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Greatest Supporting Actors who WEREN'T nominated this decade

"I love this topic. It's fascinating. So many great picks. But as much as I love Letts in Lady Bird, I do think that 2017 lineup is perfect.- brookesboy

"I LOVE THIS DISCUSSION!!!!!!!". -Arkaan

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Lulu Wang (The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra (Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes (Diamantino)
Jia Zhang-ke (Ash is Purest White)

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Links: Rip Torn, Woman in the Window, Mank, The Lion King, and more...

THR Woman in the Window, the Fox thriller starring Amy Adams as an agoraphic woman is being pushed back to 2020 for reshoots. Mark it off your Oscar lists (for now)
Coming Soon Rip Torn has passed away at 88
Variety Queen & Slim, one of the most hotly anticipated 2019 titles hoping for awards play, screened its first 12 minutes at the Essence Festival this week

AV Club David Fincher is finally making that biopic of Citizen Kane's co screenwriter Herman J Mankiewicz called Mank that he's apparently been wanting to make for 20 years. It'll be in black and white and star Gary Oldman and Netflix is footing the bill
• Screen Daily The Philippines are getting new regulations for theatrical releases in an effort to support local films and to prevent films being pulled from theaters immediately if they dont do well on their first day. 
EW new photos from It: Chapter Two
MNPP Jason's ten favourites of 2019 thus far: Gloria Bell, MidSommar, High Life, and more...
Vanity Fair on Aziz Ansari's angry and apologetic return to comedy
IndieWire we personally are not so interested in The Lion King's shot for shot remake (remember when people hated Gus Van Sant for doing that with Psycho?) but everyone else seems to be and early reaction is ecstatic about the effects though somewhat mixed on the emotion
Vanity Fair oh and Beyoncé has a new album that's Lion King inspired
Out Did you know that Toy Story 4 contains "dangerous lesbian content"? Neither did we and since we're queer you'd think we'd notice such things.
The AV Club singles out 16 worthwhile "found-footage" horror movies in the wake of The Blair Witch Project (which is now 20 years old) 
• AV Club A24 doing something legitimately adorable again: hosting outdoor screenings of some of their films for free in the places they were filmed. 

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Reader Comments (9)

Nathaniel, have you heard any early reactions to LITTLE WOMEN?

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

Steve - Jordan Ruimy has some posted at his World of Reel site.

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

Woman in the Window is the new e Girl on the Train,

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

Here it is:

"I've just read four positive test-screening reactions for Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women.” The film was shown in L.A on Monday night."

Account #1

This reviewer highlighted the second hour of the film and also mentioned Florence Pugh as the scene-stealer, despite Saoirse Ronan giving a solid performance. She also mentioned that, despite how watchably appealing they may be, Timothee Chalamet and Emma Watson felt a tad miscast. The reviewer also warned not to expect as universally-praised a reaction as Gerwig’s debut feature “Lady Bird” received back in 2017, but that, despite all that, a Best Picture nomination is very much a “possibility.”

Account #2

"It's a flashback oriented story which can be jarring at times, but it hits its stride in the 2nd act. Gerwig's writing is very sharp and witty. Her visual style has also gotten more polished since Lady Bird. Ronan was on fire. Chalamet was too modern. Pugh is the MVP. She will crash the Supporting Actress race. I'm not good at Oscar predictions, but Picture is possible. Actress, Screenplay, Supporting Actress are very good bets. Desplat could win again for his soulful score. Director is 50/50"

Account #3

”Cast was tremendous. I could single out every one (Chris Cooper was a scene-stealer. Louis Garrell was super charming as Ronan's possible love interest. Ronan is as great as ever. Chalamet is hilarious. Pugh has an earth-shattering monologue. The film is an instant BP contender. Unbelievably emotional and capped off with a crowdpleasing and unexpectedly funny third act. Greta Gerwig should become the first woman to receive two Director nominations. She stepped her game up to create a visually sumptuous and warm film. Desplat's score was complete and is one of his best."

Account #4

"Chalamet was miscast but entertaining. Ronan is an Oscar lock, she won't miss for such a fierce performance. Florence Pugh is a breakout star. Movie will get into BP. Gerwig should earn tons of good will from the directors. She created some wonderful sequences such as a long take piano scene. And she directed while pregnant! Amazing. Gerwig adds a level of relevant feminism into the story that's been missing from previous adaptations. It's what makes it standout"

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBrad

Do you think the lesbian content is "dangerous" on account that it's so small it might be a choking hazard?

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJJsDiner

I got dragged at Gold Derby and here for saying Chalamet still had a long way to go to show his true talent and skill, so I’m glad others have noticed that he’s still pretty green when it comes to modulating his own self in accordance with time period and even genres.

Let’s see what Dune has to show.

NOT a knock on his CMBYM performance, just saying, as someone who did not love it blindly or love him blindly in it, it feels nice to see others also see what I see.

Looking forward to Louis Garrel, as he’s been a favorite since The Dreamers, cementing himself as an all-timer for me with Love Songs!

July 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterManny

JJ's Diner -- i love you.

July 11, 2019 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R


July 11, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterkris01

Manny - Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

July 12, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterEric

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