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"One of my favourite movies from my teen years - I'm shocked at how long ago this was released. It was Meryl that sold this movie for me and is the reason I saw it. At the time, and I still feel this way, she is the reason to watch and believe this film." -Filmboymichael

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FYC Best Supporting Actress Michelle Pfeiffer 

Too early?

In all seriousness though, the only thing we know for certain about the 2012/13 Oscars is that Dark Shadows will be up for Costumes (Colleen Atwood) and Art Direction (Rick Heinrichs). The Burton Factory can usually bank on those honors. I'd also personally like to thank Ms. Atwood ahead of time for La Pfeiff's plunging neckline with fancy Medieval cross necklace. Love.

Sorry! As you were. Back to the 2011/2012 Oscars for 33 more days. Every Oscar chart is updated.

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Reader Comments (16)

I still can't figure out why Depp looks like a bad case of Photoshopping in these pictures. Depp is not that much younger than Pfeiffer, people! Why does she have to look 50 and Depp like a teen vampire that got away from the Twilight franchise?

Well, putting it like this... I kinda prefer Pfeiffer untouched. She's wondrous.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJorge Rodrigues

I also like seeing actresses look "real" and actually have some age on them (I'm talking to you, Nicole), and genuine character and humanity.

We must have switched gender today Nat, because I'm totally into the dude's heavily embroidered waistcoat (or whatever the garment is) and cape.

Jorge - is that Depp in that photo? You're right, he looks 25 (if that's him.) And it seems to me that there's any number of young, up-and-coming actors in Hollywood who could have used the boost from this role and run with it. (Depp doesn't need the money - and aside from Pirates, does his name above the line boost box office?)

I've not been into Burton for some time, but this still does look like something another filmmaker could conceivably have made (and doesn't scream "BURTON!" to me. It actually reminds me of something out of Coppola's Dracula.)

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJanice

Umm, Nat, I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that we know one more thing about next year's Oscars-John Williams will be nominated for Lincoln.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn T

I'd argue that Les Misérables is a lock for both categories as well. It's not like I already have several Word files with 2012-2013 predictions... *runs away, hides in corner*

Kidding, but I agree that we can more or less lock Dark Shadows in for Art Direction and Costume Design mentions.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJulian Stark

In addition to her outfit and necklace, I love that hair! I just want to touch it...and those cheekbones, but that goes without saying.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterfbh

Supporting Actress nominees for 2012 include Susan Sarandon, Annette Bening, and Michelle Pfeiffer

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter//3|RT

//3RT -- don't tease me like that.

Julian -- Excel files are life.

January 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Helena Bonham Carter in Les Miserables;
Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln (Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones, too?);
Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey McGuire for Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby;
Philip Seymour Hofman, Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams for The Master;
Jessica Chastain in... take your pick;
Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy;
Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Emily Watson in Anna Karenina;
Ellen Page and Penelope Cruz in Woody's Nero Fiddled;
Ryan Gosling in Only God Forgives;

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarcos

People are already projecting The Great Gatsby to be a big Oscar contender next year? Am I the only person that fears that movie is going to be a hot mess? It's Baz Lurhman though, so at least we know it will be pretty.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterK

@K - no, you're not alone. (The stills have not given me a lot of hope - that awful lavender dress on Mulligan, the men looking like little boys playing dress up - and this is one of the great American novels; if Baz can't get a movie about his own country right, I'm not optimistic.)

It's the fact that I love Moulin Rouge (and liked most of Strictly Ballroom)but loathed Australia that makes me fear/suspect it could go either way. Maybe that's not a bad thing - I can be pleasantly surprised again if it's good, but not disappointed if it sucks.

Marcos - I'm loving the idea of Nicole getting awards love for the trailer-trash blond in The Paperboy, but it looks like next year's going to have a lot of firepower in terms of acting and some tough competition (on paper, at any rate.)

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJanice

DS would be my most anticipated film of 2012, even without this group shot that is an homage to a cast photo from 1967:

2011: http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2011/09/22/dark-shadows_810.jpg
1967: http://www.backtothepast.tv/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Dark-Shadows-Original-Cast.jpg

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Outlaw

Nathan I forgot to add Laura Dern to that line-up.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenter//3|RT

The Great Gatsby is a work of great subtlety and complex themes. None of which are usually used to describe Baz.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteranon

I think when Baz Luhrman is on point, he's REALLY on point. Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rogue are testaments to his skill. The guy had one big flop and it's a shame that's how he's currently remembered. He's a visualist and if The Great Gatsby is anything other than my favorite novel of all time, it's a visual playground. I think he will do a stellar job and I think the cast will deliver. DiCaprio really needs a hit since Inception was more "From the director of the Dark Knight" and Shutter Island was more "Martin Scorsese back to his genre roots". Had J.Edgar delivered both critically and financially, he would be sitting pretty. Ugh, the woes of a millionaire playboy... right?

All I care about is Baz getting nominated for Best Director (still recovering over the Moulin Rouge directing snub) and Mulligan nominated for Actress/Supporting Actress.

January 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKD

I can't really explain why, but I wouldn't get my hopes high for Anna Karenina, maybe just in the Costume Design category.
As for Michelle, I believe she has a better chance of a nomination for Welcome to People.

January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterYonatan

I agree with Yonatan - from what I've read about Welcome To People, apparently Pfeiffer has a few meaty/dramatic scenes. Hopefully that'll be eye-opener

January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRichard
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