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William Holden in Picnic

"I find Holden has a more earthy sex appeal in his early roles, you could kick your shoes off and put them on his lap and he wouldn't flinch." - Mark

"My mother's favorite actor. His dance with Kim Novak is an unforgettable movie moment." -Jaragon

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Link a Prayer

Hello Cinema our friend Amir started a podcast on Iranian cinema. It's an interesting listen even if you know nothing about the topic, particular the first section on how Amir and Tina came to love cinema
Coming Soon Ellen Page will star in Queen and Country based on a comic book about a British intelligence operative
Comic Alliance on the petititon to cast an Asian American as Iron Fist in the upcoming Netflix series. This is SUCH a good idea, because that character was obviously envisioned as white for very problematic reasons given that he's totally tied to Asian culture.

Shadow and Act there's a Spike Lee box set coming this June which will include the first ever Blu-Ray of Summer of Sam so that's great news.
/Film an infographic on Hollywood disasters. They love destroying New York City but it's not the only city they ruin
Vanity Fair rejected movie poster designs for Gravity
House Next Door a look back at Madonna's most beloved song "Like a Prayer" which just turned 25 years old!
Kevin Maguire the X-Men do the Oscar selfie 
Playbill a history of Les Misérables which is reopening on Broadway. It just keeps coming back. 

Release Date News
Everest, that mountain climbing adventure with Jake Gyllenhaal and Zero Dark Thirty's Jason Clarke (among others in a fairly stellar cast) will hit IMAX and 3D screens on September 18th. In case you didn't hear James Gray's long delayed The Immigrant will open (finally) on May 2nd, nearly a year after its Cannes debut - nothing like striking when the iron is hot! And because they're just never going to stop and neither is Hugh Jackman despite his vague protestations, the X-Men have dates scheduled through 2018

And Today's Watch(es)
Kevin Bacon goes a little Footloose on The Tonight Show (looking pretty good for 55) and it turns out Jennifer Lawrence recorded not one but two lipsynch numbers for American Hustle. The deleted one is to Santana's "Evil Woman" - I'm not embedding it here because it starts playing without asking it to. That is NOT okay in embeddable videos.


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Reader Comments (4)

Happy Birthday Like a Prayer! Great album and one of the best pop songs ever.

March 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

And the first ever bluray release of spike's masterpiece 25th hour

March 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJosh

Three notes:

1. Ellen Page as the lead of Queen and Country. (Sigh.) Couldn't Katie Jarvis or Kaya Scodelario catch that break? There's not a lot of big opportunities for "street" British actresses and the lead of Queen and Country IS ONE OF THEM.
2. Fox's is scheduling X-Men and Fantastic Four sequels before knowing what public reaction and turn out to the end results will be? Arrogant, ESPECIALLY on the Fantastic Four.
3. The J-Law Evil Woman scene. Is it the same kind of stuff we saw in the moment that wound up in the movie? Yes. But she's moving differently. More beaten down. More subtly. Slower. Though neither take would have felt entirely natural I think if O. Russell used that, instead of the way too loud for the scene Live and Let Die, it'd push American Hustle into the low parts of my top ten, as opposed to position 13.

March 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

Character actor James Rebhorn died. The first performance of his I thought of after reading the news was as Dickey's father in "The Talented Mr. Ripley." SSt news.

March 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTroy H.

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