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"I'll also echo that Rosemarie DeWitt is one of the most talented working actresses, full stop. There is no other Best Supporting Actress of 2008." - Hayden

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Box Office: Infinity War & RBG

by Nathaniel R

Weekend Box Office (May 4th-6th)
800+ screens
excluding prev. wide
Infinity War RBG
1. ๐Ÿ”บ Avengers: Infinity War $112.4 (cum. $450.8) REVIEW
1. ๐Ÿ”บ RBG $560k on 34 screens NEW REVIEW
2. ๐Ÿ”บ Overboard $14.7 NEW 2.  ๐Ÿ”บ 102 Not Out $480k on 102 screens NEW
3. A Quiet Place  $7.6 (cum. $159.8)  REVIEWSECOND OPINIONSCREENPLAY 
3.  ๐Ÿ”บ Disobedience  $310k on 31 screens (cum. $638k) REVIEW
4. I Feel Pretty  $4.9 (cum. $37.7) 
4.  The Death of Stalin $181k on 200 screens (cum. $7.4) REVIEW 
5. Rampage $4.6 (cum. $84.7)
5. The Rider $141k on 47 screens (cum. $567k) REVIEW


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Box Office: "Infinity Wars" tops "The Force Awakens" for Most Opening Weekend Loot

by Nathaniel R

Weekend Box Office (April 27th-29th)
800+ screens
excluding prev. wide
Infinity War Disobedience
1. ๐Ÿ”บ Avengers: Infinity War $250 NEW 
1. Beirut $257k on 237 screens (cum. $4.5)
2. A Quiet Place $10.6 (cum. $148.1) REVIEWSECOND OPINIONSCREENPLAY  2.  ๐Ÿ”บ Disobedience $241k on 5 screens NEW REVIEW 
3. I Feel Pretty  $8.1 (cum. $29.5)
3.  ๐Ÿ”บ Lean on Pete  $240k on 167 screens (cum. $665k) REVIEW
4. Rampage  $7.1 (cum. $77.9) 
4.  Death of Stalin $210k on 150 screens (cum. $347k) REVIEW 
5. Black Panther $4.3 (cum. $688) PODCAST
5. ๐Ÿ”บ The Rider $188k on 37 screens (cum. $357k) REVIEW


Avengers Infinity War  is gigantic in just about every way and the audience responded in kind gifting it the biggest opening weekend of all time. Yes, even the super long awaited return of the Star Wars franchise The Force Awakens fell to Marvel Studio's magical gloved might... The studio is currently saying that Avengers beat the record by about $2 million dollars but Marvel tends to underestimate their opening weekends in a bit of a humble brag way so expect the margin to increase a bit. 

Elsewhere at the multiplex...

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Come to "Show Business: The Road to Broadway" this Sunday!

by Nathaniel R

Hello all. A week or so ago I moderated a screening of Mean Girls (2004) for Show-Score's new Stage and Screen series with two members of the new stage musical's team (The Broadway version of Tina Fey's classic officially opens this Sunday).

I'm doing another Q&A so come! This Sunday at 1:00 PM I'll be speaking with director/producer Dori Berinstein about her documentary Show Business: The Road to Broadway (2007) which follows four musicals during the seminal 2003/2004 Broadway season: the blockbuster Wicked, the little scrappy show that could (and did) Avenue Q, Tony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori's brilliant Caroline or Change, and the troubled Boy George musical Taboo.  I saw all the big shows that year (a rare occurrence) and loved all four of the musicals this doc follows so that season remains special to my heart.

The movie has awesome rehearsal and backstage footage and all sorts of brilliant taking heads like Tony Kushner, Carol Channing, Alan Cumming and many more.

Idina and Kristin rehearsing Wicked in 2003.

WhenSunday, April 8 at 1:00 PM
Where: Peter Norton Symphony Space's Leonard Nimoy Thalia (2537 Broadway at 95th).

If you'd like to attend as my guest, please e-mail me and I'll arrange it. Would love to have some TFE readers there! Come support my stage fright AND see a fun movie that isn't streaming anywhere.



Link Factory

Mashable badly seeded March Madness brackets are terrible storytelling
Film School Rejects picks the 18 best movies of 2018 thus far (weird-ass rankings if you ask me, especially with Isle of Dogs below A Wrinkle in Time... and the kind of obnoxious indie supernatural ovie The Endless)
Decider looking back at an old Tiny Toons episode about representation in 1990
Screen Crush man died when head got stuck in seat at movie theater (I'm going to have nightmares)
E! Online Arnold Schwarzenegger has emergency open heart surgery

Tracking Board  Twice delayed X-Men adjacent movie The New Mutants has been a nightmare to make; Fox keeps changing their mind about what they want it to be. While we all might complain from time to time about Marvel Studios (who are far from perfect -- especially in regards to gender) at least they seem to know what they want every time and how to get there. Even if what they want has been a bit formulaic until recently.
Cartoon Brew it only took 32 years (oy!)  for a woman to get to direct a Pixar short
AV Club here's another cute report about that movie which is called Bao and about a dumpling that comes to life
My New Plaid Pants Klaes Bang, of The Square fame, made a gay short film
Jim Carrey I somehow missed that in his spare time the seemingly retired movie star has become a political cartoonist. A pretty good one, too. This reminds me of the first time I saw him. Anyone remember his short-lived sitcom Duck Factory in which he played a cartoonist?
Vanity Fair a good pilot season for South Asian actors - lots of roles in all sorts of shows
Deadline the cast of Sex & the City supporting Cynthia Nixon's run for NY Governor
• Theater Mania Desperate Measures, which was so so wonderful in its premiere engagement (we talked about it here) is getting an open ended run off Broadway soon. Here's hoping the hilarious original cast is available.



See "Mean Girls" on the big screen!

by Nathaniel R

"Get in loser we're going shopping to the movies." Just popping in to tell NYC readers about a chance to see Mean Girls on the big screen. I didn't want you to miss the opportunity because...

Show-Score.com is hosting a screening of the 2004 classic this Sunday (March 25th) at the lovely SVA theater in Chelsea. You can watch the movie with your own clique and here's the extra worth-the-almost-free-price-of-admission part:

UPDATED NEWS -Before the screening, I will be moderating a Q & A with a guest from the Mean Girls musical about adapting the film for the Broadway stage!

Here's the link to buy $5 tickets. Make sure to click on the blue "book now" box on that page so that you get this special private offer that I'm passing on intead of the normal price. If you come make sure to say "hi" to me as I am definitely more of a Cady than a Regina and won't talk about your effing ugly skirt behind your back. 

P.S. If you're somewhat new to The Film Experience and missed our massive 10th anniversary celebration of the film a few years back, make sure to check out that six post party. It was so fetch. 


And the Links Go To...

Team Experience has been sharing favorite moments from Oscar night  but we must slowly ween ourselves off of Oscar (*sniffle*) and back to the new year in progress. Link time! 

Vulture The Oscars should always be long (I love this piece with all my heart)
Liza Donnelly her collection of live drawings from Oscar week

Miscellaneous Screen
Indie Wire how fun is this? A theater in San Francisco is hosting a screening of Isle of Dogs in which moviegoers can bring their dogs into the theater!
Deadline apparently there are competing projects about Sharon Tate and the Manson murders. Tate's surviving families are supporting a version starring Kate Bosworth and they're upset with the other two projects (one of which is Quentin Tarantino's)
AV Club hilarious story -- a teen broke her retainer biting down on it while thirsting for Michael B Jordan in Black Panther. He's now offered to buy her a new one
MNPP Jason reminds us that David Robert Mitchell (of It Follows promise) has a new movie coming out starring Andrew Garfield
The Muse how many more non-hits can Jennifer Lawrence's career withstand?
Straight Outta Crouch End A fascinating take on A Fantastic Woman and its references to Orpheus and Eurydice.

Off Screen
Vox on MoviePass's fuzzy business model
Slate Russell Crowe holding a "divorce auction". Do the items paint a "strange and mesmerizing portrait"?
Out Actress Cynthia Nixon is laying the groundwork to run for Governor in NY
TodayTix "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" on Broadway has $40 lottery tickets -regular seats are hundreds of dollars so competition will be fierce. Friday morning entry only!
NYT "The Shed," a newperformance space in Manhattan is looking to mash art-forms up from film directors staging concerts to collaborations between actors, poets, and opera stars? Sounds exciting.