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Months of Meryl: THE RIVER WILD

"Great post and comments. Yes, Streep had to navigate the rough waters of being in her 40's! I do think she smashed through the glass ceiling for women since she persevered and then became an even bigger star in her 50's." - Sister Rona

"One of my favourite movies from my teen years - I'm shocked at how long ago this was released. It was Meryl that sold this movie for me and is the reason I saw it. At the time, and I still feel this way, she is the reason to watch and believe this film." -Filmboymichael

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Links: Hugh Jackman's Bow, TV Series Low, The Telluride Show 

Towleroad I'm sounding off on what's available in the multiplex this weekend. More on the French thriller Love Crime here at TFE soon.
Los Angeles Times Telluride lineup, just announced, with premieres of The Descendants and Albert Nobbs. The festival will pay tribute to Michael Clayton... er, I mean George Clooney and Tilda Swinton, separately.
Empire god, that took long enough. Our first shot of Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier in My Week With Marilyn.


What'cha think?

Liz Smith has some ideas for the James Franco replacement in Broadway's Sweet Bird of Youth; Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a totally interesting choice. Good one Liz. The less said about her other suggestion the better.
Guardian It's true. David Lynch has finally opened a real Club Silencio. I'd love to visit but I'd probably be deeply unnerved if anyone whispered "No hay banda" while I was inside.  
My New Plaid Pants continues to gawk at Garret Dillahunt "under-rated hot piece extraodinaire" (...and under-rated actor, too!)

Sing out Louise Hugh!

Playbill ZOINKS. Hugh Jackman may perform an 8 week concert series here in New York with songs from classic musicals as he waits for Wolverine to begin actual filming. OMG. Wouldn't it be so weird if Jackman and Kidman were both on Broadway at the same time? It'd be like an Australia reunion.
Back Stage talks to Ginnifer Goodwin about her new role as Snow White in the series "Once Upon a Time" (I'm losing track of all these new television shows that are using fairy tale or classic kids lit templates only modernized. Seriously, how many are there. 3 or 4 this fall season right?)

AV Club has an interesting topic question: what's the worst episode of a great series? I definitely kinda sorta agree with their Mad Men choice... but i'm struggling to remember the episode of Firefly they cite.
Stale Popcorn on the now four year old gay indie Shelter. I'm linking up because Glenn and I share nearly exact feelings about this one and how it immediately calls to mind gay film trajectories, like the utter tragedy that is Todd Stephens post Gypsy '83 career.
I09 salutes Daryl Hannah as an alien insect queen. I have never seen this but now I must. It's post Kill Bill even. Her brilliance there obviously didn't up the prestige level of her offers.

And finally thanks to Movie|Line for alerting us this piece at Saving Star Wars. They're right. The George Lucas of the 80s would HATE the "barbarian" George Lucas of 2011. Stop destroying your culturally significant 70s film with all these tweaks and changes for continuous profit. You have enough money. In fact, few people have ever had more. Of course maybe Lucas would stop pissing on his legacy if the fans would stop rewarding him financially for doing so and bitching at him for pissing on it. It's a vicious cycle. And trust: the fans make a big fuss but they buy all the new altered editions. Stop doing it!!!