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Janelle Monae's Breakout Year

One of my favourite artists of the decade. I've had the pleasure of seeing her live twice. I would've loved to see more of her in Moonlight. Loved that role and loved seeing her. -Roger

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Box Office: Bella Marries but We're Totally Team George

Twi-hards RSVP'ed to their beloved franchise's wedding, giving Twilight's fourth film a box office weekend as bloated as its romantic angst and running time. George Clooney's Oscar bid (aka The Descendants) also saw very enthusiastic attendance. It's only in 29 theaters and still managed to crack the top ten (!), suggesting a future all lucrative like the family's in the movie (who happen to own gazillions worth of Hawaiian real estate).

Box Office (U.S.) Top Ten -Estimates

02 HAPPY FEET TWO new $22
03 IMMORTALS $12.2 (cum. $52.9)
04 JACK AND JILL $12 (cum. $41)
05 PUSS IN BOOTS $10.7 (cum. $122.3)
06 TOWER HEIST $7 (cum. $53.4)
07 J EDGAR new $5.9 [review] (cum $20.6)
08 A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS new $2.9 (cum $28.3)
09 IN TIME $1.7  (cum. $33.4)
10 THE DESCENDANTS new $1.2  (cum. $1.3)

One Final Talking Point
Remember when we were wondering if The Help (#11 of the year) could overtake Bridesmaids (#10) to land in the US top ten of the year? It's still trying. The Help is still in theaters (under 400) and is now just $900,000 behind the other female driven smash featuring poo jokes. The only similarly intense and weirdly close battle for yearly "rank" bragging rights is between Captain America (#8) and Rise of the Planet of the Apes (#9) with less than $300,000 separating their takes; no poo jokes unite them but they do share super serum injections.

What did you see this weekend? Or are you saving your pennies for the awesome cavalcade of pictures opening for Thanksgiving. So many goodies opening for the holiday.


"Wonder Twin Powers Activate"

File under: The greatest thing any Twilight cast members have ever done for us.


That's Peter Facinelli & Nikki Reed as the infamous Wonder Twins. Though Facinelli was saddled with a total boresville part in Twilight, he was fun on Nurse Jackie and seems to have a good sense of humor in general. Remember that time he present costume design guild awards in just his underwear?

Now on to more pressing questions. Once their College Humor short emerges (which is what they're in costume for) what water-based shape is Facinelli going to take: whirlpool to drown in, icicle to suck on, bucket of water to dump with? And which animal form will Nikki change into? It's funny but I do always think of her as feral after thirteen (2003).


Hey, who Abducted my links?

Taylor Lautner, that's who!
and Kate Winslet but we'll get to her in a minute.
Michael Musto wonders if Taylor Lautner can be a film star outside of Twilight. My guess is no... but that he'll be crying all the way to the bank for the rest of his life by association. But, really, if you can't even sell a performance (Abduction) for two minutes in a trailer, how are you going to carry an entire film? 
Ultra Culture also has some words about the disingenousness of the promotional efforts for Taylor's BabyBourne film and...
Movie|Line giggles about how desperately Abduction wants to be seen as Teen Bourne.
Biblioklept "all four Twilight books in one comic" by Lucy Knisey is totes funny so read it. Unless the previous words about Taylor hurt your feelers.

P.S. I don't follow these things: Is there another Twilight about to come out or something? Cuz why is everyone talking Twilight again just as Harry Potter finally shut up? Blargh! Put new things into the world. Why is 2011 just like 2007? Noooooooo

And since you're all talking about it in the comments without me even posting it, here is an early teaser/trailer (?) for CARNAGE.

For those of you who haven't seen the play you're seeing two of the three big moments from Winslet's character.... and almost none of anyone else's. Which is interesting choice for marketing... but doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of the movie as a whole.

My New Plaid Pants "who the hell wears this to dinner?" Sophia Loren, that's who!
Lemonwade the author of War Horse already has another film adaptation of his work, lined up. Private Peaceful is about two young farm brothers and, like War Horse, also takes place during The Great War.
Art & Design on the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image and Cookie Monster's origins. Have I ever told you how much I love Cookie Monster? Probably not. I do.
Towleroad True Blood's Carrie Preston records an "It Gets Better" video.  (Loooooove her. Wish she'd do more supporting roles in movies as the last few were awesome)
Towleroad I'm not one for bathroom humor but Anderson Cooper is the world's cutest giggler - totally loses it when discussing Gerard Depardieu's urination incident.


MTV Movie Awards ~ The Live Blog of Indifference

9:00 Black Swan and 127 Hours and Kings Speech jokes. oh my. My television is a time machine. Or MTV is. Jason Sudeikis made a joke about the set being Lady Gaga's bedroom. But I think... no... this is more like how I imagine Spider-Man Turn off the Dark set to look like.

Eva Mendes has been Teem Edward the whole time.

9:12 They've already told four Team Jacob / Team Edward jokes? That's like one every 3 minutes.

"My heart says Jacob. But my weiner says Edward. My balls are indifferent."

I'm scared to ask but...



9:13 Best Male Performance goes to Robert Pattinson who doesn't even do a good job of acting "indifferently cool / bemused". Jesse Eisenberg could act that while acting 7 other emotions simultaneously with an undercurrent of self loathing. These awards are always stupid.

9:27 Three people we like at once on MTV. It's kind of a rare occurence!

Crazy Stupid Indifference To This Awards ShowSteve Carell made a joke about horny dolphins. Emma and Ryan are both so naturally funny that

Click to read more ...


MTV Movie Nominations

Whenever I hate on the Oscars and their very limited range of movie-love, I have only to glance at the annual MTV Awards to remind myself that some groups have an even teensier worldview. Once again the MTV nominations are a weird mix of movies that are actually good (Black Swan, The Social Network) movies that are super popular despite themselves (The Twilight Saga) movies that whether or not they're good or bad or better than usual or worst than usual it would never matter (Harry Potter) and movies that are deemed acceptable by virtue of either hipness, mainstream popularity, youth appeal or household name ubiquity of its stars (Kick-Ass, Easy A, Inception, Just Go With It) or movies that the MTV viewers didn't see but they like the star so it's okay to nominate him or her (Ryan Reynolds in Buried) and still look sufficiently populist and not like some stuffy film blogger. Mix and match!

Y'all know I approve of weird awards since i do pages of them myself each year so I've always been happy that the awards existed. I just wish they were more discerning. Take Inception. Makes total sense in all ways of looking at it that it would get a ton of nominations with MTV. But the KISS between JGL and Ellen Page? That was ice-water on a scale of hot, like a brother/sister makeout. Nomination that made me the happiest: Amy Adams vs. The Sisters in The Fighter for Best Fight. Maybe it's protecting their own -- SHE'S AN MTV GIRL -- but it's still a perfect decision as nominations go.

I already voted on all categories. Will you?