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It's BAFTA Time 

As per usual the BAFTAs aren't broadcasting live but tape delayed but we'll be watching the arrivals and sharing the winners as we hear about them after the jump...


Right now we're watching clips from the nominee party yesterday and we learned that Melissa McCarthy is a huge fan of The Favourite, saying:

The Favourite broke my brain in the best possible way.

Ours too, Melissa, ours too...

Regina King is a fan of both A Star is Born and Can You Ever Forgive Me? Everyone in the clips appears to be rooting for Roma and Olivia Colman. But of course we're only getting editors curated soundbites from a handful of celebrities. You could probably make any film or performance sound like the favourite to take it this way. 

Barry Jenkins says he feels like a proud father to have Nicholas Britell nominated for Best Score. Cute. He's also thrilled that James Baldwin is having a renaissance at the moment.

Amy Adams takes selfies with fans - lucky guy here - and tells the reporter, quite convincingly, that BAFTA is her absolutely favourite awards show (who knew?). She shares that her 8 year old daughter loves Bohemian Rhapsody.

Jason Isaacs is candid when asked which films he liked.

It's not about what I like it's about I want my friends to win. Richard E Grant and Viggo and I don't care about the rest"

Well, now. He goes on to say it's going to be magnificent when Richard E Grant wins this AND WHEN HE WINS THE OSCAR. He actually says this albeit not in all caps and we hope he's right with this bold prediction. 

Everyone being interviewed seems to be obsessed with Richard E Grant but somehow, we hear, he already lost the BAFTA. Disappointing. We'll never understand the Mahershala Ali steamroll, so soon after his Oscar win and for a lesser performance (it'd be another thing entirely if he had outdone Moonlight). Richard E Grant is interviewed and seems (typically) ectastic. Also says he thinks both "Roma and The Favourite are masterpieces"

Cynthia Erivo, nominated for Rising Star, says she still gets starstruck all the time. She is particularly giddy about what she's wearing because she's presenting Costume Design and Sandy Powell is a personal hero of hers so the look (we know the feeling, girl) has to be right. 

Glenn Close is a huge fan of Capernaum, saying it's her favourite of the season. "Moved me to my core." And she gets indignant that Jonathan Pryce wasn't nominated along with her so she brought him to BAFTA as her date because 'he's my partner in this'. She's such a glass act.

Jonathan breaks my heart in this film. It's a complicit relationship that they slip into. The whole sequence at the Nobel prize what [he] did was profound and heartbreaking.

She's such a class act.

We always lose interest in the BAFTAs about a single hour into coverage. This is largely because they haven't caught up to the 21st century and refuse to stream anything live -- even the "live" arrivals are tape delayed and edited. So you already know everthing before you see it and then you're not even seeing it in full. It's so dispiriting and weirdly archaic. 

One last treat. Claire Foy, in very high spirits (perhaps that's what happens when you know it's the last awards show you have to go to and you're not going to win) admits she's starving and the red carpet reporters give her a "wine gum". Living for her face journey when she tastes it (pictured left). We give her the BAFTA for Most Relatable Moment on the Red Carpet. 



Best film

  • BlackkKlansman
  • The Favourite
  • Green Book
  • ★ Roma
  • A Star Is Born

Oscar, here it comes. Even though no foreign film has ever won the Oscar there's a first time for everything. It's tough to imagine it losing now on a preferential ballot since everyone at least respects it and a lot of people just love it. 

Outstanding British film

  • Beast
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • ★ The Favourite 
  • McQueen
  • Stan & Ollie
  • You Were Never Really Here

The Favourite won the most prizes overall, gaining strength as we approach Oscar night or merely the UK favourite?

Leading actor

  • Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born
  • Christian Bale - Vice
  • ★ Rami Malek - Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Steve Coogan - Stan & Ollie
  • Viggo Mortensen - Green Book


Leading actress

  • Glenn Close - The Wife
  • Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born
  • Melissa McCarthy - Can You Ever Forgive Me?
  • ★ Olivia Colman - The Favourite
  • Viola Davis - Widows

Glenn Close has not historically been a BAFTA favourite so we wouldn't read too much into this. This is only her second nomination in BAFTA history. But Olivia Colman is definitely the closest we have to a potential darkhorse should Oscar not be ready to coronate Glenn.

Supporting actor

  • Adam Driver - BlackkKlansman
  • ★ Mahershala Ali - Green Book
  • Richard E Grant - Can You Ever Forgive Me?
  • Sam Rockwell - Vice
  • Timothee Chalamet - Beautiful Boy

Though we'd been hoping that Grant was on the upswing his loss here on his hometurf, where he's more famous and more beloved than Mahershala Ali who was able to win for a film that won nothing else, convinces us that Ali is a mortal lock and not just the frontrunner. Sigh. 

Supporting actress

  • Amy Adams - Vice
  • Claire Foy - First Man
  • Emma Stone - The Favourite
  • Margot Robbie - Mary Queen of Scots
  • ★ Rachel Weisz - The Favourite

As suspected it goes to Rachel Weisz. It's been a volatile season for Supporting Actress. We have a two way race for the Oscar between Rachel Weisz and Regina King with Amy Adams as a distant dark horse.


  • Spike Lee - BlacKkKlansman
  • Paweł Pawlikowski - Cold War
  • Yorgos Lanthimos - The Favourite
  • ★ Alfonso Cuaron - Roma
  • Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born

Still locked for his second Oscar. 

EE Rising Star Award (voted for by the public)

  • Jessie Buckley
  • Cynthia Erivo
  • Barry Keoghan
  • Lakeith Stanfield
  • ★ Letitia Wright

Outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer

  • Apostasy - Daniel Kokotajlo (writer/director)
  • ★ Beast - Michael Pearce (writer/director), Lauren Dark (producer)
  • A Cambodian Spring - Chris Kelly (writer/director/producer)
  • Pili - Leanne Welham (writer/director), Sophie Harman (producer)
  • Ray & Liz - Richard Billingham (writer/director), Jacqui Davies (producer)

Beast didn't make much of a splash in the US but it sure was popular in the UK. This isn't its first prize there. 

Film not in the English language

  • Capernaum
  • Cold War
  • Dogman
  • ★ Roma
  • Shoplifters

Just how many Oscars is Roma going to win?


  • ★ Free Solo
  • McQueen
  • RBG
  • They Shall Not Grow Old
  • Three Identical Strangers

Hmmm. Perhaps RBG isn't a lock for the Oscar. We shall see. Though she's more of an icon to Americans of course. 

Animated film

  • Incredibles 2
  • Isle of Dogs
  • ★ Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Another Oscar lock at this point.

Original screenplay

  • Cold War
  • ★ The Favourite
  • Green Book
  • Roma
  • Vice

Adapted screenplay

  • ★  BlacKkKlansman
  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?
  • First Man
  • If Beale Street Could Talk
  • A Star Is Born

Happy for Spike Lee!

Original music

  • BlackkKlansman
  • If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • ★ A Star Is Born

Since they don't have a song category, this was probably to be expected.


  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Cold War
  • The Favourite
  • First Man
  • ★ Roma

After losing the ASC to Cold War (perhaps cinematographers didn't want to hand that prize to a director rather than a DP) Cuarón rebounds with a win at BAFTA. 

Costume design

  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • ★ The Favourite
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • Mary Queen of Scots

Can Sandy win her fourth Oscar or is Black Panther the frontrunner at the Oscars? Seems like a tossup from where we sit. If this Oscar category is not broadcast on air we will go ballistic. 


  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Favourite
  • First Man
  • Roma
  • ★ Vice


Production design

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
  • ★ The Favourite
  • First Man
  • Mary Poppins Returns
  • Roma

Again. Can Black Panther prove competitive or will The Favourite dominate the eye candy prizes?

Make-up and hair

  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • ★ The Favourite
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Stan & Ollie
  • Vice

Here's a place The Favourite can't win at Oscar since it's not nominated. Look to Vice to probably prevail with Oscar voters.


  • ★ Bohemian Rhapsody
  • First Man
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout
  • A Quiet Place
  • A Star Is Born

We love Queen's music, too, voters. But you know this prize doesn't go to that discography, right?

Special visual effects

  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • ★  Black Panther
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
  • First Man
  • Ready Player One

This is why we're glad Black Panther wasn't nominated in this category at the Oscars. If it's nominated it always wins (see also the Critics Choice awards) because of enthusiasm for the film but categories are supposed to be based on themselves, not the overall films.

British short film

  • ★ 73 Cows
  • Bachelor
  • The Blue Door
  • The Field
  • Wale

British short animation

  • I'm OK
  • Marfa
  • ★ Roughhouse

Outstanding contribution to British cinema

  • Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen (Producers. Their credits, together or separately include: Carol, Colette, The Crying Game, Youth, Mrs Harris, Ladies in Lavender, The End of the Affair, Interview with the Vampire  and more...)

 And that's it for BAFTA this year. We'll watch clips of The Favourite wins later, mkay? The rest is already old hat since it's happened everywhere else and also tape delayed therefore dull.


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Reader Comments (72)

Some things get crystal clear, some get hazy...

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

I think the winners have been announced online already. Not sure how accurate they are, but they seem real. Olivia! I’ll be happy for Glenn if she wins the Oscar, but my heart is with Colman.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMJ

Academy don't fuck this up for Glenn.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

@MJ: Yes, they've been announced online. I wasn't wanting to spoil for people but not sure it matters. My heart is with Glenn, though in any other year I'd want Colman to win for that performance. The Brits loved The Favourite!

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

Anyway, I see that Nathaniel's posted the winners (or most of them) so the Oscars now look like...

Crystal Clear: Best Picture - Roma, Best Director - Cuaron, Best Actor - Malek, Best Supporting Actor - Ali, Foreign Film - Roma, Song - A Star Is Born, Production Design - The Favourite

Got hazier, but still likely: Best Actress - Close

Messy: Supporting Actress - King or Weisz or maybe Tavira, but probably not Adams and definitely not Stone

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

Glenn Close is one of my favorite actresses ever, but I am so ecstatic that Olivia Colman won. Colman was fantastic in The Favourite and so was Rachel Weisz. Great job, BAFTA. I will just dream Malek and Ali did not win tonight.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commentergoodbar

Best Supporting Actess could go any number of ways. King is still the frontrunner but seeing Weisz, Adams or Stone win is all very possible. Stone is the most liked "Star" for sure and although Weisz and Adams seem to have more momentum, that can shift.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterAnonny

Mahershala Ali is taking that second oscar. Ha bitter bitches can stay mad.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJess

The only open race now is who's gonna win for best original score

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBrown Cow Stunning

I am glad that Colman won, since she was better and The Favourite is a better film.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJenn

Best Actress now looks a lot like 2007. A very 2007 actress year all around.

Christie has the Globe (drama), SAG and BFCA. Cotillard had the Globe (comedy) and BAFTA.

The narratives couldn’t be more different but the score is the same.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterH

@H: Yeah and I think the narratives are key here. If Christie didn't have that 40 year old Oscar, she'd have beaten Cotillard.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

I'm in the UK and, like every year, the BAFTAs are not broadcast live, which is SO ANNOYING! The BBC shows an edited "as live" version of the show 2hr later... so if you want to watch it you need to stay off twitter, the news and the like or the outcome will be spoilt (the show was bad enough - thank god I did stay off twitter and was invested in hearing who won). Why the continue to do this and not at least offer a way of seeing the show live, even if it's as an online live stream is a mystery!

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterCarlos

H - let's be realistic, in 2007 Christie was hampered by being a former winner with disdain for awards in general.

Glenn has neither of those weaknesses - so, an Olivia win is not impossible but still unlikely (isn't this more Lawrence vs Riva in 2012?)

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterkermit_the_frog

Ali gives a great performance but he is not supporting actor- he is co-star lead

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJaragon

I don't think Americans get how beloved Colman is here in the UK, so I still think Close goes home with the Oscar

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJoe (UK)

Joe I completely agree. Close is still winning.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterevangelina

Brown Cow -- well, it's not the "only" open race. but yeah. that feels like it could go a few different places. Visual Effects is also totally up in the air. and a couple other tech prizes as well as all three shorts categories and maybe even documentary.

February 10, 2019 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

King is going to lose the Osar.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commentermarkgordonuk

Glenn is still winning. Ain't no way for those other bitches with their first noms after all.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterCraver

Sure they love Colman, but they didn't nominate her monumental performance in Tyrannosaur because it didn't have Oscar buzz, so that's quite pathetic, and poor Richard E. Grant.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

Melissa's reaction was so sweet when Olivia won (as was Elizabeth Debecki's).

I hope Spike Lee's win in Adapted Screenplay carries over to the Oscars.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

Peggy Sue: Colman became a beloved UK national treasure in 2013 (the premiere of Broadchurch). Before that point she was not really a household name but was widely associated with her sitcom and TV comedy work, and not really taken seriously as an actress. Tyrannosaur was not widely seen but opened up the floodgates for her as a 'proper' actress. She is really beloved by BAFTA (numerous TV wins) and the public as a whole.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterevangelina

@Peggy Sue Tyrannosaur was Olivia's coming out party in terms of dramatic acting. It was monumental, and should've won her all the awards back then. In the meantime, she's become a national treasure apparently, so I'm glad.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

King is going to lose the Oscar.

Like she lost the Puerto Rican accuser? Just kidding she has the Spirit and the Image Award locked though.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Yay, Colman got one more major before Close’s Oscar. Very cool.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterLinda

I'm glad too, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all. And why was Regina King in attendance?

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

Linda -- i LOVE it when the wealth gets spread. Doesn't happen nearly enough.

February 10, 2019 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Do people really think best picture is clear? Cause if you do, walk me through it because I can imagine Roma, Green Book, BlacKKKlansman or Bohemian Rhapsody winning and I don't have a frickin' clue what's going on.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterArkaan

I'm with Peggy. Poor Richard!

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBarbra

The BAFTAs are my favourite. I don’t look at the internet and watch them every year. Classy, fun, speedy and love the Cirque openings.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph

So many open categories and this vs that for Oscar this year. Will make for an exciting show.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph

I don’t know why I let myself get so passionate about Richard E. Grant. I guess because the performance is so major and fabulous or because his campaign has been so delightful and infectious.

I don’t... get it. This should be so easy? Like, a hardly disputed, all-time great recent win, like Chris Cooper, Christopher Plummer, or the first for Christoph Waltz and Mahershala Ali.

I’m crushed.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterRoger

goddammit voters, stop denying us a richard e grant speech!

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterpar

I'm happy that at last Bradley Cooper won something!

He also won a Grammy today - who'd have thought he'd get a Grammy before an Oscar?!

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSteve G

I don’t see Oscar’s Supporting Actress as a two way race between King and Weisz. I believe it’s coming down to King and de Tavira.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterJoel

Happy to see The Favourite picking up so many BAFTAs. Easily my favorite this film season.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterbrandz

Poor Glenn. It's over for her.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

@Stephanie: Obtuse statement.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

Close winning BAFTA would have made her a mortal lock. Now she's merely a very strong bet.

On a related note why am I not convinced that Malek is going to win? I mean who was the last one with his precursor support to lose? Russell Crowe in ABM?

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterArkaan

@Arkaan: Crowe won the BFCA too which was a better streak than Malek's. But Malek isn't up against the Julia Roberts presents the award to Denzel machine, he hasn't won (the year) before, and AFAIK he hasn't thrown any temper tantrums. Plus, his biggest competition has won before. It think he's pretty safe.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBruno

Beast is really good! Great debut by lead actress Jessie Buckley. I hope its British wins get Americans to see it.

I'm happy for Rachel but I kinda hope she doesn't win the Oscar this time. Her performance leans lead and Regina deserves the recognition this year. I love Rachel, but I worry an Oscar could have a negative impact on her career. Am I crazy for thinking that?

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDavid S.

I HATED ROMA sooooooooooo much....

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterstjeans

If Close doesn't win the Oscar I might get it from whoever does carved her name on it with my teeth and give it to her THAT'S how strongly I feel about her need to FINALLY win!

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterstjeans

olivia colman is a national treasure in the UK; glenn's still good for the golden boy

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterpar

Not sure about the Oscars but Olivia just killed in her speech, she's delightful; Rachel is a favourite of mine (oops) so I wouldn't be upset if she deservedly wins her second Oscar (although my heart still roots for Amy even if Rachel gave a better performance in a way better film) I don't think Regina will win (now) and Malek is just streamrolling his way up to the golden boy. My personal choices would be - The Favorite- Yorgos- Glenn-Cooper-Grant-Adams.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterEder Arcas

At least Bradley Cooper won the Grammy.

February 10, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterTom G.

Glenn was NOT happy to lose. I agree, it's over for her.

February 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMinerva

coocoo to me that some of y'all think regina king losing an award she was not nominated for somehow guarantees she'll lose the oscar...mark my words, she's winning

February 11, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterc

For once the best female performance in a great film wins. Congrats to Olivia. Movie God, deliver us from a Blue Sky disaster of this decade.

February 11, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSam

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