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"That SHORT TERM 12 shot is adorable and sad, just like so much of the movie.." - DJDeeDay

"that IDA scene haunts my dreams" - Tony T

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In One Month... Hit Me Baby One More Time

In exactly one month we'll spin on the mountaintop, run round gazebos, wear playclothes made of curtains, and hide from the Nazis together for the 50th anniversary of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. It began its record breaking run in March of 1965. If you adjust for inflation it's the third biggest hit of all time after Gone With the Wind and Star Wars. Fine company to be in.

Have you ever thought about what your favorite shot from it is? Or which shot best represents the movie as a whole? You know how to take a screen cap. You know where this is going right? We'll start with The Family Von Trapp but later we'll get colorful with Dick Tracy, funky over Magic Mike, and creepy via Repulsion, and lots more ... Dates TBA.

Break out the bubbly because "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", a ton of fun all spring and summer, returns March 3rd. [More...]

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January. It's a Wrap

"Time passes. That's for sure."
-Eileen Myles

2015 is 1/12th done and we haven't even fully wrapped up 2014 yet. Slow down, geez. Here are some highlights from that month that was. Please to enjoy icymi 

January Highlights
Unjust Pride DVD Sony has put the gay heroes in the closet 
Up Close at the Critics Choice Awards Jessica Chastain & more
Tangerine, GrandmaIt Follows and The Witch -Our favorite Sundance films
SAG Fashions the pretties
Why Wes? Why Grand Budapest Hotel?
When u think of costumes... do u think of Watts?
The Five Stages of Grief via Oscar nominations
Fairy Tales and Oscar Streep is the first storybook kind of witch (though not the first literal witch)

Retro Glories
Best Actress 1977 A short detour discussion 
Julianne Moore's Top Ten Pre-Alice Performances - how does your list vary?
What if Into the Woods had been made in 1949? 
Excuuzzzzze Me it's the 75th anniversary of His Girl Friday 

List Mania / Best of Year
Team Experience Awards for 2014 | Voice Performances | Supporting Actress | Actor | Supporting Actor#10-01 Nathaniel's Top Ten | Breakthrough Stars | Movie Posters 

Coming in February
Oscar Countdown, Black History Month, Valentine's Day, Spirit Awards, Pinnocchio 75th Anniversary, The Last Five Years, and more...


2015: First Quarter Calendar. What U Waiting For?

13th DGA Nominations ~ Today
15th Merry Christmas ~ It's Oscar Nomination Morning!
15th BFCA "Critics Choice Awards"

btw 16th-28th Oscar qualifiers that have been in hiding start their platform journeys including Still Alice, Cake, Mommy. Other Oscar contenders expand considerably... especially if they win nominations.

16th Paddington, Blackhat, Appropriate Behavior (it's hilarious. Go see it)
19th Martin Luther King Day. Everyone go see SELMA again!
23rd Song One (reviewed), and Black Sea
24th PGA Awards
25th SAG Awards 
30th ACE Awards
31st ADG Awards, ANNIE Awards 

2nd Groundhog Day
4th VES Awards
5th Berlin International Film Festival opens with Nobody Wants the Night
6th Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son which is hopefully not Julianne's Norbit since final Oscar voting starts this very day.
7th DGA Awards
8th BAFTA Awards
13th The Last Five Years (reviewed), Kingsman: The Secret Service, Fifty Shades of Grey
14th Valentine's Day
15th ASC Awards, MPSE Awards
16th President's Day
17th CDG Awards
20th Future Foreign Film Oscar Nominee Argentina's Wild Tales (it's a super good time at the movies. Go see it with a group of friends) 
21st Spirit Awards
22nd Hollywood's High Holy Night. Happy Oscar Night!
27th Maps to the Stars (reviewed, I'll believe that opening when I see it!), '71 (reviewed)

3rd "Best Shot" Season 6 premieres with The Sound of Music. Pick a shot and join the 50th anniversary party! 
6th Chappie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and the 32nd Annual Miami Film Festival kicks off
8th Daylight Savings Time
10th Madonna's 13th studio album "REBEL HEART" drops after expertly monetized leaking response 
13th Cinderella, In the Heart of the Sea 
17th St. Patrick's Day
20th Divergent: Insurgent 
27th Serena (I'll believe that opening when I see it!), A Little Chaos (reviewed)
31st The Smackdown Returns. Guests TBA (Tentative Date) 

Okay technically that's the first quarter but a little April for ya, too...

03th Effie Gray (I'll believe this opening when I see it), Furious 7
05th Happy Easter Sunday. Mad Men Season 7B premiere.the final seven episodes. Begin weeping copiously
10th Daredevil Season 1. Binge-watching commences
15th Tribeca Film Festival kicks off 



Oh • Yel • LINK • Oh!

Gurus of Gold a new chart reflects the PGA nominations
Variety talks about the lack of screeners for Selma
NYT great profile of Patricia Arquette. People are laying the tributes on thick now for the Oscar campaign. 
THR you know it's Oscar season when people get fired for "smear campaigns" 
The Guardian exchanges pleasantries with Sienna Miller (Foxcatcher, American Sniper):

You've made a good movie for once."  

The Dissolve on the Razzie shortlists - nominations soon
i09 52 years of Spider-Man's mask a spiffy quick visual
Hollywood Elsewhere Josh Gad may play Roger Ebert in Russ & Roger Go Beyond
i09 Eddie Redmayne shares details of his audition for The Hobbit
Playbill Into the Woods breaks into the Billboard top 20 
Film School Rejects on How the Disneyfied Into the Woods loses its allegorical power, especially in regards to the AIDS crisis
Vulture how Looking is reinventing itself for Season 2 (premiering on Golden Globe night, fyi) 
Pajiba on an amazing Boogie Nights story involving Burt Reynolds 
/Film Matthew Vaughn, promoting Kingsman: The Secret Service thinks people have had enough of Nolanified superhero films and want more fun
Playbill god help us all. Cats is returning to Broadway. There are still so many 1980s musicals on the boards here. Wish we could have more originals and fewer returns. P.S. Cats is the first Broadway show I ever saw so I have a certain affection. But still...
Australia Womens Weekly Russell Crowe saying annoying things again. This time knocking actresses for wanting better roles when they're older
In Contention North Texas critics like Boyhood and the usual supporting players. Gyllenhaal & Pike for leads

Variety on ten big spenders. See the insane amount of money the studios spend on ads for their movies. Godzilla tops the list spending big to make big but The Judge also wasted a small fortune 
/Film a grab bag of lists about the film year
Vox Todd Vanderwerff's top ten list   
Adam Male 5 gay men share their top ten LGBT movies list (well, there unfortunately isn't much in the way of "L" here). Interesting to see so little overlap. Nobody ever interviews me for this sort of thing but my list would contain a few of these. 
Comics Alliance best comic books of the year 


How to Pronounced David Oyelowo
There's finally video of Brad Pitt schooling us all on David Oyelowo's name. Here you go!


 And while we're on the topic, Interview did a Q&Andy with him. On why he left the UK and came to Hollywood:

I had a very nice career in the U.K., but heroes of mine are Daniel Day Lewis, Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, and when I looked at the zenith of what they do, it came out of Hollywood. So my wife and I took the risk in 2007 of leaving the U.K., coming here, and hoping that I could scale those heights. 

Dizzying heights indeed but Selma's a great step up.

And Finally...
For those of you just returning from a long holiday, don't miss... 

#20-11 Best of the Year, (now updated with honorable mentions)
#10-01 Best of the Year, Nathaniel's List 
Unjust Pride DVD Sony has put the gay heroes in the closet 

..and more interviews with:
Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson Before Superhero Glory, Noah
Actor Finn Wittrock A Brief Scene in an Elevator
Actor Oscar Isaac  A Most Famous Year... Coming Soon
Cinematography Yves Belanger The Man Who Shot Reese 


Happy New Year! 

 Skål *takes drink* 

Party safely tonight, drink lots of water to avoid hangovers, and choose a designated driver. Always.

It was a challenging year at TFE and I'd like to thank my small team and all of you for sticking with us. At the movie theater 2014 was an especially good year... compiling the 'Best of ___' lists that are on the way has been a joy. Here's a list of various year-in-review goodies published thus far ICYMI. (We're not quite done of course. Oscar Night is when the film year really ends.) 

Year in Review Goodies
Screen Cats from Felix to Hairy Baby
Tilda Swinton vs Tilda Swinton Madame D. or Minister Mason?
Try Harder Next Time 'Worst of the Year'
Scarlett Johansson x 4 This year's MVP
Stocking Suffers gift ideas, real and otherwise 
Fashion red carpet divas of 2014
Alternate "Entertainers" - who wowed no matter the medium?

...more "Best Lists" to come including the top ten of the year when the FiLM BiTCH AWARDS start on Friday January 2nd

Other Recent Highlights
Anna Kendrick, Interviewed on her movie musical frenzy
Timothy Spall, Interviewed Mr. Turner talks fathers & sons
Missi Pyle Celebrity Guest Blog Extroardinaire!
Reviews Selma, Into the Woods and more
A Year With Kate the finale!

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The Year in Review: Orphan Posts

This episode of year in review is super-needy and self-indulgent. You have been warned!

While we can generally count on you, the devoted readership, to comment at least a little bit on everything, mysteriously these written efforts went unloved.  At least visibly. Perhaps you loved them in silence? Or maybe you just missed them. If little orphan Annie can get a makeover and third filmed chance to find her sugar daddy (warbucks/stacks) these posts deserve a second chance!

• James Chinlund, Visionary Designer he made the ape forest in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the tree spaceshipwhatsit in The Fountain. He is genius.
• Hong Khaou on Lilting I suspect this beautifully lensed and touching LGBT film starring Ben Whishaw hasn't yet found its audience because we posted about it a few times and always *crickets*.
• Beloved Sisters Germany's 3 hour Oscar submission is a romantic costume drama about an unconventional love triangle. It actually opened for Christmas just after missing the foreign film Oscar finalist list
• Blow-Up's Best Shots my favorite series to run is "hit me with your best shot" (returning in March!) but I'll admit I never have a clue which episodes will really grip you. I thought for sure this Michelangelo Antonioni episode would be a hit and it was very nearly the least popular Hit Me selection in years.

• and a few posts each from...
Tribeca & Sundance & TIFF & NYFF but, then again, commenting on film festival reviews is always lighter. This might not mean anything since those films are completely unknown entities when they are first written about. Even the ones that later spark much conversation like Obvious Child. Do you like the film festival coverage that we've really amped up the past two years? Please do let me know as it is a budget point for the site and money is always tight.

Finally... sometimes I think these two posts here and here were my favorites of the year which is perhaps not a good sign as to my mental health. But thanks for commenting on them!  No, no. I amend: This was actually my favorite post of the year. It shoulda gone viral. *sniffle*


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