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Oscar's Foreign Race Pt 1 - Trailers A-K / Where to See The Movies.

by Nathaniel R

Today with the release of the official contenders list for Best Foreign Language Film we will be updating our foreign film charts to reflect the final list. While we're doing that please enjoy a full collection of trailers and information about where / when you can see the movies if you really want to dive in. You'll probably have to watch these trailers piecemeal because 2 minutes x 87 adds up to one long-ass movie! Ready? Deep breath. Here we go with the first half from Afghanistan through Kosovo. (Previously announced submissions from Cuba and Kyrgyzstan are conspiciously missing from the final list -- were they disqualified?)

Here are the first 44 films. Part two coming soon...  

AFGHANISTAN Rona Azim's Mother
Where to see: Unknown 

ALGERIA Until the End of Time
Where to see: Unknown

Where to See: Opens in US movie theaters on November 9th

Where to see: Unknown

Where to see: Unknown

AUSTRIA The Waldheim Waltz
Where to see: Coming to NYC on October 19th at the Metrograph. Unsure as of yet on other US engagements though we assume a few more cities will also get it.

BANGLADESH No Bed of Roses
Where to see: Supposedly to be distributed by Bioskope Films but I can't find any information about it on their website or twitter account

BELARUS Crystal Swan
Where to see: Unknown

Where to See: Will be streaming on Netflix. Date TBA

BOLIVIA Muralla (also known as The Goalkeeper)
Where to see: Unknown

Where to see: Unknown

BRAZIL The Great Mystical Circus
Where to see: Unknown

BULGARIA Omnipresent
Where to see: Now available to stream on a service called Row8 

CAMBODIA Graves Without a Name
Where to see: Unknown but distribution seems likely since Rithy Panh's last documentary The Missing Picture was released in the US.

CANADA Family Ties (literal translation of French title is Watch Dog)
Where to see: Unknown

CHILE And Suddenly the Dawn
Where to see: Unknown

CHINA Hidden Man
Where to see: Unknown

COLOMBIA Birds of Passage
Where to see: Opens in US movie theaters on February 13th, 2019 from The Orchard

Where to see: Unknown

CROATIA The Eighth Commissioner
Where to see: Unknown

Where to see: Unknown


DENMARK The Guilty.
Where to See: Opens in US movie theaters on October 19th from Magnolia Pictures.

Where to see: Already played a few US engagements. Will play at Boulder CO's International Film Series on November 30th.

ECUADOR Son of Man
Where to see: Unknown


EGYPT Yomeddine
Where to see: Unknown

ESTONIA Take it Or Leave It
Where to see: Unknown


FINLAND Euthanizer
Where to see: Available to rent on iTunes

FRANCE Memoir of War
Where to See: Currently in US theaters from Music Box Films

Where to see: Unknown

GERMANY Never Look Away
Where to see: Coming to US theaters from Sony Pictures Classics, presumably in early 2019.

GREECE Polyxeni
Where to see: Unknown


HONG KONG Operation Red Sea
Where to see: Available to rent on iTunes.

Where to see: Coming to US theaters from Sony Pictures Classics, presumably in early 2019.

Where to see: Playing at the Chicago International Film Festival this month. Will be released by Magnolia Pictures in the US, presumably in early 2019.

INDIA Village Rockstars
Where to see: Unknown

INDONESIA Malina the Murderer in Four Acts
Where to see: Unknown

IRAN No Date, No Signature
Where to see: Unknown

IRAQ The Journey
Where to see: Unknown


ISRAEL The Cakemaker
Where to see: You can preorder the DVD. It will be released on November 6th, 2018.

ITALY Dogman
Where to see: Opening in US theaters in 2019 Date TBA


JAPAN Shoplifters
Where to See: Opens in US movie theaters on November 23rd 


Where to see: Unknown but it was a prize winner at Cannes so we expect eventual distribution



KENYA Super Modo
Where to see: Unknown

KOSOVO The Marriage
Where to see: Playing at Newfest in October in NYC


PART TWO Latvia to Yemen




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Reader Comments (5)

I'm trying to see 30+ Foreign Language submissions this year so I've been trying to keep track of the films. Here's what I know regarding additional availability:

Austria's The Waldheim Waltz is playing at NYFF this Thursday (10/11)
Kosovo's The Marriage is playing at NewFest on 10/25
Lithuania's Wonderful Losers is at the Baltic Film Festival here in NY on 10/20
Norway's What Will People Say comes out on iTunes tomorrow (10/9)
Paraguay's The Heiresses is also at NewFest on 10/28
Taiwan's The Great Buddha+ is available now on iTunes
Thailand's Malaila: The Farewell Flower is available on a streaming app called Dekkoo
Tunisia's Beauty and the Dogs is available now on iTunes

Re: Macedonia, is it on HBOGo? I read that on a previous post, but I've looked twice now and can't find it.

October 8, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterEvan

Oh, and Turkey's The Wild Pear Tree is at NYFF tonight (10/8) and Sunday (10/14).

October 8, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterEvan

Armenia - You have a wrong trailer. It's about the same event, but from 2 years ago (actually it was disqualificated from the Oscar race that year). This is the right one (could not find with English subtitles):

Cambodia - Actually, the marvelous "The Missing Picture" (which nailed first Oscar nomination for Cambodia) was not his previous documentary. Rithy Panh had directed "Exil" (another surrealistic documentary) between those 2 films.

Canada - Available on Itunes Canada.

Dominican Republic - Available on Amazon Prime (through Mubi)

Indonesia - The film was limited released in USA and should be available on Itunes from 23.10

October 8, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterIlia

Canada and Indonesia are both on iTunes now.

October 9, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterRod

Oh, France. Y'all should have submitted 'Custody'.

October 9, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterEz

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