mention] 2
Made in Dagenham d. Nigel Cole [7 word review]
One Too Many Mornings d. Michael Mohan [capsule]
Please Give d. Nicole Holofcener [capsule, honorable mention] 2
Restrepo d.
The Runaways d. Flora Sigismondi [capsule]
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World d. Edgar Wright [review, "best in show", articles, honorable mention]
d. Sofia Coppola []
Soul Kitchen d. Fatih Akin []
The Square d. Nash Edgerton []
Tangled d. Nathan Greno & Byron Howard [articles, best in show, honorable mention] 3
Tiny Furniture d. []
Undertow d. Javier Fuentes-León [review, interview]
Waking Sleeping Beauty d. Don Hahn [review]
White Material d. Claire Denis []


Recommended with reservations.


Buried d. Rodrigo Cortés [capsule]
Burlesque d. Steve Antin [review, articles]
Despicable Me d. [7 word review]
Easy A d. Will Gluck [review, "best in show", articles]
Inception d. Chris Nolan [review, "best in show", articles]
Inside Job d. [7 word review]
The King's Speech d. Tom Hooper [7 word review, articles]
Lebanon d. Samuel Maoz [review]
The Lottery d. Madeleine Sackler []
I Love You Phillip Morris d. [review, articles]
Mamma Gógó d. Fridrik Thór Fridriksson []
Micmacs d. Jean Pierre-Jeunet [7 word review]
The Misfortunates d. Felix Van Groenigen []
Secure Space d. Oren Gvili []
Salt d. Phillip Noyce [7 word review]
Terribly Happy d. Henrik Ruben Genz []
The Town d. Ben Affleck [articles]
The Trotsky d. Jacob Tierney []
True Grit d. Joel & Ethan Coen [review] 2
The Way Back d. Peter Weir [7 word review, articles]

Toss up.

B -/C+

Babies d. Thomas Balmes [personal anecdote]
Bran Nue Dae d. Rachel Perkins [capsule]
City of Borders d. Yun Suh []
Conviction d. Tony Goldwyn ["best in show", interview, articles]
Eat Pray Love d. Ryan Murphy [review, "best in show", articles]
The Eclipse d. Conor McPherson []
The Infidel d. Josh Appignanesi []
Iron Man 2 d. Jon Favreau [review, articles]
Knight & Day d. James Mangold [review ]
Let Me In d. Matt Reeves []
My Joy
d. Sergie Loznitsa [7 word review]
La Mission d. Peter Bratt [review]
Let Me In d. Matt Reeves []
Northless d. Rigoberto Pérezcano []
Nowhere Boy d. Sam Taylor Wood [capsule]
Open d. Jake Yuzna []
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll d. Mat Whitecross []
Timer  d. Jac Schaeffer [capsule]
Vegetarian d. Lim Seong-Woong [capsule]
Zonad d. John & Keiran Carney []


Bomber d. Paul Cotter []
Date Night d. Shawn Levy [capsule]
David's Birthday d. Marco Filiberti [review]
Herpes Boy d. Nathaniel Atcheson []
Holy Rollers d. Kevin Asch [capsule]
It's Kind of a Funny Story d. Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck [articles]
Kick-Ass d. Matthew Vaughn [review, articles]
Kites d. Anurang Basu [review, articles]
Leaving d. Catherine Corsini [7 word review]
Mother and Child d. Rodrigo Garcia [capsule]
Never Let Me Go d. Mark Romanek [review, "best in show", articles]
Shutter Island d. Martin Scorsese [capsule, articles]
Splice d. Vincenzo Natali [capsule]


Not recommended.


All Good Things d. [interview]
Fighting Fish
d. Annette Apitz []
Get Low d. Aaron Schneider [capsule, articles]
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo d. []
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 d. David Yates [articles, frustration]
Hereafter d. Clint Eastwood [review, articles]
For Colored Girls d. Tyler Perry []
New Low d. Adam Bowers []
No Woman No Cry d. Christy Turlington Burns []
Oki's Movie d. Hong Sang-soo [7 word review]
Red d. []
Secretariat d. John Lee Hancock [minor thoughts]
Sex & the City 2 d. Michael Patrick King [review]
Snow and Ashes d. Charles Olivier-Michaud []
Today's Special d. David Kaplan []
Violet Tendencies d. Casper Andreas []


After.Life d. Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo [anecdote]
The Burial d. Danielle Boucher & David William Mills []
Love and Other Drugs d. Edward Zwick []
Love Ranch
d. Taylor Hackford [worst of year]
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time d. Mike Newell [articles]
Waiting for Superman d. Davis Guggenheim [capsule]


The Wolf Man d. Joe Johnston [review, articles, worst of year]
Repo Men d. Miguel Sapochnik [worst of year]
The Romantics d. Galt Niederhoffer [capsule, worst of year ]
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger d. Woody Allen [7 word review, articles, worst of year]


Make it stop!


Alice in Wonderland d. Tim Burton [review, articles, worst of year ]
The Chameleon d. Jean-Paul Salomé []
Elvis & Madona d. Marcello Laffitte []
Stone d. John Curran [7 word review, worst of year]
The Tempest d. Julie Taymor [7 word review, worst of year]


Reader Comments (4)

I just wanted to remind you that Secret Sunshine, which premiered at Cannes in 2007 and won Best Actress prize, had it's US release in 2010. I read your Best performances of the '00s lists last year and noticed that the leading actress in that film was among your 12 best leading actresses, so I thought you might want to include her in this year's best actress list also. I'm going to see the film these days and since both you and the amazing Nick Davis thought Jeon was great in it, I have very high hopes.
And what happened to I Killed My Mother? Was it released in The States in 2010? I'm really hoping to see Anne Dorval among the best actresses on many lists soon!

January 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterShtajner

Shtajner -- it was still not released (i killed my mother). it's going to take as long as secret sunshine!

January 11, 2011 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

good post
so many movies here
it's really informative

March 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commentererric

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Well You are really awesome. Thanks and Regards, Ayush

April 1, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAkhil

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