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"Chris, you are very gifted as a reviewer. Often I will read your words about a movie I wasn't particularly drawn to and be "well, gotta see that now, don't I?" -Carmen

"Not sure how I feel about this new movie trend of Creepy [Prestigious Actress]. This year alone gives us Creepy Isabelle Huppert, Creepy Lupita Nyong'o, and Creepy Octavia Spencer." - Brevity

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Entries in Life of the Party (2)


What did you see over the weekend?

by Nathaniel R

Weekend Box Office (May 11th-13th)
800+ screens
excluding prev. wide
Life of the Party RBG
1. Avengers: Infinity War $61.8 (cum. $547.8) REVIEW
1.🔺 RBG $1.1 on 180 screens (cum. $2.0)  REVIEW
2.🔺 Life of the Party $18.5  NEW 2.🔺 Nothing to Lose $646k on 69 screens NEW
3.🔺 Breaking In $ 16.5 NEW REVIEW
3.🔺 Disobedience  $437k on 101 screens (cum. $1.2) REVIEW
4. Overboard  $10.1 (cum. $29.5) 
4.  102 Not Out $275k on 102 screens (cum. $966k) 
5. A Quiet Place $6.4 (cum. $169.5)  REVIEW2ND OPINIONSCREENPLAY 
5.🔺 The Rider $225k on 85 screens (cum. $852k) REVIEW


The leaders of last weekend's box office in wide (Infinity War) and limited release (RBG) repeated this weekend. RBG is turning into a rather big player for indie distributor Magnolia. Magnolia releases lots of pictures but they usually don't crack two million as this new doc has in just two weekends. How big will it get? Only 11 of their releases have ever managed over $3 million theatrical (including TFE favorites Melancholia and I Am Love) but RBG looks likely to join them. Magnolia's all time biggest hit thus far was the Oscar nominated doc I Am Not Your Negro which managed $7 million theatrical last year...

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YNMS: Life of the Party

Seán here with an Awards Season Palette Cleanser to help you see beyond March 4th and onward to early summer. And what better way to note the passing of the seasons than with a Melissa McCarthy movie? Life of the Party, directed by McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, and written and produced by the two of them is set to be a scud missile of McCarthy's talents. But for every Spy there's a Tammy (and The Boss, and um, Ghostbusters) but by now there's no going back on the fact that a Melissa McCarthy film is something of a modern day event picture.

In Life of the Party, McCarthy plays Deanna Miles, a recently divorced suburban Mom who decides, decades later, to go back to college and finally get her degree. The catch? She ends up in the same class as her daughter! Uh-oh! It feels a little obvious when writing it down, but with McCarthy deeply involved in the project you can't feel anything but optimism...

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