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In Praise of SAG's "Fences" Ensemble Nomination...

by Brian Zitzelman

photo src

As Viola Davis marches towards Oscar #1 and Denzel Washington to nomination #7 for Fences, let us not forget the other wonderful players in the film. Garnering a SAG nomination for Outstanding Ensemble, Fences is a small, but rich cast... 

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A Gugu Mbatha-Raw Superhero Movie?

Chris here. As if Gugu Mbatha-Raw's superpowers of extreme watchability and versatility aren't enough to satisfy us, she'll be getting the more fantastical kind for her next movie. And no, we're not talking a comic book adaptation, but something original. The underrated actress will star in Fast Color as a superpowered woman on the run that must seek shelter from her estranged family. The project promises three generations of women, so stayed tuned for more casting. Hopefully they'll be names as intriguing as Gugu.

If this all sounds a bit like a female Midnight Special, rest assured it's in smart hands. Julia Hart will be directing from a script she cowrote with Jordan Horowitz. Hart & Horowitz were also behind this year's tiny gem Miss Stevens (not to be confused by Gugu's own Miss Sloane), which features a fantastic performance from Lily Rabe. Miss Stevens is currently on Netflix, so be sure to catch up to it.

Mbatha-Raw will be everywhere at the movies this year - Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time, the upcoming Cloverfield film, and Beauty and the Beast. But could Fast Color be the one that brings her the accolades she deserves?


One Last Day of Golden Globe Goofing - Four Questions

Perhaps in an effort to stave off worries about the impending T****ocalyspe, I've been doing a whole lot of pretending it's still last Sunday night in my head to relive the joys of the most consistent part of life that's not as depressing as taxes and death: awards shows!

So I did a quick poll of Team Experience to get one last rush of feelings out about the Golden Globes before we're on to Oscar nominations (Jan 24th) and SAG Awards (Jan 29th). Four happy questions after the jump. You should answer them, too. More being merrier, etcetera...

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Casting Society and ACE "Eddie" Nominations

Two branches of movie craftsmen have sounded off now in what will soon be a deluge of guild announcements. The casting directors and the editors have spoken and they've rallied behind some Best Picture hopefuls (the three frontrunners: La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight are showing up everywhere) and passionate fanbase movies (20th Century Women, Deadpool, Captain Fantastic) ...and 'oh, they remembered that!' surprises (Hail, Caesar!).

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Co-Star Chemistry, The "Make or Break" Secret Ingredient

Year in Review. Each day another different angled wrap-up.

Last year during our year in review roundup we did our first list of "best co-star chemistry" and it was such a fun way to pinpoint the intangible and often uncategorizable spark that ignites greatness in movies that we're doing it again. Want to capture lightning in a bottle in your movie? Hire the right casting director who will pair the right actors together. No special effect, setpiece, or plot twist can or will ever rival the amount of movie-long electricity that can be generated when actors are really sparking off each other and nailing whatever the roles their characters play in each other's lives simultaneously.

The list is presented without much commentary... unless we couldn't escape it. Chime in in the comments, won't you?

16 Chris Pine & Ben Foster, Hell or High Water (Brothers)

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Wes Anderson Unleashes All-Star Cast for Isle of Dogs

Less than a month after releasing his holiday-themed short film for H&M, Wes Anderson has gifted us another charming video that takes place in cramped spaces with distinct color patterns. But this time, it's to announce the official title of his newest animated animal caper - it's Isle of Dogs and, like Fantastic Mr. Fox, it's shooting in England - as well as the laundry list of actors that will comprise his next sprawling ensemble. On top of previously announced cast members Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, and Edward Norton (who pops up in the announcement tape as comic relief), we knew to expect Anderson regulars such as Tilda Swinton and Harvey Keitel to make the cut but fresh names such as Yoko Ono, Courtney B. Vance, and Greta Gerwig are certainly cause for excitement. Hopefully the animated canines they voice will receive luckier fates than most dogs do in the Anderson cinematic universe.

The narrative of the film still remains a mystery but there's one golden opportunity that Anderson makes clear: by donating $10 to Martin Scorsese's Film Foundation through CrowdRise, you automatically enter into a contest to voice one of the pups in the picture. So if you've ever wanted to simultnaeously portray a tweed-decked terrier while supporting film preservation, now's your shot!



25th Anniversary: Prince of Tides (1991)

by Eric Blume

Twenty five years ago, director Barbra Streisand delivered her big-screen adaptation of the Pat Conroy novel The Prince of Tides for Christmas.  The film went on to win the Best Actor Golden Globe for Nick Nolte, as well as seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture (but famously not a Best Director nod for Streisand).  

Looking at the film now, The Prince of Tides feels like a remnant from a lost Hollywood genre:  the mainstream, gimmick-free adult drama.  Streisand’s instincts lean to the commercial, and she’s fully devoted to the film’s rather banal psychobabble that purports how one good solid cry can heal a childhood rape.  The script may be as deep as a raindrop, but it has its strengths as well, and they’re strengths that align with Streisand’s own...

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