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"I loved Clarke's scenes with Edgerton in The Great Gatsby. I thought, oh now I'm watching men not boys, and now I'm watching actors not movie stars.-Adri

"He has become someone I look for in films because he always comes across with such honesty." -Henry


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Curio: Cinema Notes

Alexa here. Since Nathaniel showed off his Ruby Sparks swag and Glenn showed off his Ruby Sparks notes, I felt the need to weigh in on my recent search for the perfect movie journal. My absolute favorites were produced by Smythson of Bond Street.  I find them ideal for my reviewing purposes: leather bound, with a simple title ("Film Notes"), with all the relevant fill-in-the-blanks on the movie's production and your viewing on one page (which I normally completed before the film) and ample space for scribbles during the viewing on the facing page.  I bought as many as I could find once I found out Smythson was no longer making them, grrr.

One of my Smythsons, with some notes made during a viewing of I've Loved You So Long.As I fill up my remaining volumes I've been on a search for a replacement model, with no luck.  The closest I've some are these that Moleskine is offering as a part of its "Passions" series, but alas they have too many bells and whistles for my liking, and not enough scribble space.

I'm still on the lookout. In the meantime I've found some fun examples that give me inspiration to perhaps decorate my own moleskine next. Click for some fun handmade notebooks inspired by John Waters, GreaseBlack Swan, and The Princess Bride...

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Curio: Painterly Posters by Aaron Wells

Alexa here. I always enjoy a film poster that is actually painted; the eye tires of seeing only minimal vector graphics. So I love these posters I found on etsy created by freelance illustrator and painter Aaron Wells...


I think his choice of films lends itself to the painterly treatment in different ways, both through caricature and use of imagination. 

Or maybe I just like his taste. You can buy prints at his shop, and all are priced under $20! After the jump a two Darren Aronofsky gems and and The Fifth Element...

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Curio: Glinda the Good Witch

Alexa here.  Today is Billie Burke's birthday.  Billie was a Broadway star, a Ziegfeld girl (literally: she was married to Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. until his death), and a silent movie actress who made a successful move to the talkies.  But she is most remembered for her embodiment of Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz. I was thrilled at the casting of Michelle Williams as the prequel version of the sorceress; of anyone out there I think she would project the same angelic charm Billie did. (That trailer was great, but where was Glinda's bubble? She'd better have a bubble.)

Here are some artsy creations to celebrate Billie's canonic version of Glinda.

Diorama of Dorothy and Glinda in Munchkinland, by Natasha Burns.

Typographical illustration of Glinda's words by ChattyNora.

cookies & dolls & artwork oh my... after the jump


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Curio: Freaks of Nature

Alexa here. Lately I came upon the fantastical drawings of Jesse Bowie.  Presumably after some noodling on her subconsious, Jesse draws humans that aren't, anthropomorphizing the famous. (Her sketches remind me a bit of the film posters of Iain Hector, who reverses Jesse's centaur treatment, instead putting animal heads on film characters.) Here is a selection of Jesse's filmic sketches; she has also done her bit on the likes of Aziz Ansari,  Joanna Newsom and Elvis. For those of you who have a vision, she also does custom work! (Nicole Kidman as a unicorn, anyone?) Check out her shop for more.  

Click for Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and Danny Trejo...

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Curio: The Dark Knight Rises, Posterized

Alexa here. It seems like anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises has been going on for years. With it has come an inevitable stream of fan poster designs that recently broke into a flood. (Riding the wave is Mondo, the indie press affiliated with Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, which recently showcased some Dark Knight Rises posters at Comic-con, including this stunner by Olly Moss.) I've been reveling in my own excitement (yes, I have my tickets already) by sifting through the multitudes to choose my favorites. The lack of strong designs featuring Hathaway's Selina Kyle has been disappointing; I'm hoping this will change once the film is released.  Here's what I've culled from the masses.

Design by Paul Shipper.

Pulp version by Shaun Watson.Click for more...


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Curio: Alan Cumming Snaps

Alexa here.  I've always enjoyed a bit of Alan Cumming; he seems to pop up every now and again, bringing a smile, even if it's just catching him hosting Masterpiece Mystery. As I'm not in New York I can't catch his one-man Macbeth currently at Lincoln Center, something I'd love to witness.  But we can all own a little piece of Alan's vision: turns out he is quite an avid photographer. 

"Listening To The Snow Falling"

Alan apes the look of old Polaroids by altering all his images to create saturated colors and a square format: as he says, "my life is a colorful blur, and so I think it only appropriate that the pictures I take embody that too."  If you have a few hundred dollars to spare, you can purchase signed prints here.  Here's a sampling of Alan's world. 

"Lustrous Pinnacle"

Here's a sampling of Alan's world... 

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Curio: Posters by Daniel Norris

Alexa here.  Daniel Norris is a graphic designer and illustrator out of the UK who is also a film buff.  Lucky for us, in his free time from working on packaging for Kettle Chips and tomato sauce he works on film posters.  He's used a signature inkblot-silhouette style to create quite a portfolio of onesheets, looking to everything from Sci-Fi to indie to classics. (His style reminds me a bit of Peter Strain, another illustrator I'm a fan of.)  You can see more of Daniel's designs on his tumblr, where you can also find information on purchasing prints.  Here's a selection of my favorites.



Click for Weird Science, The Machinist and Rear Window...

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