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5 Days 'til Emmys: Bunk Mates and Sex for Science

It's my blog and I'll play favorites if I want to. Though I'm rooting hardest for Mad Men on Emmy night (mostly because I think it needs all the goodwill it can get at this point) my actual two favorite shows of the 13/14 television season were Orange is the New Black and Masters of Sex, both competing in various categories, though not enough of them in the latter case, for their stellar debut seasons. So for this round of group question festivities, posed to friends of TFE and contributors, I have two questions regarding my two favorites.

Answer them yourself in the comments.

1. Which Orange is the New Black character would you most want to bunk with if you were so unfortunate as to land in that prison?

Matthew Rettenmund: Sophia Burset would be a great bunkmate. She could do my hair so it wouldn't look bald on top.

Jose Solis: Not a character, but Jodie Foster directed the best episode and I'd love to be *anywhere* with her.

 Mark Blankenship: Clearly, I need to bunk up with Poussey. I speak a little German, I enjoy books, and I'm very interested in building up a tolerance for homemade alcohol.

     more answers & sex studies after the jump

 Andrew: I think I'd get along really well with Nicky and her oftentimes snarky distaste for her fellow inmates. She's also one of the more (relatively) laidback inmates, so unless you're trying competing against her in a sex-based competition she seemed like she'd be a good bunk-mate

Joe Reid: Nicky, for sure. Nicky's awesome, funny, conversational, not prone to dramatics .. this all hinges on her not getting hooked on smack again. In which case, I become Red's bff.

Abstew: If watching other prison-set "films" have taught me anything, the obvious answer is Pornstache. Let's see if he lives up to his namesake...

Anne Marie: I'd want to bunk with Red. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and the lady with the contraband gummy bears closest.

Denny:  Flaca. Goth-styled Latina with great taste in music? YES, PLEASE!

Nathaniel:  Common sense tells me to go Nicky because she's chill and funny and there's good conversation but my West Side Story obsession forces me to admit that there's no way I wouldn't want to hang with Morello every day. And if you bunked with her, you'd still get Nicky so that's my answer. BUT I do want to add that these disparate answers are a perfect encapsulation of why this show is so awesome. It is so strong across the board, its bench of great characters is so deep, that it's nearly impossible to choose a favorite and never waiver from that choice. 

2. Which character on Masters of Sex would you have sex with... for science!

Abstew: Teddy Sears' Dr. Austin. He's a bit of a cad and easy on the eyes-both good qualities when looking for a fun sexual romp...scientifically speaking. 

Mark BlankenshipNow that his work in the study has sent him on such an emotional roller coaster (including that affair with Margaret), I want to help Dr. Langham (Teddy Sears) scientifically explore what happens to his personal life when we get freaky. Chances are good that we climax, he'll buy me a vacuum cleaner out of some sense of misplaced guilt, and I do love solidly made vintage appliances.

Andrew:  Like so many TV shows Masters of a Sex has a particularly good looking ensemble so since this is for science I think I'd oblige and have it with the entire cast. But, I'd start with Finn Wintrock's Dale.

Nathaniel: They have yet to explore threesomes in their experiments but a Virginia/Ethan sandwich is a great dark-haired gorgeous place to start. After that, definitely Teddy Sears. (I saw him first people, back off. See: Dollhouse)

Anne Marie: Virginia Johnson. I guess it's probably because I've got a big, *LESBIAN* crush on her.


Do it for science. And name your preferred Litchfield prison bunkmate.