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Trouble With The House at the End of Watched Curved Street

It was a photo finish this weekend with Clint Eastwood, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jake Gyllenhaal all struggling to land in first place. We won't really know who did until tomorrow. If you ask me that's a poor showing for Jennifer (given that horror is an easy cash grab on opening weekends) and Clint and a redemptive showing for Jakey who pundits always like to claim is over as a bankable leading man if he ever was. But maybe that's my bias spinning it since I have yet to seek treatment for the Gyllenhaalism. (Next up Maggie G in Won't Back Down!)

Box Office Fifteen
[TIE] 01 END OF WATCH  $13 *NEW*
04 FINDING NEMO 3-D $9.4 (cum $29.9 this time 'round)
05 RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION $6.7 (cum $33.4)
06 DREDD $6.3 *NEW* 
07 THE MASTER $5 (cum. $6.0)
08 POSSESSION $2.6 (cum. $45.6)
09 LAWLESS $2.3 (cum. $34.5) REVIEW
10 PARANORMAN $2.2 (cum. $52.5) 
11 THE BOURNE LEGACY $1.6 (cum. $110.4) 
13 THE EXPENDABLES 2 $1.4 (cum. $82.9) Let's cast a female version
14 ARBITRAGE $1.2 (cum. $3.9) 
15 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES $1.2 (cum. $443.1) REVIEW

The Master had the healthiest per screen average among the wide openings (though it's only just barely "wide" now) but P.T. Anderson movies have never made as much by the end of their run as The Odd Life of Timothy Green already has (approaching $50 million) which is totally why we can't have nice things. Adults with taste continue to destroy Hollywood by staying at home and watching their premium channels instead of supporting films made for them at the theaters.  In limited release Perks of Being a Wallflower led the arthouse with a very healthy per screen average and a quarter million gross in its first weekend.

What did you see this weekend? And who is still going to Batman? He hung up his cowl, people!

In more timely news, are you watching the Emmys with us tonight? If so "see" you in the comments section.

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Reader Comments (13)

I plead guilty to destroying Hollywood by staying home instead of going to the theaters to see the movies made for me. The reasons for doing this have changed and progressed as my life has changed and progressed. Here are the reasons (in chronological order):
1. The small town where I grew up had two theaters owned by the same person who played the same movies on all the screens.
2. In college I had no money. No, seriously. I was dirt poor.
3. After my undergraduate days, I had a nearly impossible time convincing my friends to go with me to see, say, "The Squid and the Whale" instead of "The Longest Yard." And I wasn't secure enough to go to the movie by myself.
4. Once I got a high-stress job, I had little spare time to go to the movies.
5. Now I'm chronically ill with a rare, incurable disease and I'm lucky to be well enough to make it to the movies a handful of times a year. This year? Two movies: "The Avengers" and "Moonrise Kingdom."
Don't ask me why I still try to keep up on new movies considering I don't get to see them much anymore, but when the love is there it's hard to shake.
But, yes, I've been destroying Hollywood all my life. But at least I know what movies I'm interested in watching when they are scheduled on my movie channels at home.

September 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCash

A lot of the adult-oriented movies end up making their profits from DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, on-demand rentals, etc. It's not like these movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make. I agree with the general sentiment that it's a shame that people with more sophisticated taste tend to watch movies at home, but my point is that I don't think Hollywood is too concerned with it. Most of these movies still make a profit in the long run, especially after they win awards, and that's enough to keep them getting made.

I myself go to the movies sometimes when it's for a movie I really want to see (I'll be seeing The Master this week), but I have to admit that I'm among those who typically prefer to stay home. It's not just ticket prices that are keeping me away either. It really has more to do with bad experiences with theater audiences becoming more and more frequent. Are moviegoers getting ruder? I think that's a worthy topic of discussion. I'm not even just talking about teenagers talking or texting during big-budget blockbusters and horror movies; that's always been expected. What I find more and more of lately is older people talking and complaining during smaller movies. I don't mean to stereotype, but you know, when people bitch about young people being rude during movies, no one seems to find that offensive to young people as a whole, so I won't be PC about it: old people are capable of being just as rude and sometimes even worse than young people at movie theaters. I know I kind of bring it on myself for going during the afternoon, but as soon as I walked into the theater to see Moonrise Kingdom and saw that it was almost all seniors in the crowd, I knew I was in for a bad time, and sure enough, the comments didn't cease. Plus on the way out, a good majority of them were complaining about how weird it was and how it was a waste of their time. You kind of