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 "I love that two people independent of one another gave Claire Trevor an extra star simply for being Claire Trevor." - Glenn

"Interesting to see the take of young people on these movies." - Les

"That was fascinating. I love the thoughts on Executive Suite, post-post-WWII and the "benevolent patriarch." " - B.D.


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Curio: Cyndi's Colors

Alexa here, following up on Glenn's Cyndi Lauper post. I've been a Cyndi follower and sometime apologist (see: my previous support of Vibes) since grade school, so Sunday night was a big night.  Now if only we could conjure the perfect role for her to complete her EGOT; perhaps Jonathan Demme could harness the power of her marvelous quirk?  For now, here are some Cyndi creations to celebrate her Kinky Boots.

Illustrated poster by Nour Tohmé.

Kinky Boots support at the Keep-Calm-O-Matic.

Cyndi doll art and trading cards after the jump...

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Curio: A Gallery of Paul

Alexa here, getting some art going for Paul Newman week - we're celebrating Hud (1963) tomorrow for "best shot". One of my favorite images from Cannes this year was seeing the venue christened with the hanging of the enormous image of Paul kissing Joanne. Martha Stewart may have avoided eye contact, but here are some distinct visions of the owner of those famous blues, by artists famous and unknown.

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Curio: Posterized in Watercolor 

Alexa here. I can't think of two mediums more diametrically opposed than watercolor and film, with watercolor so slapdash and immune to editing.  Maybe that's why I've been seeking out film posters made by watercolor artists, something about the fusion of the unexpected. That, or I just like the handmade touch.

For instance, here's Alfie, rendered free-as-a-bird in watercolor by Javier Camara.

More after the jump, including some Katniss, Spring Breakers and Nicolas Winding Refn...

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Curio: Cumberbitchin'

Alexa here. It's a big week for the Cumberbitches (or Cumbercollective?) out there, with Star Trek Into Darkness opening and his appearance in the first August: Osage County trailer. I can't say I'm all that confident about his casting as Little Charles; innocent sweetness doesn't seem to play to his strengths. My favorite performance of his so far was his clenched-jaw Christopher in Parade's End. His turn as maybe-Khan sounds about right; if anyone can play a genetically engineered human it's Bendy.  

Here are a few curios for the Cumberfans out there salivating for his boom-voiced villainy this Friday and the next season of Sherlock. Top of the list are these screenprints made for for Gallery1988 by Rhys Cooper.

More Cumbercurios after the jump..

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Curio: Kate Curiosities

Alexa here kicking off a theme week at TFE, featuring a very special actress. This Sunday I will not only celebrate Mother's Day but also the birthday of the inimitable (well, except by Catherine O'Hara) Katharine Hepburn with a viewing of Bringing Up Baby, Manic Pixieness be damned

Hepburn quote art, available here and here.

It's always been a goal of mine to follow her lead, except for the playing golf part, which I will never, ever do. She supplies all the wisdom any woman needs to get through life on quotes alone. After the jump, some Kate art, collectibles and curiosities... including a life mask?

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Curio: Iron Men (and Women)

Alexa here.  I'm a tad caught up in all the Iron Man 3 anticipation in the air this week, probably because I am a sucker for Robert Downey Jr.'s form of charm, Lederhosen and all.  I guess this is why the franchise gets a bit more attention from me than, say, the latest tired Superman reboot might. (Okay, I don't know yet how tired it will be, but aside from Michael Shannon the idea makes me tired.)  So here are some curios that celebrate eccentric egomaniac Tony Stark. 

Glow-in-the-dark reactor necklaces, available here.

And with Mother's Day close at hand, I'm focusing on the female side of the equation (although Pepper Potts curios are hard to come by, sigh). More after the jump including ...stilettos?

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Curio: Julie Alberti's Faces

Alexa here. Julie Alberti is an artist who watches a lot of movies and loves unique faces. She works in porcelain, paper and clay to create some really clever pieces that celebrate her love of Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken, Shelly Duvall, Buster Keaton and Cole Porter, among others. 


She reuses old porcelain tableware like a master; I've fallen hard for these Steve Buscemi plates. Click for more including a Peter Lorre doll, Buster Keaton pendants, and Christopher Walken teapot!

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