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Doc Corner: McQueen

"It's an excellent film, very well balanced, full of fascinating talking heads, and beautifully put together." -Edward L

"This should be the fashion documentary that makes it through to the final 5." - Peggy Sue

"I saw this in the UK last week. I was fascinated --especially the relationship with Blow and reflections on his gender politics. Would recommend." - catbaskets

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What'cha Looking For?

Entries in first and last (91)


First & Last: What's Under the Bed?

first and last - movie puzzles

the first image (after the opening credits)

the last line of dialogue

Everything smells so much better now, yes."

Can you guess the movie? Bonus points if you can tell me what's under the bed.


First & Last: What Did You Do?

the first & last images or lines from motion pictures

the first image after opening titles

last lines

-Do you know what's going to happen now?
-I don't.
-I guess I don't either." 

Can you guess the movie?


First & Last: Exiled

first & last puzzles
the first and last image from a motion picture 

Can you guess the movie?


First & Last: The Thinking Animal

first and last puzzles
the first image and the last line from a motion picture. 

Yes, murder was invented even before man began to think. Now of course man has become known as the thinking animal."

Can you guess the movie?


First & Last: Stop

the first and last image from a motion picture.

another hint: this film holds an Oscar record

Can you guess the movie? 
(If you can you might want to try your hand at yesterday's puzzle which is the first first shot of a fairly popular film that i've ever stumped y'all on. So I've added another visual clue) 


First & Last: Our Tradition

first and last puzzles
the first line of dialogue and the last image from a movie. 

I think it's our tradition."

Can you guess the movie?