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REVIEW - Last Christmas

"Just saw a 7:00pm Thursday night show in Los Angeles. As flawed/imperfect as the film is, its quite winning due in a large part to some heavy lifting by Emilia Clarke. She’s got a real Sandra Bullock/Julia Roberts star power on full display here.-HardyofHearing

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Prime/Hulu in July: Breakfast on Mulholland Dr with a Manchurian

Time to play Streaming Roulette. Each month, to survey new streaming titles, we freeze frame the films at random places with the scroll bar and whatever comes up first, that's what we share -- no cheating!  

Which of these films will you be streaming this month for the first time or as a rewatch? Do tell us in the comments. Ready for our game? Okay let's  go...

Everyone thought he was dotty the way he gorged himself on peanut butter. But he wasn't dotty. Just sweet and vague and terribly slow. Poor Fred. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) only on Prime
Everyone knows that Audrey Hepburn is wonderful/funny/elegant in this picture... though some think she's miscast. Less often noted but worthy of careful inspection: the smoking hotness of George Peppard as her conflicted gigolo neighbor. [5 Oscar nominations and 2 wins, both for Henry Mancini's music]

[no dialogue]

Mulholland Dr (2001) only on Prime
A handshake. Teehee. They'll eventually get less formal with each other. And then some. Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Haring are both so ridiculously perfect in this surreal classic. I love how stiff wooden, you might even say, the body language and line readings are until suddenly they're in a different register, but one that's no less oddly funny or discomfiting... just in entirely new ways. I haven't seen this in a really long time now. Perhaps due for a rewatch? [1 Oscar nomination only --  Best Director. Incredibly David Lynch accomplished this weird Oscar stat twice in his career, first with Blue Velvet (1986)... a nomination from his own branch while the entire rest of the Academy ignored his newest masterpiece]

I'm sorry Violet. I wanna trust you. I hope you understand. I don't have any other choice.

Bound (1996) on Hulu only
The Wachowski siblings debut! I OBSESSED over this movie in 1996. A justly famous sex scene, super fun plotting, and a perfect example of how you can make a great cinematic movie on a small budget with locations so few it could've been a play instead. Best of all it had Jennifer Tilly being incredible again (just after Bullets Over Broadway). The Wachowskis obviously made other famous and beloved films and TV series after this but strangely they've never again shown this gift for tight pacing and economy of storytelling.

[no dialogue. Someone's getting revenge]

Get Real (1999) on Hulu only
I know I saw this gay coming-of-age movie in 1999 or whenever it came out in the states but I do not remember a single thing about it. Anyone? 

It's a terrible thing to hate your mother. But I didn't always hate her -- when I was a child I only kind of disliked her."

The Manchurian Candidate (1962) on Hulu only
This scene is so amusing. I know that Laurence Harvey gets a lot of flack for being a wooden actor but I think he's just right for this classic role. And he plays drunk really well. Anyway, what a movie this is! If you've never seen it, correct that! I haven't watched it recently but I wonder how its feverish fiction plays now in our scary end times with an actual Russian puppet in the White House destroying our democracy? [2 Oscar nominations only. ROBBED!] 

Gimme a light. C'mon Cisco, we've all seen the ad, a Bud Light!

21 Jump Street (Seasons 1 and 2) only on Prime 
Johnny Depp back in April 1987... when he was just an exceptionally pretty new star on television. He was just 24 years old. He'd had a few small film roles but this was the star-making gig. If not quite the revelation of his talent. The latter happened once he'd parlayed that undercover-20something-cops-posing-as-highschoolers hit into big screen leads with the one-two punch of Cry Baby and Edward Scissorhands in 1990. His last episode of 21 Jump Street aired in July 16th, 1990 inbetween the releases of those two films.

*sniffle* I'm still thinking about that Rolling Stone profile

ALSO STREAMING ON PRIME IN JULY (If it has an asterisk it's also on Hulu)

  • Burn Notice, Seasons 1-7
  • Damages, Seasons 1-5
  • NYPD Blue, Seasons 1-12
  • The Closer, Seasons 1-7
  • 20,000 Days on Earth (2004)
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) *
  • All is Lost (2013) *
  • American Psycho (2000) *
  • American Psycho 2 (2002) *
  • An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017) *
  • And God Created Woman (1988) *
  • Angel Heart (1987) *
  • Angela's Ashes (1999)
  • Assassination (1987) *
  • Avenging Force (1986) *
  • Barfly (1987) *
  • Blazing Saddles (1974)
  • Blue Chips (1994)
  • Body Count (1997)
  • Cadillac Man (1990) *
  • Christmas Trade (2015)
  • Cronicas (2004)
  • Dead Man Walking (1995) *
  • Double Jeopardy (1999)
  • Dr. T. and the Women (2000) *
  • Finding Bliss (2009)
  • Gran Torino (2008)
  • Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)
  • Incident at Loch Ness (2004)
  • Invaders from Mars (1986) *
  • Jeepers Creepers (2001) *
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
  • Ladybugs (1992)
  • Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf (2014)
  • Letters to Juliet (2010)
  • Maximum Overdrive (1986) *
  • Mixed Signals (1997)
  • Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear (1988)
  • Ms. 45 (1981)
  • Murphy's Law (1986) *
  • Next (2007) *
  • Number One with a Bullet (1987) *
  • Our Nixon (2013)
  • P.O.W. the Escape (1986) *
  • Patriot Games (1992) *
  • Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
  • Pretty in Pink (1986) *
  • Rabbit Hole (2011) *
  • Sahara (2005) *
  • Sex Drive (2008) *
  • Six Shooter (2013) *
  • Snake Eyes (1998) *
  • State of Grace (1990)
  • Street Smart (1987)
  • Stripes (1981)
  • Switchback (1997)
  • The Act of Killing (2012)
  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)
  • The Brothers Bloom (2009)
  • The Eternal (1998)
  • The Foot Fist Way (2006)
  • The Fourth War (1990)
  • The Graduate (1967)
  • The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)
  • The Invisible War (2012)
  • The Longest Yard (2005)
  • The Mechanic (1972)
  • The Monster Squad (1987)
  • The Twilight Saga (2008)
  • Trade (2007) *
  • V for Vendetta (2005)
  • Waste Land (2010)
  • Witness (1985) *
  • Woody Allen - A Documentary Parts 1 & 2 (2011)
  • Wooly Boys (2004) *
  • Yelling to the Sky (2011)
  • Zodiac (2007)


  • Snowden (2016) on July 8th
  • Jaws (1975) --and the first three sequels on July 9th
  • Harlots season 2 on July 11th*
  • Max Steel (2016) on July 20th
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2018) on July 24th
  • The Glass Castle (2017) on July 27th*
  • Friends With Kids (2012) on July 28th*
  • The Americans Season 6 on July 29th 


  • 20 Weeks
  • American Ripper Season 1
  • Analyze That 
  • Analyze This
  • Bad News Bears (2005 version)
  • Barbie and the Three Musketeers
  • Beautiful Boy
  • Before Midnight
  • Beyond Borders
  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Billy Madison
  • Bloodsport
  • Braveheart
  • The Brothers Bloom
  • Chasing Amy
  • Clear and Present Danger
  • Closing Gambit
  • Clue
  • The Curse of Oak Island Season 4
  • Cyborg
  • Delta Force
  • Disaster Movie
  • Doomsday Preppers Season 2
  • Election
  • The Eternal
  • Everybody's Fine
  • Evolution
  • Forged in Fire Season 4
  • The Fourth War
  • Gangland Undercover Season 2
  • Go
  • Hoarders Season 8
  • The Honeymooners
  • House Arrest
  • Hunt for the Zodiac Killer Season 1
  • Hustle & Flow
  • The Indian in the Cupboard
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
  • The Rainmaker
  • Just Before I Go
  • The Ladies Man
  • Last Castle
  • The Leggend of Bagger Vance
  • Le Ride
  • Librarians Seaosn 4
  • Masters of the Universe
  • The Mechanic
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Mimic
  • The Monster Squad
  • The Murder of Laci Paterson Season 1
  • One Direction: This is Us
  • The Phantom
  • Pawn
  • Project Runway Season 16
  • The Rundown
  • Sleepers
  • Stephen King's Graveyard Shift
  • Stephen King's Silver Bullet
  • Superstar
  • This is Spinal Tap
  • Trade
  • UNReal Season 3



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Reader Comments (13)

Honey that was all I noted in BaT. George can Peppard my bussy lmao

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterSTFU

I read that (wooden) criticism of Laurence Harvey from time to time. I disagree, but as you say, whatever one thinks of his style, it works very well in the thoroughly excellent The Manchurian Candidate (and the also compelling, but under-seen these days, Room at the Top). Really, The Manchurian Candidate was perfectly cast from top to bottom.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterScottC

Yes ditto, I have always noticed Peppard has been less of a talking point but is a big takeway from the film for me. He is beautiful in this, the blue eyes, the Edith Head tailoring, his profile, I could go on!

Re: Mulholland Dr The acting is (intentionally) a bit corny and soap-operaish but then dissipates. I think it shifts around the time of the audition scene.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterjohn

I just watched MANCHURIAN a month or two ago for the first time and it's great. The editing was immaculate and I'm so glad it was Oscar nominated despite the film not going over all that well with the Academy back then (Lansbury would've won if the film had been better received in general, I'm sure).

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" was originally cast with Steve McQueen and Audrey Hepburn. Peppard took over after McQueen dropped out.

Audrey works her magic on her male co-stars, and they are all at their most appealing with her. With Peppard (imo) that's an uphill climb, but yes, he does look at his best here, although I still prefer the cat.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered Commenteradri

Audrey may not be what Capote wanted for the role (Monroe), but she takes the part and run with it. It's not about the elegance and class. It's about the joyful vulnerability, the sad recklessness, the heartbreaking too-innocent/too-mature oscillation Hepburn brings to the role. Loren was PERFECT in Two Women, but I would not complain had Hepburn won an Oscar for this movie.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered Commentercal roth

I am seeing the list in detail now. You know I am still in love with Stone in Battle of the Sexes? Terrific.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered Commentercal roth

I will never Wver understand all the hype over Mulholland Drive. I think it’s severely overrated and so confusing.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterBhuray

Just posting a little love for Breakfast at Tiffany's. Agree with @cal roth, Audrey Hepburn may not have been Capote's choice but Hepburn owns this role. Her singing of the song "Moon River" was the most poignant version ever. George Peppard looked good, and while he isn't my favourite actor he fits in and nails the final scene in the cab.

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterLadyEdith

I also think "Mulholland Drive" is highly over rated- to me it plays like a collection of Lynche's greatest bits- the only thing missing is a cameo from " The Elephant Man" now that's a classic movie. And yes Mr Peppard was a very sexy man. Hulu is also showing the great underrated "Zodiac" a very re-watchable film

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterJaragon

i vaguely recall get real was one of those geeky gay boy falls for an out of his league hot jock type and, after some drama, it all works out! they were popular in the 90s [see also beautiful thing, trick, etc]

July 5, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterpar

@par - yeah, i think that's basically it but I remember it being pretty charming even if it seems pedestrian now.

Ooh, Embrace of the Serpent will be streaming? Sweet. I keep meaning to see that as everyone seemed to love it.

July 5, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay

Just rewatched Mulholland Dr recently and it's still one of the best ever. It's just fascinating and strange and hard to categorize because it isn't really like anything else... it's just Lynch-ian.

July 5, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterPhilip H.

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