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"I enjoyed The Hustle... Always nice to see Anne Hathaway in comedies...wondering if Meryl coached her on all those accents!" - me

"My friend and I watched Under the Silver Lake last week and to this day, I still don’t know what it is about. 😔Same friend insisted that we watch Wine Country on Netflix and somehow only the white wine joke made me laugh." - goodbar


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Is There Still Sex in the City? You Tell Us! 

By Spencer Coile 

Just when you thought the Kim Cattrall v. Sarah Jessica Parker feud would result in a discontinuing of the Sex and the City cinematic universe, Paramount Television and Anonymous Content swooped in to acquire the rights to Candace Bushnell’s Is There Still Sex in the City? A follow-up to her previous 1996 book, Bushnell – who will write the pilot and serve as executive producer – asks a new age question: how sexual can women in their 50’s and 60’s be? She adds:

I’m thrilled to be reflecting the rich complexity of their reality on the page and now on the screen.

Is There Still Sex in the City is set to premiere on August 6, 2019. And because we won’t be seeing the return of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda, I couldn’t help but wonder: will this reincarnation into the Sex and the City-verse be as successful as its predecessor?  


Would you rather?

Our dumb celebrity-gawking game to get your week off to a silly start. Would you rather...

... have a whiskey at a poetry reading with Martha Plimpton?
... wander the Universal sound stages with Jeff Goldblum?
... snake charm with Anya Taylor Joy?
... take in an art exhibit with Carla Gugino?
... play shadow games with Glenn Close?
... get piggy with Billy Magnussen?
... shop for tasty pastries with Kim Cattrall?
... wear mythological creatures with Juliette Binoche?
... take a drive to Sundance with Olivia Colman, Kaitlyn Dever, Alice Englert, and Thomas Mann?
... pose on the red carpet with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Patty Jenkins? 

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide!

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Celebrating 10 Years of "Sex and the City: The Movie" 

By Spencer Coile 

I remember being 15-years-old, sitting in an empty theater on the opening night of Sex and the City -- precisely 10 years agoI had just finished watching the series for the first time, and was ready to continue on with the stories of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. The tagline for the film was “Get Carried Away,” and I absolutely did. It was so easy to slip back into this dream-like, romanticized version of Manhattan – where money is endless, where relationships come and go, but friendship (and shoes) are forever. 

Was the movie adaptation perfect? Absolutely not. Was the sequel unnecessary and borderline insensitive? Completely. Still, that first film left me beaming from ear-to-ear. It’d be easy to pick out all the problems with the plot, the length, the way it treats Jennifer Hudson’s character (there’s no way her email password was seriously “love”). But even watching it today, I go back to when I was 15; feeling hopeful, giddy, and gay. Those are the movies that stick with you.  

Happy Birthday, Sex and the City! But most importantly: do you identify as a Carrie, a Miranda, a Samantha, or a Charlotte? 


PSA: Kim Cattrall was famous before "Sex and the City," okay?

by Nathaniel R

Just when you think the world can't get any more sexist, there's always a reminder that it can. One such reminder is the famed existence of Sex and the City, a target in perpetuity. It often brings out the very worst in journalists, critics, famous people, and the public alike (both male and female in all four cases) as people fall over themselves with new ways to hate on, be offended by, or attempt to take down that particularly glitzy femme pleasure.

The brand has beenquiet for some time now until the Daily Mail posted a gross story about Kim Cattrall supposedly stopping production of Sex and the City 3 in its tracks with "outrageous demands". I didn't personally believe this was true, even before the stars started giving quote about it. The more quotes there are the more it's clear that everyone will have a different perception of what happened and that's fine. What was shocking was not the misleading story (my best guess is that the truth is somewhere inbetween all the quotes from the cast and executives because many many people with big egos and lots of millions are involved) but how unbelievably petty and sexist the "sources" were in their quotes about Cattrall...

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Tues Top Ten: Sex and the City Episodes

Jose here to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the end of Sex and the City. That's right, this weekend marked a whole decade since that last time we tuned in to HBO for a new episode. In the ten years since it went off the air, the show has inspired a myriad of copycats that ranged from the terrible (hello Lipstick Jungle) to the wonderful (hi Girls), as well as more think pieces than you can shake a stick at. And while the popularity of the Cosmopolitan as a drink of choice, has completely dwindled (what are successful women drinking nowadayas?), elements of the show's lingo and their bits of wisdom ("he's just not that into you") have become part of our daily life.

I am very aware that many people out there absolutely loathe the show but as a teenager I dreamt of nothing more than moving to NYC and pursuing a writing career like Carrie Bradshaw. I also dreamt of quitting cigarettes, finding a wonderful apartment and a great man to go with it. During the decade the show's been off the air I made some of those dreams come true and the following Top Ten is a celebration for those who, like me, found their inner "fabulous" because of this show.


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Cinema de Gym: 'I Am Legend'

Hey all. Kurt here with round five of Cinema de Gym. When I walked into my gym's screening of I Am Legend, otherwise known as one of the greatest movies ever made, it was just in time for sole survivor Will Smith's morning workout regimen. Y'know – the one that shows off his especially cut physique, which had a beaming Jada gushing her wifely approval to the press (or was that for Ali?). In any case, it was a good motivator with which to start, my elliptical-bound self facing the day with Will and his treadmilling dog. I do love these morning-routine sequences, which, if done well, can dole out oodles of narrative and character development with nary a spoken word. (My mind goes right to a particular season premiere of Lost, wherein we woke up with a character, partook in his a.m. ritual, then flew up, up, up a laddered pipe only to gasp, “He's in the hatch!”)

After tending to some ill-tempered rats in his basement lab (he's testing cures for that apocalyptic zombie rage virus, you'll remember), Will grabs some rifles from a locked cabinet, whistles for his pooch (Sam) and leaves the house. Outside, it's revealed that he lives within spitting distance of the Washington Square Arch, and in this moment it hits me that I walked by this very address just a couple weeks ago. Honestly, I don't know how you New York film lovers don't just completely lose your s**t on a daily basis. Maybe you do. It's crazy. You live inside the movies. Anyway...

Last man's best friend

Will and Sam take the SUV to the video store, presumably a regular errand that offers a sliver of normalcy and some much-needed sweet escape (so long as they don't rent Life After People). This, I believe, is the first scene that truly introduces us to the film's keen ability to apply considerable weight to inanimate and/or nonhuman things, be them Sam or the mannequins Will regards as everyday people. In the video store, he calls the cashier mannequin by name, and all but blushes while pretending the nearby female mannequin is giving him the eye. The film finds both comic relief and an oft-profound sense of loneliness in such scenes, and Will knows just how to play them: straight, but with bubbling pain. It's a similar pain to that of Tom Hanks's Wilson-loving cast away, and it's the same pain that hurts so good (dramatically, I mean) when – SPOILER ALERT – Sam goes viral and has to be put down.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself here, as things were nowhere near that dire moment during the little slice I watched. Not long after the video store, Will is golfing on a pier, broadcasting that call for survivors that was ubiquitous during the film's marketing campaign (“You are not alone...”). Broadcast finished, Will and Sam spot a deer amidst an ocean of abandoned cars and begin the hunt. Rounding a corner, Sam gets ahead of Will and follows his prey into the movie's no-no place of shadow, which I suppose we can now consider a bit of foreshadowing...


1. Watching scenes of people working out while working out actually makes you want to work out!
2. I'm really looking forward to moving to New York, so I can live in the movies, too.
3. Will could've really used a little Kim Cattrall in that big lonely city.

And the question we all want answered: What movies would you rent if you were the last person alive?