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Why No One Can Win "Best Picture" This Year

"I really don't see any of these movies as Best Picture Oscar material. "Roma" is the most artsy.
"Green Book" the most satisfying. "The Favourite" lost me with that WTF ending." -Jaragon

"All I know is there are at least 3 plausible outcomes for BP this year, and that's pretty unusual. I won't be surprised if Roma, Green Book, or Blackkklansman take it. " - Rob

"A foreign language film winning BP is weirdo, but everything is going to be weirdo this year." - Fabio

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Streaming Roulette, February: Ant-Man and the Edge of Velvet Buzzsaws

As is our practice we've selected two handfuls of titles of note and frozen the films at utterly random moments without cheating (whatever comes up comes up) for this quick preview.  Do any of these screencaps make you wanna watch the movie? At the bottom of the page full listings for Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and HBO this month. Okay, let's go...

Guess what? You're my favorite student.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) on Netflix
Remember how good this Hailee Steinfeld high school comedy was?  She was nominated for a Golden Globe even! But why has Hayden Szeto, her love interest, not busted out yet as a star? He was great, too. Turns out (just looked it up) that he's got three movies coming out this year and will also be a guest star on the TV series adaptation of Taika Waititi's What We Do in the Shadows so there's still hope that people (or in this case Hollywood) will realize how fab he is. Yay!

A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin'
We'll make you happy ๐ŸŽต

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Half of the Oscar nominated films are still in theaters. Catch up!

Yesterday we saw huge increases in theater counts for several of the 37 Oscar nominated films (marked by up arrows below). If you've missed any of them, this is the week for it. The titles marked with an asterisk below were already on their way out of the theaters and did not add screens, so you'd best hurry up if you can find them! 

  • ๐Ÿ”บ The Favourite -10 nominations. (back in wide release)
  • ๐Ÿ”บ A Star is Born - 8 nominations. (back in wide release)
  • ๐Ÿ”บ Vice  - 8 nominations 
  • ๐Ÿ”บ BlacKkKlansman - 6 nominations. (re-release, limited only)...

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Watch at Home: Eighth Grade & Old Man and the Gun 

What's newly available for home viewing? Herewith a quick survey of new releases andgreat deals

Halloween -  Jamie Lee Curtis returns to battle her star-making demons in this monster hit
Madeline's Madeline - While it wasn't quite an arthouse hit, this experimental film has obsessive fans. 
Mid90s -Jonah Hill's directorial debut
Monsters & Men - John David Washington is up for a Spirit Award for his supporting role in this well reviewed race drama
Old Man and the Gun - Robert Redford charms, and Sissy Spacek and Casey Affleck provide soulful support in this mellow but pleasing bank robbery movie...

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Soundtracking: Dumplin'

by Chris Feil

Much to our surprise when Dumplin’ arrived on Netflix last month, the film is stealthily a Dolly Parton jukebox musical. The heartwarming film is a collection of Dolly songs old, new, and (crucially) reimagined, shot straight out of the heart of its heroine. Add in a few appearances by drag queens, and the film is the kind of unassumingly big-hearted self-love anthem to make the music legend proud.

And its no mere cashing in on a famous songbook either - Dolly’s music anchors the emotional backbone of the film...

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Watch at Home: Eighth Grade, Bad Times at the El Royale

What's newly available for home viewing? Herewith a very quick survey of new releases and/or great deals. Links go to reviews.

Bad Reputation a doc for Joan Jett fans
Bad Times at the El Royale seven strangers, each with "a secret to bury" meet at a hotel. So like Clue + 1 only noirish?

Also new: AXL, Love Gilda, Night School, and White Boy Rick

iTunes 99¢ Deals of Note This Week
Eighth Grade -Bo Burnham's inspired you-are-there comedy about everyone's favourite existential horror: middle school
12 Angry Men - the legendary courtroom drama was nominated for 3 Oscars including Best Picture of 1957 (pssst. it's also available right now on Prime)
The Apartment -1960's big Oscar winner starring Jack Lemmon & Shirley Maclaine and an over-extended bachelor pad.
Fargo -This freezing cold comic noir is still the best Coen brothers movie, right? Best Actress winner 1996 Frances McDormand.
Platoon - Oliver Stone's bracing 1986 Vietnam war drama and Best Picture winner

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