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Dreamworks Animation Pt 2: The Fall

"I loved this article. It reads like vintage EW, back when they relished the behind-the-scenes stories of Hollywood and the studios." -John T

"Dreamworks should not have oversaturated the animation market. Home is Dreamworks 31st animated film. Do you know what is Walt Disney Animation's 31st film? Aladdin. It took Disney over 5 decades to get there." -Chinoiserie

Part 1 here if you missed it



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So long, linkwell, au wiedersehen, adieu

Policy Mic Olivia Wilde humorously condemns Hollywood's sexism with a gender reversal anecdote
Chicago Tribune really strong piece on the camerawork and cutting (or lack of it) in the three films dominating the Oscar race: 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, and American Hustle 
Gawker a sad day for Sound of Music fans. The last remaining member of the original Von Trapp family singers has died.

NY Times great interview with RuPaul on his unlikely career now in its second huge act
Salon looks at Oscar Original Songs that time forgot. But this is really just scratching the surface. There's a couple of them each year!
Backlots a letter about Joan Fontaine from her friend and secretary
In Contention 12 Years a Slave wins 4 prizes and The Butler wins Best Actor at the NAACP Image Awards

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Reader Comments (4)

Was Ejiofor ineligible or something? Because, yikes.

February 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBryan

"That'll Do" from Babe: Pig in the City is one of my favourite movie songs. Just lovely.

February 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterArkaan

The people who voted for Whitaker here will be the loudest critics of the Academy when they deny Ejiofor at the Oscars.

February 23, 2014 | Unregistered Commenter3rtful

This has been an interesting week for me with Olivia Wilde. I just saw her in Drinking Buddies and thought she was awesome in what I dreaded would be a flat dream girl role (the movie itself does a lot to debunk this as well). Her interview here is also super and smart. What is perhaps even more interesting is that when I did a search of Wilde just now, it wasn't this article, or references to it, that popped up, but rather analyses of her baby bump fashion choices. How perfect.

February 23, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercatbaskets

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