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Melissa McCarthy Rules the Box Office Yet Again

This weekend I was too caught up in 1979 (see the Smackdown) and birthday festivities (the celebration of meeeee!) to see any new pictures -- though Spy was previously seen and Rose Byrne is magnificent! The weekend box office went pretty much as people expected, Melissa McCarthy still being a huge draw. Though it remains a mystery how there were ten million dollars worth of people who missed HBO's Entourage. Who knew?!

June 5th-7th Weekend
01 Spy NEW $30 
02 San Andreas $26.4 (cum. $92.1) 
03 Insidious Chapter 3 NEW $23
04 Entourage NEW $10.4 (cum. $17.8)
05 Mad Max Fury Road $7.9 (cum. $130.8) Review & Podcast
06 Pitch Perfect 2 $7.7 (cum. $160.9) Review 
07 Tomorrowland $7 (cum. $76.2) Review 
08 Age of Ultron  $6.2 (cum. $438) Review & Marathon & Podcast
09 Aloha $3.3 (cum. $16.3) Review
10 Poltergeist $2.8 (cum. $44.4)

What did you see this weekend? Or are you busy counting down the minutes until the Tony Awards to think about the movies?

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Reader Comments (8)

How does entourage count as new and also have a cumulative total? And who went to see that anyway?

June 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMikey67

Entourage opened on Wednesday, so it has two extras days of revenue. As for who saw it; the show had fans. Hell, my older brother was one (no idea if he saw the movie). Anyway, I didn't see anything because the trains were messed up and I worked most of today. I might see "Spy" during the week, though.

June 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel Armour

I saw " San Andreas" and I go my popcorn money worth of 3 - D special effect spectacle.

June 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJaragon

Spy is silly but entertaining, with some expertly crafted set pieces (motor vehicles/kitchen/helicopters/etc.), a pitch perfect Rose Byrne and surprising dividends from the casting of Jason Statham. The "twist" you could see coming several miles away (i.e., right away) but no matter. Who thought TV's Paul Feig would become the go-to guy for feminist film comedy?

Tomorrowland was kind of a snooze, but full disclosure: I was exhausted. So is the year of the androids and robots?

June 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Outlaw

I saw 'Spy' a few weeks ago at the opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival - I think it will have long legs, since the advertising made it look atrocious but it is actually great.

This weekend I saw 'Tangerine', 'The Wolfpack', and 'Tig'. The Wolfpack was definitely my favorite; Tig is probably only interesting to fans of Tig Notaro (of which I am one), and seeing her in person at the Q&A was a delight. 'Tangerine' was thoroughly entertaining, but I was bothered by how mean-spirited and violent Sindee was throughout.

June 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRebecca

I saw San Andreas and The Connection, both pretty standard fare within their respective genres, but elevated by stylish craftsmanship and very effective lead performances.

I also watched a bunch of episodes of the first season of Halt & Catch Fire. Surprised this got such lousy reviews from most TV critics last year. Not sure if it just got stuck in the shadow of Mad Men (to which it does not hold a candle, but then what does?) or what, but I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far.

June 8, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRoark

I saw "Spy" and really enjoyed it - for a two-hour comedy, obviously not every punchline works, but a lot of it does. And just to see a comedy with a leading female who's both vulnerable and sweet and kind of a loser but also has a hilarious temper and kicks ass...well, you never see that. Byrne was great, of course, and Statham was fun but good lord did I have a hard time understanding a lot of his dialogue.

And if Feig was really such a feminist comedic filmmaker he would've figured out how to get former swimmer Statham into just some Speedos for at least one scene. (I kid! But also...pretty please?)

June 8, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay

Spy has a few sequels up its sleeves getting those comedic performances out of that cast.

June 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph W

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