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Matthew Ludwinski in "Going Down in La La Land"

There's a new gay film from Casper Andreas (Violet Tendencies, Slutty Summer) making the festival rounds. In fact, it's currently playing at Outfest in Los Angeles. The film is an adaptation of the comic memoir novel Going Down in La La Land which chronicles the adventures of a naive young actor who gets mixed up in porn/hustling when he tries to make it in Hollywood. As one does. Model/actor Matthew Ludwinski has the lead role.

Matthew Ludwinski photographed by David Waage for Mate Magazine

I recently interviewed him for global queer culture magazine mate (previously known as "winq") and that's the splash page for the start of the article above. Interviews can be tricky -- especially if the interviewee doesn't have a big resume to talk about -- but Ludwinski and his photographer David Waage for this profile were very friendly and fun. [Clicking on the image will take you to the magazine where you can sample bits or purchase.]

an Oscar Party scene from the filmI thought I'd share a bit that I couldn't squeeze into the article. There's an Oscar party scene in the film, where the staff is naked and painted gold (Hey, I had that idea like ten years ago... but alas, my parties are not that well funded). So when I sat down with Ludwinski at the hotel, given this Oscar party scene, I had to ask him about working with the Academy's favorite joke writer Bruce Vilanche, who plays a porn director in the film.

We ended up discussing the Franco/Vilanche Oscar night fallout kerfuffle very briefly.

Was Vilanche funny in person?

Hilarious. For a couple months afterwards he would send me dirty text messages. I always appreciate that.

Two of my favorite photos from the shoot after the jump...

Matthew Ludwinski photographed by David Waage for Mate magazine

Matthew Ludwinski photographed by David Waage for Mate magazine

And just for fun, here's a Lady Gaga inspired video that Ludwinski starred in for NYC creative team "The Noice" (I'd like you to their official site but it is weirdly malfunctioning/empty). He was impressed with how it turned out. Do you like?


(And thanks to mate for putting me in print again. There's still a magic to print... especially when one emerges as a voice online. It's like foreign lands.)

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Reader Comments (2)

"I willed myself to be goodlooking" = I gave head to the gods

I mean, I hate it when they say that even when it's partially true.

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJames T

James -- he laughed as he said it so he realized the absurdity. he actually has a good sense of humor about it all.

July 12, 2011 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R
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