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Happy Birthday Hannah (Plus: New Year's Resolutions)

Oops. Now I've ruined Kate Winslet's surprise for Hannah! It's a birthday cake.I've always felt bad for people whose birthdays fall around the holidays. They have to share the spotlight with something huge and impersonal (to them) and I hope that they pretend that the world around them is just celebrating their special day with a holiday-themed blowout party. So when I learned that Hannah M, a devoted member of the The Film Experience community was born on New Year's Eve I vowed to wish her a happy birthday this year. So...


And happy birthday to any of you reading who were born during holidays of any sort. I hereby vow as one of  my New Year's Resolution to bring back the 'Reader Spotlight' in 2013. That was fun when we were doing it.

As for other resolutions about life here on the blog, feel free to make suggestions in the comments though I'll be aiming for more interviews (albeit more spaced out), video blogging and festival coverage (maybe if I can find the money) and more commemorative hoopla for special films and actors. As always your comments, donations, subscriptions (see right hand sidebar), sharing and liking, and retweeting and whatnot are invaluable to keeping TFE going since this has always been a passion project indie site surrounded by behemoth corporate movie blogs. And more and more of them each year, too! It's not easy. Every year I think it'll be my last and then I here from one of you about what the site means to you or see the odd new subscription donation (one cup of coffee a month - cheap!) and I start typing again.

The point is. The site would have folded long ago without its passionate readership. So here's to next year (we survived 2012!)


And here's to 2013 being a huge step up from 2012, which was a tough year for so many people around the world.

Be safe tonight. xoxoxo



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Reader Comments (19)

please, best pictures from outside in, the best series TFE ever had!

happy new year!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercal roth

Wow, thank you so much Nathaniel! Seriously, soo appreciated and hilarious/heart-warming. I actually fled from New York this year to avoid the crazy and am here in London with some good friends. Maybe I'll see Kate with her cake tonight. Also, perfect screenshot of When Harry Met Sally. One of my top 5 movies for many reasons, but the New Years Eve theme definitely is one of them :)

So, thanks for humoring me and my sister! I'm a devoted reader because you are passionate and smart and appreciate your followers. It's a lovely online community that I am happy to be a part of it.

Happy New Year and thanks again from the other side of the pond!!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHannah

Thanks for everything you do, Nathaniel!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commentereurocheese

Happy new year and happy birthday Hannah!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSad man

All the best for 2013, dear Nathaniel!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarcos

Happy new year, Nat! Thanks for keeping it going. My workdays would be dull without you here, and my film-crit instincts would be duller too.
There ain't no film coverage like TFE film coverage cuz TFE film coverage don't stop!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMike in Canada

You said Hannah and then I saw Kate, so I thought you meant Kate's character in The Reader which would be really weird :p

Happy birthday Hannah

Happy New Year Everyone!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames T

Happy New Year's Eve Nat! I'll echo Hannah in thanks for the screen captures of Billy and Meg.
Rest in peace Norah.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Banks

Happy New Year Nat!

We couldn't get along without you.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPatryk

hi,never ever quit i have followed you now for 10 yrs,your what got me into the oscars seriously,i had just spilt from a long term partner and found your webaite simply by typing in jullanne moore boogie night supporting actress on a bad day so thanks for keeping my life that little more enriched.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermark/mrripley

Happy New Year's Nathaniel! Keep up the great work-this site has been part of my daily routine for over eleven years, and I couldn't imagine my movie-watching life without it.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn T

Happy New Year, Nathaniel. Thanks for always keeping us hooked with all your wonderful articles. I'm already in 2013 now since I'm far east in Malaysia, but I'm sure you are busy getting yourself prepared for some countdown party. How do you celebrate? Watching the ball drop like in the movie New Year's Eve? (Yes, I watched that movie, guilty! LOL. But that ball drop event is not real, right?)
Anyway, if I'm gonna make a wish for you, I would say may 2013 be a good movie year, well at least as good as 2012 maybe?

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPJ

i had the same thought about Winslet's character from The Reader!

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermikey67

mikey67 -- weird i wonder how the Hannah this is addressed to feels about one of her favorite actresses playing a character with her name???

I know i'm always thrilled when some movie character is named Nathaniel though it's rare.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNathaniel R

Happy New Year, Nathaniel!
All the best to you and to all your readers.

December 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

RE: Her name being Hannah..it may be a bit strange, but since it's the German pronunciation of my name, I don't feel connected in the same way..as much as I love Kate. I actually feel much more weird about Lena Dunham's character being named Hannah in GIRLS since, while exaggerated, I feel it's very reflective of my and my friends' life in New York.

January 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterHannah

There are a lot of things I owe you for from the last year. Maybe the top two are introducing me to both Werner Fassbender's "BRD Triology" and the marvel of "Pink Narcissus". Owe you big time.

For 2013 I would love some good detailed Sundance coverage.

PS: Go Cougars! (well, not really)

January 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertroy

Happy New Year Nathaniel and to all readers of your terrific blog.

January 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJaragon

I'm a Christmas Eve baby, so yes it does get pushed aside, but I love my birthday because it's a magic night around the world for most people.

Happy New Year, Nathaniel and Company, and many, many more years to come!

January 3, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterforever1267

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