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Oscar Interviews
Asghar Farhadi (The Salesman)
Saroo & Sue Brierley (Lion)
Martin Butler & Bentley Dean (Tanna)
Nicole Kidman (Lion)
Denis Villeneuve (Arrival



Entries in it's all in the timing (15)


20:10 Trashy Trashy Trashy

Screen captures from the 20th minute and 10th second* of 2010 films as we close out the celluloid year by February's end.

"so baby if you want me | you've got to show me love. ♪ ♫"

Trashy Mom: I'm havin friends around later. I need you to stay in your rooms or get out. No kids --  the pair of ya!
Loud Preteen Daughter: What makes you think we want to hang around wi' your friend anyway? All those winos and skanks!
Sullen Teen Daughter: [silence]

I'm not sure I could pinpoint exactly why but I love Kierston Wareing as the single mom in Fish Tank (her angry daughters are going to grow up to be just like her) but maybe it's the absence of malevolence in her, just naturalistically portrayed selfish skankiness. She isn't out to hurt her children like so many terrible screen parents. She's just completely ill suited for the job.

Here's a great writeup of her performance at My New Plaid Pants. If you haven't seen Fish Tank, get right on it. It's so good. [See also: Nathaniel's 2010 Top Ten List.]


*I can't vouch for the time stamp damnit (!)  as my two DVD players don't seem to line up timing wise. Argh. I love this series but I need it to be exact for OCD's sake.


Countdown With Us...

Now you can always know how far away Hollywood's High Holy Night is. This clock is counting down to Oscar's red carpet arrivals on Sunday February 27th, 2011 and you can embed it on your own blog or webspace. [If you already embedded it, do nothing since the clock has automatically change. And pssst, maybe on Oscar night it'll start counting down to next year's nominations. Ya never know!].

Oscar night is Second Christmas (First Christmas being Oscar nomination morn'. See all related posts here.) Plus if you ever get lonely for Santa Claus The Film Experience's company you can click on it and come straight here. Wheeeee.

Happy countdown to all.


20:10 "You're allowed to make a statement."

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