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Months of Meryl: Adaptation 

"This film is in my all time great top 10. I love everything about it. The acting, the plot, the crazyness of life itself." - Sonja

"I'm not wild about the film - but Cooper is super and I'd be inclined to put this in Streep's top 5, maybe top 3, performances. It's so unexpected, and works perfectly. For a few years this was often the performance I first thought of when I thought of her." - Scott C

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Thoughts I Had... While Rewatching "Grease 2" 

Grease 2 gave me such writer's block in the Pfandom series because what to even focus on with such an event? I finally powered through but the focus naturally had to be on LaPfeiff's career. So, herewith a random collections of thoughts and observations from this viewing which I think was my 6th or 7th? The movie is terrible but I'm addicted to early Pfeiffer's lusty bravado in it, hence the multiple revisits.

(This is gif heavy so be warned...)

Dody Goodman & Eve Arden reprising their Grease roles as "Blanche & Miss McGee"

But these are the faces you'll find me making every time I find myself watching it. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS AGAIN?!?!?

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Pfandom: Cool Rider and a Pink (Leading) Lady

on the set of Grease 2, her first lead roleP F A N D O M  
Michelle Pfeiffer Retrospective. Episode 8 
by Nathaniel R 

We've mostly focused on Michelle Pfeiffer's acting in our Pfandom retrospective. We're sure the star who has described herself as "extremely private" would like it that way, but this would be the appropriate time for a brief bit of personal context.

Though the young actress had been working nonstop since the late 70s in television roles and a few features, she'd been struggling offscreen. She was impatient with the way her career was developing. She'd also become involved with a cult, an experience she's always been cagey about in interviews. She had given them too much of her money and was eating strangely at their insistence. In 1981, she took back control of her life.

At the Grease 2 premiere in NYC with her new husband Peter Horton and producer Allan Carr

Two marriages and two divorces (of sorts): in her personal life she fell in love with fellow up-and-coming actor Peter Horton (who would later become a TV star on thirtysomething), and broke free from the cult; in her professional life she dumped her first agent to sign with the much more powerful William Morris Agency. The shakeup had an immediate effect on her career...

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A "Cool Rider" Never Forgets

Don't know if you Pfans out there caught PopWrap's interview with Maxwell Caulfield of Grease 2 fame. He's doing Cactus Flower on stage now (yep the property that won Goldie Hawn that early Oscar -- though I personally didn't realize that Adam Sandler's Just Go With It was a reworking???) so he's making the press rounds. He's still an extremely handsome bloke at 51. I've noticed him billed on a couple of stage things here in New York over the years but haven't managed to catch him doing his thing.

PopWrap asks him about Grease 2 (1982) of course and I love his humble appreciative response despite the film career never really working out.

PW: Do you remember it fondly? 
Maxwell: I haven’t hit enough home runs in the film world to say, “oh yea, ‘Grease 2,’ isn’t that a cute movie?” For me, it is a very major part of my filmography. I still have my great friends from the experience and when it pops up on TV, I stick with it – it brings back so many happy memories.

PW: It was filmed almost 30 years ago and some actors can't remember projects they made 3 years ago -- do you recall shooting it? 
Maxwell: Oh yes! You’re never going to forget a liplock with Michelle Pfeiffer! [laughs] I remember being in the bowling alley and the school. I have very distinct memories from making that movie ... But I do look at it and think, “damn, why didn’t they give me a second picture?” [laughs]  But them is the breaks.

He's never forgotten his liplock with Michelle Pfeiffer? Well neither have we.