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The Film Experience™ was created by Nathaniel R. Gemini, Cinephile, Actressexual. All material herein is written and copyrighted by Nathaniel or a member of our team as noted.

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Nathaniel's 100+ Favourite Queer Movies
How many do you love?

"Your list makes me feel celebratory and optimistic about LGBTQ representation in the cinema, despite there still being a long way to go... Happy Pride Month!" - Sally

"I haven't seen a lot of this films and i dont consider some of them as LGBT movies because the story is not focus in a queer character or situation (Cabaret, Orlando or even Far From Heaven and Victor/Victoria) but i guess is just personal criteria..." -César

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Ritesh Batra on Photograph


Daniel Schmidt and Gabriel Abrantes (Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu (Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke (Ash is Purest White)
Christian Petzoldt (Transit)
Richard E Grant (Can You Ever Forgive Me?)
Rachel Weisz (The Favourite)

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Happy Easter!

Enjoy the holiday, won'cha? 


Happy National Siblings Day!

by Mark Brinkerhoff

Fontaine and de Havilland in 1967 at a Marlene Dietrich show

“I bequeath all my beauty to my younger sister Joan, because she has none.”
- Olivia de Havilland, according to her “will,” age nine
 Apocryphal? Who can say. Delicious? 100 percent!
Though chronicled to death (at TFE and elsewhere), the purported feud between the most famous siblings of Hollywood’s Golden Age endures like no other. Why? Because it seems silly and pointless in retrospect, as most sibling rivalries and familial angst do. But rather than dwell on the negative, let’s turn our attention to more positive outpourings of mutual love and respect, shall we?
Here are 10 of the more famous (in some cases infamous) siblings over the years on the ties that bind—and unbind—them to each other, not to mention the public’s imagination...

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Happy New Year! 

Welcome to 2019.

You get two New Year's Babies photos instead of one, but they're both Baby Herman so I guess we're going to embrace our Gemini spirit in 2019 since he was the first baby that popped into mind. We have high hopes for 2019 after two of the roughest years in memory. Perhaps this is wishful thinking but we're going with it! Rather than making a huge long list of Resolutions that we'll have trouble keeping, we're making just five.

New Year's Resolutions for The Film Experience

  • Have as much fun with the remainder of the 2018 film year as we possibly can -- the film year doesn't end until Best Picture is handed out, don'cha know!
  • Be more consistent like a well-oiled franchise (i.e. podcasting, weekly columns, etc)
  • Find fresh new 'cast members' / Reenergize the 'series regulars'
  • Start making use of our neglected Instagram and our neglected Newsletter so please follow
  • Celebrate YOU the readers more.

What are your resolutions for the new year? 


Ten Coolest Celebrities Born on Christmas Day

It must be weird to be born on Christmas day, if you celebrate Christmas that is. As a kid do you only receive one present or do parents double up or are there other arrangements to give you what your siblings go with two unwrapping holidays each year. Happy birthday to anyone reading who has this very specific life circumstance. Merry Christmas to any of you who celebrate and Happy Tuesday to any of you who don't! We're trying our best to be inclusive.

Perhaps you're taking a wee online break away from family festivities today? We don't imagine you'll be doing much intense reading today so herewith a list about Christmas babies with pretty photos for you.

They were gifts to their parents on Christmas day and also, as it turns out, gifts to the world through their big showbiz careers as either actors, producers, writers, musicians, personalities or all above the above. We've selected the ten greatest ever (in alpha order) after the jump...

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas 

Nathaniel in Santa dragDear Readers, you may have noticed that Team Experience is on a wee break for the holiday so the posting is a bit sparse but we'll be back with more appropriate Oscar season levels starting on Tuesday/Wednesday! Lots more interviews, reviews, and year in review madness coming your way in just a  couple of days. Hell, there will even be a little something up for the holiday tomorrow because we're terrible about staying offline even though we really should rest the eyes (SCREENS∞!!!). In the meantime if you're eager for something new to read catch up on our favorite Christmas movies, or the early stages of our year in review party, or the re-ranked Oscar charts, or any 2018 reviews you may have missed. There should be a new podcast up tonight, too!

We're so thankful for you for reading so loyally! If you're thankful for us, drop a little something in our virtual beggar's cup.

If you look at the sidebar ➡️ you'll see a subscribe option (the price of a cup of coffee a month!) or make a one time donation if you can't do monthly). XO, Nathaniel 


Christmas at TFE: The Lion In Winter

Members of Team Experience have been asked to share their favorite holiday film. Here's Dancin' Dan with his...

AH, Christmas! That special time of year when family gathers around the tree to shower each other with love, presents, and good tidings... and backstabbing, long-held resentments, and petty grievances! Which is exactly why The Lion in Winter is my kind of Christmas movie.

Of course families love each other. That goes without saying. But no family is perfect. For many people (I'm tempted to say everyone, but you never know!), going home for the holidays is a prospect that inspires fear and dread. You may only see these people once or twice a year, and there's only so long that certain things can go unsaid...

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